Motorola Moto 360 (1st gen)

Motorola Moto 360 (1st gen)

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  • ConoNova

AnonD-13060, 24 May 2016Will this watch work better in an iPhone or Android ? What would... moreThe iPhone turns this watch into a piece of junk. It doesn't support the Moto at all, it works way better with a android

  • AnonD-13060

Will this watch work better in an iPhone or Android ? What would be the major difference ?

  • ChrisS

A number of corrections:
- It has WiFi, 2.4GHz only, supports IPv4 and IPv6.
- Alerts, it only vibrates, no MP3 or WAV ringtones.
- Features, no MP3 player, no speaker at all.

With normal/minimal use you can expect 24-36 hours out of a full charge. With heavy use you can kill it in 12 hours or less. Running major updates sucks 1/3 of the battery and it becomes uncomfortably warm (there have only been 3 updates, so this is very rare). The screen response is very good on Marshmellow.

One major annoyance, it comes with the Moto Body Wear App built-in, regardless of whether you have it on your phone, and can't be removed by default. It's possible to remove through adb (see the xda forums for directions if you know what adb is). Moto Body will pop up nagging you to use it, and also recording your steps heartbeat every 5 minutes.

  • AnonD-483700

The specifications show it not to have Wi-Fi but, after it get's upgraded to Lollipop 5.1.1 it will enable Wi-Fi with including add-on setting options located in the Settings menu. The Wi-Fi does have support for IPv6 from the looks of it but, in the Wi-Fi menu you can connected it to 2.4GHz networks only.

  • Amaan

This watch doesn't have a loudspeaker. Why it says yes here in loudspeaker option??

  • aly

it does not have a audio notification just viberation....

  • AnonD-446246

Alert : Vibration
Loudspeaker : No
WLAN : Yes
USB : Yes ( USB Pin Out under side )
has NO - Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic