Motorola Moto E6i

Motorola Moto E6i

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  • Anonymous
  • SvS
  • 27 Jan 2022

Eduardo from Colombi, 27 Nov 2021That decides it. I'll buy it BECAUSE IT HAS A REMOVABL... moreGigaset gs3 gs4 and gs5 has removable battery too, with much better specs and features

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    • Eduardo from Colombi
    • 85V
    • 27 Nov 2021

    Dada, 13 Jun 2021If you have 100 USD extra you better donate it than by thi ... moreThat decides it. I'll buy it BECAUSE IT HAS A REMOVABLE BATTERY. As all phones should have. And Motorola is one of the finest brands. I still have my G4 play working fine. I just need an update.

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      • La
      • n2y
      • 10 Aug 2021

      AnonD-973296, 17 Feb 2021u can get G8 plus in this price range and it is much better... moreBro the price is around 70$ new you have to chek always the price

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        • Dada
        • nUk
        • 13 Jun 2021

        If you have 100 USD extra you better donate it than by thi phone. One of my first phones was a Motorola Reiser and I haven't use Motorola phones since then. I can say that I regret the moment I bought this one a few days ago. It is the worst phone I ever had. I had to return it after two days of using it because it constantly turns off. I couldn't even connect it with my smartwatch, and I had that option with my old Honor 7c. Now I'm waiting for the new one, but I think that the model is a problem.

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          • mouse
          • m}3
          • 03 Jun 2021

          battery IS can open back panel..look at youtube

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            • Snail
            • n2y
            • 02 Jun 2021

            I pay 75 for this !

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              • Anonymous
              • 0Uh
              • 15 May 2021

              Andy, 13 May 2021Has a smartphone "Motorola E6i, 32GB, Dual SIM, Meteor... moreNo,the battery is not removable.

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                • Andy
                • m@7
                • 13 May 2021

                Has a smartphone "Motorola E6i, 32GB, Dual SIM, Meteor Grey" removable battery or not?

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                  • durk
                  • C2w
                  • 07 May 2021

                  well today I buy this phone to 130$, I need a phone just to read emails and listen to music.
                  As I have previously had the one fusion(I wet it with water, yes I'm an idiot.), I bought practically blind because of the rush and because my phones have always been motorcycle.

                  The lag is quite noticeable, especially in the camera, I regret the truth a bit, I would have bought the 2019 model with SD 435

                  Motorora what the hell dude? I know it's a low-end but literally my old G5 plus works a lot better.

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                    • AnonD-973296
                    • GYi
                    • 17 Feb 2021

                    u can get G8 plus in this price range and it is much better, same for G8 power which u can buy for less than this

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                      • Wereweeb
                      • 8Ub
                      • 14 Feb 2021

                      This is for theBrazilian market where despite the monthly wage being 205 U$ dollars, all phones are priced double their US/China prices.

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                        • Daniel Travis
                        • knX
                        • 13 Feb 2021

                        Motorola what the hell have you guys done {period} what is this s***
                        The Motorola edge is okay also the one I have right now but you guys got to step it up super big the Snapdragon 888 is out already use it I mean s***
                        Quit making your crap phones that don't work well half the damn time

                          • J
                          • Jacky
                          • X$u
                          • 13 Feb 2021

                          Jimbob, 13 Feb 20212GB ram + unisoc? Nice one Motorola..price 170 euro...just joking

                            • M
                            • Minu
                            • w9K
                            • 13 Feb 2021

                            I'd rather keep my Galaxy S5 instead

                              • J
                              • Jimbob
                              • pJp
                              • 13 Feb 2021

                              2GB ram + unisoc? Nice one Motorola..

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                                • Alex
                                • 3EC
                                • 12 Feb 2021

                                Dear Motorola! People today are technically educated enough and they are quite well versed with smartphones and their characteristics.

                                Even the elderly will ask their children and grandchildren for advice before buying a smartphone. And they certainly wouldn't advise buying such a smartphone for such a high price.

                                What are you hoping for Motorola? what kind of person do your marketers consider a customer of your company? A very very stupid person whom you can deceive as the traders on the street market do?

                                it's sad that you think of your clients like that!

                                my first two phones were Motorola. Then you made good phones and sold them at a reasonable price. But now you are losing your good name.

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                                  • Dog
                                  • Uia
                                  • 12 Feb 2021

                                  What is the heck is wrong with Motorola? Nobody would ever buy this crap. Damn, this phone would be slower than a snail

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                                    • Jasplo
                                    • 7X0
                                    • 12 Feb 2021

                                    Wait for sony experia compak fone

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                                      • Deus
                                      • 8nC
                                      • 11 Feb 2021

                                      Wow, this may be the worst product I've seen in the last 5 years. Even for the 2015 standards, this is super expensive for what it offers. A $30 is enough for this kind of crap. #BoycottMotorola

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • P%n
                                        • 11 Feb 2021

                                        The spec of E6i given is worse than year 2019's E6 plus and 2020 E6e. Motorola, are you mad?