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Motorola Moto E4 Plus

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  • Anonymous

My Moto E4plus does not work below 40 % of battery , phone suddenly off on 60% remaining battery goes zero suddenly , I replaced the battery but no benefit , it take 5 hours to recharge but dr as in in 3 hour , I m frustrated with Moto product ant will not purchase in future ,,

  • Anonymous

my text messages are not working. I write my text message , I select 2 pictures for my text push the mms button and nothing happens. whats up ?

  • Brad

Got mine in Dec 2017. My first smartphone, so can't really compare it. Had a serious problem after about a year and 1/2, ended up doing a hard reset. Then I found out my sd card was bad, and it was causing the problem. I replaced it, and didn't have to do the reset. But I didn't lose much that I cared about, so no biggy. No problems again until a few days ago. Hotspot didn't work, but soon figured out I couldn't even make a phone call. Took it to 3 Targets (1st 2 had no tech who knew much about them), and after trying things for 1/2 hour, the tech replaced the sim card and that fixed it. He waited 'til last for that because I had to pay $10 for the card, but they took it off my bill so it didn't cost me anything. Other than those minor problems, which I think ain't bad for 3 and 1/2 years, I've been really happy with it, tho I'm not all that demanding. But I'm probably going to upgrade to a Power, Stylus or Ace soon, mostly for the better camera.

  • Anonymous

dont buy this phone reason 1 lags reason 2 slow charging reason 3 poor storage reason 4 its fat

  • suleman

although a good phone but battery is little problematic

  • ash

had it since 2017, works great, one exception, if it restarts, or you restart it, it erases all of yout saved media

  • Lotchryk

Charging port - connection problem - need to fiddle cable a lot to get connection, and only works with one cable :(

  • moto

Mtn, 02 Dec 2020How long battery work in a day.ForeveršŸ˜€

  • Ben

Within a week of using this phone the cellular signal unstable and at times there was no signal at all. Missed by a lot of calls.

  • Anonymous

Mtn, 02 Dec 2020How long battery work in a day.I am on my phone a lot. From when I wake to the moment I go to bed. The battery lasts all day. Sometimes, I can go several days without charging it. I've had this phone since the end of 2017. The only thing I had go on with it, was when there was a system update last year and the Gboard stopped working. I had to quickly find a work around to be able to use my phone again, because I could not even log into my phone. Luckily, I had a PC that I could do a quick google search on. Sometimes it lags, but I think that's because I have way too much stuff running at once. It's a very good phone for the price I paid. I see they are less than $100USD now and that's an awesome deal.

  • Mtn

ffidx, 19 Sep 2020I am using it since 2017 and I am extremely satisfied, spec... moreHow long battery work in a day.

  • Williamsxo

SamVee, 23 Oct 2020Bought this E4Plus because of the 5000 mAh battery and 2G/3... moreAbsolutely fantastic phone, I love it and Will go for it over and over again.But mine just suddenly refused to reboot, tried doing hard reset but its erasing non stop. Wanna fix it.

  • SamVee

Bought this E4Plus because of the 5000 mAh battery and 2G/32G memory capacity. No other phone in its price range has this spec back then. For me good phone apps or features are useless when your phone is dead or low on memory. So I chose this over a Huawei tablet a few months after its release at almost 60% of its original price. Definitely not a gaming phone. I also had some issues with the vibrations which I could only remove by putting phone in battery saver mode. Phone is not perfect but still very reliable and in A1 condition in 2020. I still prefer to use this though I have bought some newer faster phones. Guess I just got used to the settings the android version this phone has.

Mediatek MT6737 (28 nm)

  • hashim asif

Phone is great bt some little issue there was not in VLTE that issue i bt every thing is right.

  • Dhanasekar

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2020Using since 2017 just after it came out. Durability is unex... moreMe too buyed in 2017 still now it's working fine bt yet recently it's getting switched off lately...dunno wats the issue

  • ffidx

I am using it since 2017 and I am extremely satisfied, specially the battery life, it is fast charging and battery is still working fine in 2020, yet I am missing - it should have more disk space.

  • Abhinandan


  • Anonymous

Using since 2017 just after it came out. Durability is unexplainable. Many things may not be up to date but im super satisfied having this one.

  • Prakhar

Using it since 2017. Durability, Water Resistance and everything is working fine except the processor because it's old now and works a little bit slow in day to day life.