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  • Tsigeyu

It said it has a rear fingerprint scanner but I don't have one also I've had this phone for 2 1/2 years and am just figuring this out.

Had this phone for a year and a half. It was a good phone to me. I used it for just browsing on chrome and streaming Spotify. I ended up upgrading the phone to Note 8. E5 was my backup phone for awhile. I then got a G7 power unlocked for a good deal at work. When my wife saw the G7 she wanted to give my E5 play to someone in her home country. So now I do not have the phone anymore.

  • Fonsor

Cia, 30 Jan 2021I have had this phone for the last two years. Recently I ha... moreHi, i have this phone too. Let me advise you a couple of things that have helped me a lot!
First it is a good idea to root it, that way you will have access to more performance enhancement options, there are guides online, the best and safest method is magisk, it is confusing the first time but once you get it running is great.
Second and more importantly, I recommend an app called SD Maid. It is one of the best performance apps in android.
Once you have installed it go to "storage analizer" and run an analyisis, it will show you what files and what apps (in the android folder) are taking all of your storage. Some apps usually do this, like Whatsapp and Spotify(cache), they create a lot of unnecessary leftover data, that you can delete without any problem. Right now I have 5gb of free space in the same phone, with all my apps installed :D

  • Cia

I have had this phone for the last two years. Recently I have had an issue with not having enough internal storage. It only comes with 16gb. I have tried making an SD card the main internal storage and phone worked okay for a week or two then started crashing all the time. It freezes and now my camera won't work. I can't download any new apps either it just says error anytime I try to do anything. My GPS malfunctions with the line showing where I am going. All it basically does now is make phone calls and browse the internet. I am considering upgrading to the Moto G stylus phone but, afraid to get another motorola product.

  • Me

Timmy Kane, 14 Jan 2021Hi, I have been using the moto e5 play for a few weeks now.... more I have a Motorola e5 play. It doesn't run anything and even crashes on the camera. Everything it can run goes at super laggy speeds, and if it doesn't crash playing it, like chrome, it will go at 2fps when browsing for anything - but that may just be my WiFi. It's not for games, it's not for using as a camera, and it's useless for using any app not the base messenger that comes with a sim card.

  • Timmy Kane

Hi, I have been using the moto e5 play for a few weeks now. I found Firefox works well on this and Netflix. I don't use Gmail or Drive, chrome etc, but use the exact gmail web address to check multiple email accounts via Firefox. I also changed all the searches to Duck Duck Go, and use Blocksite to regulate what I do. Somehow I removed the AI picture taking, which maybe not good. I did use maps briefly and text on this phone, and even Tinder App. Basically its good for Firefox experience, shopping etc, &watching shows I can't dl on my laptop.
I'd recommend this phone because wireless devices will become harder to come by I predict, and this is a good brand to market product.

  • Larry Householder

Hey - thought I'd review Moto e5 play. I disabled Google drive and Gmail and changed the background to a clam solid light blue colour. I changed keyboard and made font smaller. This phone is now much more enjoyable. Haven't been lucky enough or had time to test maps on the road since I'm stuck in the city. I'd prefer to use Blocksite to disable things like Mp3 site and etc. stuff. Overall the phone has been good - I use a separate cell phone to make calls so I haven't tried data or calls

  • Tiny Crust

Did not plan to purchase this phone for daily usage, but needed a phone for Waze during my vacation to the US, so I did not expect much for $99 phone.

- Cheap
- Supports all the latest apps
- Good for messaging

- Slow as hell, especially in resource intense apps like Maps, Waze (ironically)
- 16GB internal storage is just not enough anymore

  • issac

very good phone if u want to spend not to much money, but if u do have a higher budget i recommend a different phone. this phone ran pretty good but sometimes it would crash on basic tasks. overall pretty good phone for a low price

  • Jacob

I've had this phone for 2 years. Whenever the battery drops below 20% it becomes unbelievable slow on top of how slow it is at max battery. The battery is also awful I have to be on low power mode the whole time I'm at school just so it doesn't die on me. It dies so fast when the screen is locked just sitting in my pocket not doing anything. You definitely get what you pay for. This phone is garbage and I am so happy to go back to iphone on an iphone 11.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2020My grandma got me this phone for Christmas and I was just a... moreSame thing happened to me except I was 10. I lost mine. Everything about it is trash

  • Sentry Sam

One issue I have with this phone is the call volume is still very high at minimum during Zoom call. Overall this phone is much more advanced then a regular Samsung android like the J1-J2 series. If I could figure out how to disable some of the features it would be good. This is gritty cold tech - but bugged - with an AI functionality.

  • Anonymous

ziggyzoggy, 23 Sep 2020The phone works great as a hand warmer during the winter mo... moreYour crazy!!! This phone is basically a super computer just a little faster

ziggyzoggy, 23 Sep 2020The phone works great as a hand warmer during the winter mo... moreLol

  • ziggyzoggy

The phone works great as a hand warmer during the winter months because it overheats so much, and I was contemplating buying a box of eggs and was going to use the phone as a frying pan to cook some eggs..

1/10 garbage

  • Anonymous

john doggo, 20 Jul 2019impossible to put data on this phone. I uses small cords an... moreI connected to my laptop and desk top once your phone is plugged in to the usb , high light your usb and there should be a few options for transfer just about everything.. you need to select transfer from your phone to be able to get files from your phone to your laptop desk top or chromebook..,, I hope this helps you there.

  • Monalisa7230

This is the Worst Phone possibly made . They should give refunds . You must make sure your wi fi calling Is off or it will hang up on you 10x a conversation or face hots the mute hold button at least 3 times a conversation bc they put the button sensors so sensitive and right to your cheek and you call people duri g conversations . But when the wifi calling is off and it stops hanging up . It will lose connection in the places it dropped the calls before. I Hate hate hate (and hate is a strong word that I don't like, ).But Hate this phone ! All of my friends and family I call Hate this phone . The ONLy 2 decent things is camera and slow mo option. But I functionality 0-10 is 0. I depend on it being sick alot it's my social connection and makes it very upsetting when e
EVERY call puts people in hold or hangs up Or drops them Especially when you Wait and OUR on hold . And.your scared to out your face up to the phone to talk TERRIFIED YOU will accidentally bang up or dial another with your cheek or put them on hold and THEY HANG UP ! THEY NEED TO DO TRIALS BEFORE PUTTINg these phones OUT for This Kind of stuff I wouldn't have sold this to people like this. And also need to test for radiation that comes out. NEVER have it next to your head or keep in your BRA or against you. and should be and inch away. I use my left ear to talk and have had Pain and.swelling. . Some people that talk alot Have gotten tumors from the radiation. SO no matter what phone do not keep it in to your bra pants unless it's off. And keep it at least an inch from your ear. Use speaker phone

  • Sandy

You are right. I'm not good at knowing what a Smart phone does and the ins and outs of it, but this e5 drives me nuts. For one thing, I can never answer a call. I've tried on line to get directions and it says to swipe up and that doesn't work. I have no clue. Also, I am always certain to close out of all apps before I turn off phone and the next thing I know there are apps that are opened on my phone...I don't know where they come from. Scary. I'm ready to trash this phone but have to wait until the end of the year.

  • Anonymous

My grandma got me this phone for Christmas and I was just a dumb 11 almost 12 year old so I thought it was like a note 9. I pushed this phone to it's limit and it had no problems them I lost it and got the same one again and this one had all types of problems. The battery was trash and it could not handle games when the other one could. It got really slow after 1 mouth and would always get hot even when just useing Spotify.

  • Calabres

martindoswell3, 24 Nov 2019Total garbage. 1GB of RAM is incapable of running basic gam... morePhone is for emergencie and talk important things, not to play games .,