Motorola MILESTONE XT720 and Samsung Captivate hit it off, Motorola CHARM gets delayed

19 July, 2010

The Motorola MILESTONE XT720 has just started shipping in the UK, while the Samsung Captivate is now available with AT&T in the US. In the same time, T-Mobile will obviously delay the recently announced Motorola CHARM up until the end of August.

If you are ok with the Motorola MILESTONE XT720 unusual design now is your chance to get an ANdroid smartphone with 8 megapixel camera and a xenon flash. The high-end device runs for about 360 GBP contract-free.

The XT720 was unveiled some six weeks ago and was said to hit the market on 2 July but it's today when it finally made it to the stores. Well, at least you get a compensation for the delay: the price dropped down from 450 GBP to 360 GBP (around 425 euro, delivery not included). Not bad for a capable smartphone like this.

Motorola MILESTONE XT720

Motorola MILESTONE XT720 (also known as Motorola XT720 MOTOROI) is the first Android-powered phone to feature a xenon-flash. On top of that it also sports an 8-megapixel autofocus snapper capable of 720p HD video recording at 24 fps.

Also on board there is a 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen of WVGA resolution as well as a 720MHz Cortex A8 CPU. Currently, the MILESTONE XT720 runs Android v2.1 (a.k.a. Eclair) but, hopefully, Froyo will arrive soon.

Yet another Motorola device was expected to show up by the end of this July, but reportedly, it won't make it to the T-Mobile USA stores before 25 August. We're speaking of the cute SNS-minded Motorola CHARM which packs a 2.8" touchscreen, hardware QWERTY keyboard and a MOTOBLUR-ed Eclair.

Another US network carrier, AT&T, has just launched the Samsung i897 Captivate, the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S twin brother. You can get it for good 200 USD. As expected, you'll also need to sign a new 2-year contract with AT&T. The SIM-free Captivate will cost you 500 USD, which sounds good, too (considering the phone's impressive feature pack).

Samsung Captivate Samsung Captivate Samsung Captivate Samsung Captivate
Samsung Captivate

The Eclair-powered Captivate features a huge 4" touchscreen, a zippy 1GHz processor as well as a 5MP sharpshooter with 720p HD video capabilities (at 30 fps).


Reader comments

  • joeyern

I have the captivate. I have had it for about two weeks and it is super fast and I like it, and the night mode on the camera does take good pics in low light, but with att u have the options of trading in the phone within 30 days and have been contem...

  • Alui

Android is just better, like it or not. That's why Nokia goes down, because they insist on using their OS. The best chance to beat iPhone is to use Android OS.

  • Nwaokoro Victor

I have asked this question before and i will ask it again "SAMSUNG what happened to BADA OS" am still waiting for u to promote BADA OS instead of waiting for the next "froyo, eclair, cupcake etc updates" pls promote ur own stuff o...

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