Motorola Moto E3 Power

Motorola Moto E3 Power

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  • Khan sahab
  • KI@
  • 01 Jun 2023

munnax, 26 Mar 2023You still using itPlzz update version of my Mobile

    Usuf, 06 Oct 2021Moto E3 power. I have been using it since Feb 2017 till dat... moreYou still using it

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      • Anonymous
      • xhp
      • 05 Nov 2022

      Used this for 4 years then passed it to my mom. Still strong. Only need to change the MicroUSB port because it's getting loose. Luckily I only need to replace one daughterboard and no need to solder anything. Thank God.

      For running simple apps and oldeer simpler games, it's still cool.

      Design-wise, it's cool, masculine, not tacky, someone in my circle even think it's an iphone because I covered the M logo with my finger lol.

      Stock Android only took 4GB on my storage and it feels snappy when there's not much apps running. Photos etc could be put on MicroSD. But I don't know about apps. Want to move the non-preinstalled apps to MicroSD to conserve internal storage.

      TL,DR: Cool budget phone for daily driver on its heyday

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        • Mallesh
        • Dk%
        • 16 Jan 2022

        I have been using moto e3 power from 5 yrs still running. Everytime i have to see not to become memory full.

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          • Usuf
          • 7tP
          • 06 Oct 2021

          Moto E3 power. I have been using it since Feb 2017 till date. Nice one. Its internal storage is 16GB. Now I feel 16gb not enough. So I plan to go for another Moto with increased storage, but cost less than 8000 rs.

            Will this work on Metro by Tmobile on 4g LTE?

              can someone help me how to access premium SMS? I can't find it

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                • Anonymous
                • rKf
                • 08 Dec 2020

                I used this model since 4year, and it's still working osmm
                I never find any issues in this phone ,,and battery performance is pretty good (2and half day) with hard use like game ,browsing, songs etc.little lag but not a more issues..its just awesome phone of Motorola😇

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0p}
                  • 20 Jul 2020

                  Anonymous, 06 Apr 2020sir i am using motoe power 3 from 3 years. now while talk... moreReset cache.
                  Still not working? Factory reset (backup first).
                  Hang? Install custom rom, visit xda

                    Yemi, 11 Jul 2020Does this phone work in NigeriaIt has band 3,7 and 20 which are the 4G bands for Airtel, MTN glo and 9mobile and therefore should work in Nigeria..

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                      • Yemi
                      • Nue
                      • 11 Jul 2020

                      Abc, 19 Jun 2020I am using this phone since December 2016 .it is still with... moreDoes this phone work in Nigeria

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                        • Abc
                        • DkK
                        • 19 Jun 2020

                        I am using this phone since December 2016 .it is still with me .it's my first phone I bought through my earnings.its performance is good though for me I usually work on laptop so I don't use this phone for pubg .for it's performance is good for simple use but not for playing any games because it lags too much .

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                          • TEJA
                          • fC5
                          • 19 Jun 2020

                          AnonD-694241, 29 Aug 2017That's a technique that fast charger use.. it changes speed... moremicrosoft team app support ot not

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                            • a70user
                            • XNI
                            • 12 May 2020

                            stock android really fixes the performance of a cheap phone. This thing scrolls through the home screen so smoothly! and instagram didnt stutter! gaming sucks tho

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                              • a70user
                              • XNI
                              • 12 May 2020

                              Anonymous, 07 Feb 2020E3 power was my second smartphone. It was a sturdy phone in... morei agree. Top 3 androids i've ever used the other 2 being a samsung note5 n9208 and my current A70. Redmi 4x loses out to this enjoyment wise, Yes it may have the superior chipset and sturdy body but this phone was just as sturdy with lowgrade plastic and the camera blew me away, comparable to a mi a1 in bright situations

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                                • Amir
                                • rKb
                                • 09 May 2020

                                This is not a good phone even always hangs during calls, messages and gaming due to low internal memory and low ram

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                                  • Vimal
                                  • D0i
                                  • 07 May 2020

                                  Atiksh Bhatt, 27 Feb 2019Hey, I'm using this phone for since 2 years I don't have a... moreI need your balanced settings to play pub g

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • D0h
                                    • 07 May 2020

                                    I am using Motoe3 power . I can't play pub g . when I open pub g it automatically come out from the app

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • KSh
                                      • 06 Apr 2020

                                      i am using motoe power 3 from 3 years. now while talking the loud speaker suddenly on how to rectify it
                                      thanks and regards


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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • U{k
                                        • 07 Feb 2020

                                        E3 power was my second smartphone. It was a sturdy phone in all aspects. Used it for 3 years and never experienced any sort of lagging, or heating issues. Battery life was pretty decent. It is still with me in very good condition. I was forced to buy a new phone when it's volume key and power button were damaged by my pet squirrel. Otherwise, I would have used it for another year without any regret. Worth every buck I spent on it.