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Motorola Moto E6 Plus

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  • ToTo

Hasan, 07 Aug 2020I was a big fan of motorola but this phone got me to never ... moreWhere you buy in Pakistan this set??

  • Shaharyar90

i had this cell packed inside a shopping bag, i was traveling in rain, yet this set started continuous vibrating, then there is no display at all, set totally dead

  • Alexandru

The SAR index is 0.448W / kg (head) and 1.48W / kg (body).
The charger for the EU is 5W.
FM radio works only if it has headphones, headphones are accessories and do not come bundled with the phone where it turns out it does not have. Anyone can access the RadioFM application, it's free ...

At £80, this phone was excellent value for money.
The screen looks very good despite not being OLED or full HD.
The phone is fast and responsive.
However there are a few drawbacks.
The camera is average at best, inferior to my stand alone compact cameras.
The phone is always in vibrate only mode when I switch it on. I then have to go into settings and switch on the sound. When I switch the phone on again the next morning. It's in vibrate only mode again!
At unexplained times, the screen brightness resets itself to zero?

  • Hasan

I was a big fan of motorola but this phone got me to never use motorola again. Worse phone ever. Got it brand new and the notification bar stopped working in a week. The next week after that the front camera stopped working. Pathetic waste of money ( user in Pakistan)

This is number 1 value for money in smartphones revealed, actually.


  • began

I have been using this device as a backup phone for 2 days now and I can't believe how for this ridiculous price I got a phone like this. I wasn't expecting this, I thought I was going to hate it. I have the weaker, 2GB RAM version. And updated it to the latest software version.

It doesn't hang, no lag, solid sound, I can also play my games on it, dual SIM, looks nice, the fingerprint scanner (which you shouldn't have at this price point) is big, fast and comfortable.... I literally have everything I need on this baby. Motorola is trying to break through in the mobile market again, and if they keep this up they just might do that.

Great job, Motorola.

  • sohail mandhai

Not worthy. Need to speak very close to speak battery is bad! Screen blinks lytly and keypad hangs at times..

  • Anonymous

Yes, they are downgrading, phones that were released 5 years ago (FIVE YEARS AGO), like Moto G4 and MotoX play are better than some of today's phones.

  • Q

migotka21, 22 May 2020Well, in Polish shops when I wrote to motorola it was ca. 6... moreItit's ok low end phone, really.. Good screen, good battery life (for 3000mah), even cameras, are ok, natural colors, ok in daylight, design is ok, there is a free tpu case in the box, fingerprint sensor is fast enough and precise, software is simple but good, if you put animations on 0.5x, its faster.. I have mine since january of 2020, and i paid in that time 70 euros, for brand new.. If you wanna now to buy phone, for that 130 euros, there is a better options, in my opinion, wirh better spec, but if you find somwhere this phone for 70-80 euros, you can go wrong. Yes, charging speed is really slow (with any charger), but i will say, thats only drawback for that price.. You can look phones like Galaxy A11, Xiaomi Note 9, 9s, Motorola G8 power, RealMe 6i, even Mi A3, is some of those phones have similar to 130e price, go for it.

  • Anji

Q, 21 May 2020Well, with model for EU there is a 5w, 1A charger in the bo... moreMoto e6 will be sound system very low volume & batary backup less

  • mickii

I believe even though this is newer than the e5 plus, the e5 plus has better design and performance. They actually downgraded with the e6 plus.

  • migotka21

Q, 21 May 2020Well, with model for EU there is a 5w, 1A charger in the bo... moreWell, in Polish shops when I wrote to motorola it was ca. 600 PLN which is ca. 130 EUR but this month some retailers offer better deals for Mother's Day and it's ca. 500 which is ca. 110 EUR. Not bad but worse than 70 EUR.

  • Q

migotka21, 21 May 2020Around February I contacted motorola Poland and asked about... moreWell, with model for EU there is a 5w, 1A charger in the box, and with model for US market in the box is 10w, 2a, charger..
P22 does not support fast charge, so in another words, with EU plug (5w, 1a), from 0 to 100% it takes, 3h and 50 min.. And with 10w, 2a charger, about 3h, from zero to 100%, yes, thats to much (for 3k battery), but like i said, Helio P22 does not support fast charge at all, also, micro usb does not help, but then again, it was 70 euros bran new phone, so thats ok i guess..

  • migotka21

Around February I contacted motorola Poland and asked about buying a faster charger for this phone. My mom wanted something with a removable battery but it charges very slooowly. They wrote back and explained that it's the feature of this phone, it doesn't support fast charge so a different charger can't help. My mom had to resign, some 3-4 hours is too long. She wanted the red version, she saw it in a shop and it fits inside her bag. It's possible that the same model for Asia or Americas doesn't have this feature (that is: only slow charge) but I can't be sure. Maybe one should contact their local motorola branch just in case.

  • jman0

Virtual1, 03 Apr 2020LAUNCH Announced 2019, September Status Available. Release... moreLawnchair is the name of the app

My e6 plus charging very slowly from its orignal charger it take 3 hours for complete charging .please suggest me some charger for fast charging also tell me the ampere and watts for fast charging

  • Anonymous

Announced: 2019, September
Status: Available. Released 2019, September.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2020can 2gb ram version run instagram smooth?Yes

  • Virtual1

Aryan, 28 Mar 2020is this a review of the 2019 or the 2020 Model of the Moto E6s ?LAUNCH Announced 2019, September
Status Available. Released 2019, September