Motorola MILESTONE XT720

Motorola MILESTONE XT720

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  • JAG

I like this phone, looks excelent! But moto has to do somethin to win best phone of the year again, they should fight against the new iPhone and EVO 4G and maybe some upcoming phones

  • konami

nrm, 09 Jun 2010Hi guyz I just want to warn u don't make mistake buying thiZ pho... morethis phone is high class phone you can use TV TUNER
enjoy music and capture the moments by really high quality camera .want something more ? of course this
is a battle for motorola and iphone cause 4G is cool too .

  • iPhone Fan Boy GET O

Hey, if you don't like this phone then please get out from this page.

And also iPhone came out yesterday.

And MOTOROI aka MILESTONE XT720 came out a few months so the specification will be lower abit.

But don't always think iPhone is always the best.
Because nothing in this world is perfect!

Motorola is coming back.
Which means Apple is going back.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2010milestone xt vs iphone4 vs htc4g cool this is best 2010 smartphone

well done moto

  • Anonymous

Paul, 09 Jun 2010No the video is HD 720p, & apparently 512 ram according to m... moreAnd the Motorola website said that the video is 720x480(dvd quality as thay call it) I hope that this is a mistake and you are right about 720p video and 512 ram if so I'll definitely buy it.

  • Anonymous

milestone xt vs iphone4 vs htc4g


  • Paul

Futurist, 09 Jun 2010I was so exited about this phone but now I'm dissapointed. The X... moreNo the video is HD 720p, & apparently 512 ram according to motorola development but motorola comsumer site says 256 ram so not sure which it will have.

  • Futurist

I was so exited about this phone but now I'm dissapointed. The Xenon flash is great but for video the let flash is a must. And the video is only 720x480 instead of 720p...WTF. And only 256 MB RAM and 600Mhz Cpu...

  • JAG

Excelent Im gettin this if this comes to america with 3G

  • Eddie Anddroid

nrm, 09 Jun 2010Hi guyz I just want to warn u don't make mistake buying thiZ pho... moreNo everyone want that POS iphone ok.... wow Video call! my Sony Ericsson k800i did that back in 2007. HD video? Really? im happy with VGA @30fps. I have a Nexus One but due to screen issues im getting forced to sell it and need something for Tmobile. Android will rule. iphone4 is really tempting but itunes, 5mp camera with LED flash, and no Flash support, micro sim, and no Tmobile 3G are deal breakers. Besides i wonder whats gonna happen on the first drop with its "inovative" glass body LMAO.

  • nrm

Hi guyz I just want to warn u don't make mistake buying thiZ is not better as iPhone4 is. I mean HD clarity of iPhone is much better and also the a4 prossessor is better than moto milestone.and the main thing is apps as we all know that android doesn't have cool apps as apple.I recommend u iphone4. Then it's ur choice.

  • nrm

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2010way way beter than iphone 4 / n8 / htc 4g and other capaciti... moreNo it's not better than iphone4 as we all know thiz phone cannot beat iphone4 in apps competition android doesn't have such cool apps as apple.and video recording is also better because it's it's iphone4 HD mexapixel does not mean clarity just see resolution.east or west iPhone4 is the best.I recommend iPhone4 rest is ur choice

  • Eddie Android

are those tmobile 3g bands i see?!!!!! yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  • Junior Reis

Interesting to know that there is a graphics processing unit integrated with Milestone XT720! Really help the performance of the camera and camcorder! But still not enough ... If the joint integrated optical sensor and integrated image are the same as those used in Milestone A853, the performance of the apparatus in these resources will be merely average! Nothing compared to the results offered by Great Nokia N86 8 Mp, Sony Ericsson C905, Sony Ericsson Aino, Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Samsung Innov8 and Samsung Pixon just to name appliances with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels! I insist ... What are the technical specifications of the photographic and video components of this New Milestone??

  • 100 Moto

[deleted post]If you want a "phone", XT720 performs way better than N8 with Moto's own Crystal Talk technology, which makes a phone really a phone....and unmatched by any others in the industry.

  • Anonymous

Junior Reis, 08 Jun 2010This Motorola smartphone really catches attention ... But some q... moreIt use PowerVR SGX 530 GPU and has a way better camera than Milestone. Chek out some videos samples :­500/0.957

  • Júnior Reis

For if the lens and image sensor used is the same as the Motorola A853 Milestone ... This smartphone has everything to be a big disappointment in the query image and video! GSMArena team of friends and some information about it?

  • Junior Reis

This Motorola smartphone really catches attention ... But some questions remain ... What is the image sensor integrated into the device? What is the aperture and lens focal length? What is the graphics processor used? For the answer to these questions this is what will really give us the sure or not if the picture quality and video is as good as it is supposed to be!

  • sanyog

isnt this with 5 mp camera ??

  • betty

[deleted post]I think I will take whichever will be cheaper.Both look great all around phones, and I guess each of them will have something the other will not.