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  • Anonymous

I do not know why some people hate this phoneI'm satisfied with this phone, it has a great camera for the priceIt has a strong processor. The only problem is that it lags behind Android ElevenBut it is an economical phone.

  • Skywalker

What? No magnetic/inertial sensor. Therefore no compass, No starfinder or tracker! May have to return this to the shop. Thought these features would be standard nowadays. They are in my previous phones (similar price points) outwith even asking.

  • Trev

Its a decent enough mobile, I got mine for 60 quid, only negative, its a bit slow at times

  • Phill

note: e7 has otg

  • wild stallion

well, see a lot of complains about the moto E7, but don't think it's that bad, have no problems with the 4g,and talking,of course the camera is not as a expensive smartphone, but using it right,then you can actually take some nice photos, and SD card function can also do, it's s cheap phone, but have seen worse....
maybe you should find out how the phone really works, and keep in mind that it's not a flagship... the FM radio works fine where I live... and seen to the price, it's not that bad at all. have a good day 👌

  • Anonymous

JPeppers, 10 Jun 2021It's an awful phone. I have owned many "budget ph... moreG25 its born for lag & annoying u

especially 4000 battery + 165mm size

  • JPeppers

It's an awful phone. I have owned many "budget phones", like the G7 Play (which is a great phone), and this is easily the worst so far. Admittedly I bought it cause I heard "G" instead of "E", and I don't know what I was expecting from the price, but jeez this isn't even worth the cheap price.
1) I made the mistake of getting the 2gb RAM version and it's impossibly slow, I didn't even know phones could be this slow. I can't listen to Spotify most of the time because it takes like 10 minutes to load my albums and by then I'm probably listening to somehing else. Youtube freezes in the middle of videos not because it's buffering, the CPU just can't take videos above 480p.
2) Whenever I exercise and my hands are a bit sweaty this screen goes mad and starts clicking itself all over. I have to clean the screen every 3 seconds and it's incredibly annoying. It's not that the screen is soaked it's just a little bit of conductive sweat and this phone goes crazy. I hadn't had this happen since like 2015 and I'm not sure what type of screen specifically causes this but it's definitely the cheap type.
3) Maybe a small thing but it's got a button on the side that I thought was for the camera (which would maybe be a nice idea) but no, it's for the google assistant. I don't know who thought making a physical button for the assistant was a good idea when every phone just uses the onscreen home button for it but I keep clicking it on accident and getting interrupted in whatever I'm doing. It takes like 10 seconds for the thing to open though so I can't even close it quickly I have to be patient.

Why don't you just make the phone small if you want to be cheap?? I get that cheap phones have to exist but no one needs a slow slab of glass. I don't care if the screen goes (almost) all the way I can't even watch anything on it.
If there's anything good to say it's that the camera is pretty ok for the price and it is very cheap I guess... so if you're wanting cheap slab and you only want to download whatsapp on it this is the one! (Buy the G series it's a thousand times better at just a bit more money)

  • jonskin

The 4G is weak. sitting next to an iphone i get the following speeds both devices on the same mobile provider

E7 - 34Mbps
Iphone - 130.7Mbps

  • Bryan

Yash, 16 Feb 2021This model will have call record option ? i am not finding ... moreYes it does.

  • Bryan

The moto e7 is the worst Motorola phone I've owned. After several moto g phones (most recently G8plus) the e7 is terrible.
Why? Touching the screen when web browsing is a lottery. I keep reading the article above and below because it's so inaccurate about where you touch the screen. And it's soooo slooow. It takes forever to navigate. And frequently it freezes when receiving calls, so I can't answer, because none of the buttons work, and the screen is black. And same thing hanging up at the end of a call. Sometimes it takes more than a minute for the phone to respond to anything at the end of a call.
I thought the G8plus was a fantastic phone, which I would have bought again if still available (and scored 9/10 or higher), but the moto e7......scores 3/10.
I'll still buy moto in the future, but I'll be a lot more sceptical.

  • Anonymous

George, 17 Jan 2021A very disappointing product. I was delighted with my old M... moreYou should have chosen the G9 play. Miles better than this one and yes, the true successor of your G7 Play as the name suggests!

This phone is lower end range so it´s best avoided only for calls and few chats on whatsapp. That salesman simply coned you.

I always say to people, sometimes it´s better to spend extra cash and buy something more suitable even if you don´t need rather than a just ok product.

  • Eww

George, 17 Jan 2021A very disappointing product. I was delighted with my old M... moreWhat do u except for the price? I had a Nexus 5 I paid 30k for it 6 years ago with a 445 ppi.
Moto E7 Power I paid 8k in 2021 with a 270 ppi.
I have lots of reasons to complain if I compare the phones and ignore the price too.
It's like buying a Tata Safari and comparing it with a Ashton Martin.


The specs and features of this mediatek powered smartphone are very nice

Instructions for use should help to find out how this phone works.
How can I get this?

  • Yash

This model will have call record option ? i am not finding any Moto with call record optio

  • pat

I only need a phone to receive calls and read my emails, it does the job perfectly for me

  • George

A very disappointing product. I was delighted with my old Moto G7 Play - but it's inherent design fault was the very fragile and tiny power button which eventually broke. I was promised by the salesperson at a well known UK Supermarket phone retailer that the Moto E7 was an all-round better phone than the old G7 Play. It turns out this simply is not true. The E7 lacks high-speed charging. It takes ages to charge and the battery drains rapidly. The screen is dull even at the brightest setting. Whites appear cream in colour. The display is pixelated due to lower resolution than the G7 Play. It cannot cope with more than one app running without pausing. And most annoying of all, despite the big claims about its supposedly wonderful camera system, the video recorder does not have image stabilization! I cannot believe Motorola have gone so far backwards with their technology. The E6 Play and G8 Power Lite in the supermarket range have reverted back to the fiddly old style Micro-USB ports. The E7 is their only Motorola product with the modern standard - USB-C. That was the main reason I chose this model, to avoid having to change charging cables. The other snag with the E7 is the poor sound output. It is in mono rather than stereo as well. So disappointing. Unfortunately when I did further research there was nothing on the market that was comparable to my G7 Play in terms of specifications and price. Motorola have really made a retrograde step ditching an excellent phone in favour of the E7.

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020i dont like the fact that most moto e phones have a weak ch... moreThey're the cheapest in the lineup what do you expect

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Not just a budget. This phone blows 1000 phones out of the ... morehow so?

  • Anonymous

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 05 Jan 2021Hmm its perfectly fine as budget phone, they should make a ... moreNot just a budget. This phone blows 1000 phones out of the water.