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Motorola Moto E3

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  • Nigu
  • vG1
  • 26 Sep 2022

Nice but old and port is not working it doesn't turn on

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    • Mark
    • jyN
    • 12 Jan 2022

    henry , 10 Apr 2021worked when i got it then it started to get very very slow... moreLiked that phone more than most. Unfortunately, could not get a fix for incessant pop up ads. When Lenovo and T-Mobil both said it was the other guys problem--I made it theirs by cancelling and promising it would be the last Motorola I'd ever buy. Sad, back when they were made in the USA, Motorola was the best. Now it's just like most of the Chinese made goods (yet I know Lenovo is in the PI) yet I believe China still makes most of their components. As I like to say: China puts the C in Cuality!

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      • henry
      • nI{
      • 10 Apr 2021

      worked when i got it then it started to get very very slow can barely use it now due to speed that and i get ads on it even if i format the phone i still get ads

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        • Andrew
        • pL}
        • 06 Nov 2020

        My E3 still works fine, although google app caused CPU to max out betwen jan-aug 2020.August update fixed that finally it was driving me nuts. internal storage is getting low - you gotta clear the cache/format cache partiton everyday. Tip to save battery - turn the brightness right down. Still apps gets updates. no resale value..its only value is its use

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          • Anonymous
          • TkW
          • 15 Jul 2020

          Very slow most of the time, when it gets very frozen the phone just restarts which is annoying. The 7-8gb of storage is also very bad and the keyboard also freezes. Wouldn't recommend very bad phone. Also the charging cable broke after I dropped it about bed hight with the phone charging and had to get a new one. I was also so annoyed about the freezes and slowness of the phone that I just throwed it across my room. It also vibrates and makes a lot of noise when I'm texting and having to restart the phone. 1/5

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            • mat
            • nEr
            • 24 Jun 2020

            I purchased this phone in 2016 as i did not have a lot of money.This phone:
            -randomly freezes
            -"system UI isn't responding"
            -randomly restarts
            -when you change the volume the icon that shows whether you are increasing or decreasing volume just stays on the screen and does not go away until you restart the phone.
            -sometimes if you accidentally press volume button and power button at same time when turning the phone on;the phone starts to beep loudly and Chinese text appears on the screen.
            -charging port has stopped working after 2 years
            Apart from these problems it was not a bad phone for the low low price.

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              • Rubbish phone.
              • SwJ
              • 30 Mar 2020

              I'm stuck with this piece of rubbish. Regret getting it. Will be replacing as soon as I can afford it.

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                • My Motorola is bad
                • nIX
                • 29 Jan 2020

                pepegoico, 14 Jul 2016 better than the iphoneI would rather have an iPhone 4 than a Motorola E3

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                  • My Motorola is bad
                  • nIX
                  • 29 Jan 2020

                  Very slow. Not much storage. Had to delete apps to update others. Battery life is alright. Definitely not a good phone

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 3$v
                    • 20 Nov 2019

                    Dormy4, 17 Oct 2018I have had this phone over a year now and nobody should be ... moreHow can it be that cheap? Where did you bought it? I paid 990 Swedish Crowns in 2017 for mine which equals about 80 British Pounds.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pXd
                      • 02 Jun 2019

                      Really slow and all the apps keep crashing. Been having this problem for ages now

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                        • Coffee stain
                        • HD$
                        • 26 Nov 2018

                        I'm having problems with my phone, It won't come since the last hour when I turned it off; the battery was 75%. Anyone can help me please?

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                          • Dormy4
                          • pKp
                          • 17 Oct 2018

                          I have had this phone over a year now and nobody should be complaining about speed. It is one of the cheapest smart phones on the market so that's what you get. I pay £10.50 for 2gb ram and it does all I want but is slow. By all means pay £30 or more and everything will be better, except the price.

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                            • mangyiscute
                            • mgS
                            • 22 Aug 2018

                            RG, 02 Jul 2018I have recently purchased a moto e3. I am unable to downloa... moreI don't know if you have done this, but you must go on the ohone and it will tell you that is connected by a usb connection, then you click on that as it will currently say usb for chrarging, then click file transfers and it lest you do file transfers. sorry if you already did this.

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                              • Serpent King
                              • 0w7
                              • 12 Jul 2018

                              RG, 02 Jul 2018I have recently purchased a moto e3. I am unable to downloa... moreTry to change USB conection to MTP or PTP That will probably work

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                                • RG
                                • HDS
                                • 02 Jul 2018

                                I have recently purchased a moto e3. I am unable to download photos from the phone to my laptop with the charging cable provided. Do l need to purchase another, (sync), cable? Thanks for reading.

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                                  • AnonD-757131
                                  • 3xB
                                  • 05 May 2018

                                  I bought this phone for my son as a contract phone, as he getting more independent and wanted to keep in touch. For the use the phone gets it done well over the first half of the contract, although compared to my iphone7 it a little on the slow side, but I can cope with that.
                                  Recently, the phone had charging issues, which after a google search, it’s a common fault, phone repair shops wanted upwards of £45 to fix it. So after more googling, I found the replacement part on eBay fore £5 and a utube video to show the procedure for fixing it.
                                  Took 10 minutes to take the faulty part out and put new one in. Worked great for a month, then the mic we nt faulty after a bump. It was same part that I’d replaced, so took it out and refitted it...good as new now

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                                    • Lukes
                                    • GAV
                                    • 21 Feb 2018

                                    Z, 23 Jan 2018The phone crashed when I turned it off, it then crashed whe... moreTry to perform a hard reset. Surely this will stop the bugs.

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                                      • Tman
                                      • r4q
                                      • 15 Feb 2018

                                      how do i save music and pictures on the phone from my computer

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                                        • Z
                                        • aXv
                                        • 23 Jan 2018

                                        The phone crashed when I turned it off, it then crashed when I turned it back on. The OS takes up half of the storage, leaving little space for anything else. Basically, I keep my nokia lumia handy for when I actually want to do something. Do not recommend ever.