Motorola Moto E22

Motorola Moto E22

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  • AnonD-1123158
  • aqq
  • 14 Oct 2023

honor x7a has the same CPU and GPU as moto e22 and costs more than 2x the price

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    • Aba32b
    • nrH
    • 24 Sep 2023

    Darknoor, 15 Jul 2023But this is practically freeDont know what you mean. Moto E22 price 103 USD. Redmi 10C 93 USD.

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      • Aaa
      • nrH
      • 24 Sep 2023

      Maya99911, 13 May 2023Please anyone help..i want a budget phone..this or honor x ... moreCamera on this phone is very very bad. Trust me. Even on direct sunlight photos are unsharp.

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        • Abd302b
        • nrH
        • 24 Sep 2023

        It has NFC. You can add it to desceiption.

        So I have this phone for a week and it is quite good.

        Geekbench 5 score 914/1500
        Avergae RAM used 2.2/3.0 according to developers menu.
        Camera is garbage.
        USB-C is good.
        SoC is made only fron efficient A53 cores so it does not drain battery so fast.
        RAID legends can be played on ultra without stutters.
        Asphalt 9 on low.

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          • abad32b
          • nrH
          • 19 Sep 2023

          If it gets android 13 like TCL 40SE with the same chipset it will be best budget phone. Android 12 is making it look like garbage because its badly optimized.

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            • Anonymous
            • Ff2
            • 12 Aug 2023

            It's anti-water, meaning nothing happens to it when it gets into a pool or something. // es anti agua?? Osea que no le pasa nada al meterse a una pileta o algo.

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              • Dave
              • 0mL
              • 31 Jul 2023

              if you want to buy a cheap phone, stay away from this phone, the worst phone I've ever had. I understand that it's cheap, but it doesn't even meet its basic features. It's very slow, it can hang many times, despite the fact that there are not many applications installed on this phone, it happens that the applications either do not start at all orthey turn on by themselves, just like that, updating the system does not help, so I really do not recommend this crap phone.

                abd, 20 May 2023Get Redmi 10C. It has faster and more efficient SOC faster ... moreBut this is practically free

                  Maya99911, 13 May 2023Please anyone help..i want a budget phone..this or honor x ... moreMaybe moto e13 - but Google assistant only works on phone mic and with power button or on-screen button, you can't use headset to invoke assistant. moto e13 is a good phone, responsive.

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                    • Vak
                    • nD{
                    • 01 Jun 2023

                    I'm ok with this phone. I was looking for a cheap burner phone for work/WhatsApp that's not from some China brand. After I disabled a lot of built-in apps and Play Services/Store(using Aurora store), the phone is snappy enough. I would not recommend it for heavy use but as a WhatsApp and web browsing device, it's good enough.

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                      • abd
                      • nrH
                      • 20 May 2023

                      Maya99911, 13 May 2023Please anyone help..i want a budget phone..this or honor x ... moreGet Redmi 10C. It has faster and more efficient SOC faster Storage UFS.

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                        • Maya99911
                        • 6jr
                        • 13 May 2023

                        Please anyone help..i want a budget phone..this or honor x 6 or oukitel c23 pro or blackview a50 3/64 gb....i dont know i dont have many options..this motorola looks nice for its low price.
                        I want everyday use im not gamer and decent camera nothing special just to be able to see what i took...i love motorola but nowdays i dont know if its worthy .

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                          • Singx23
                          • HBq
                          • 22 Apr 2023

                          How much speed in wifi 2,4 or 5ghz?
                          I am referring to the link speed in settings..

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                            • Minu
                            • ter
                            • 14 Mar 2023

                            AnonD-862551, 27 Nov 2022They make huge phones. Too large for what I use a phone for... moreIf you want a powerful, compact phone, get the Nokia 8. Everything else since 2017 are behemoths

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Jn$
                              • 04 Feb 2023

                              moto moto, 01 Feb 2023Anyone able to buy this in Malaysia?Do not buy it in Malaysia or any other place. Same as Moto G22, but worst and more expensive just by a new design pattern

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                                • moto moto
                                • fxP
                                • 01 Feb 2023

                                Anyone able to buy this in Malaysia?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0vE
                                  • 31 Jan 2023

                                  you have to suffer, 26 Jan 2023that'd be even worse!! it'll struggle to load pa... moreTechnically 2 or 3gb of RAM could be enough.

                                  If devs didn't be lazy and make apps full of unneeded trash, above that FF or Brave are fine picks, the internet is such a nicer place without ads.

                                  Because ads are heavy AF, if I turn off Ublock on my PC I just casually see the CPU and RAM usage go higher, for no legitimate reason.

                                  Same on phones.

                                    Max, 05 Dec 2022My advice to you, download Microsoft Egde search engine fro... morethat'd be even worse!!
                                    it'll struggle to load pages no matter the website, pages often comes unreachable. i have stable internet!!
                                    lesser version like 2gb ram would make the UI lag.
                                    better use firefox, much better🔥🔥
                                    edge runs better on upper midrange and flagship devices.

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                                      • rsdt
                                      • LJW
                                      • 26 Jan 2023

                                      you have to suffer, 31 Oct 2022oppo and vivo had those with the F9, F11 and F11 Pro, and V15.oppo, vivo those brands are not famous xD

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • K1F
                                        • 18 Jan 2023

                                        Wish to get this in Singapore but not being sold here. The weight, screen, and dimensions are best for me.