Motorola Moto E7 Plus

Motorola Moto E7 Plus

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  • Anonymous
  • 04T
  • 14 Sep 2023

If only you could move apps to SD card, it'd be usable for a longer time

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    • Anzures
    • Pp$
    • 19 Jul 2023

    works fine, the battery isnt the best if you connect bluetooth headphones. i always have the screen brightness in maximum

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      • Sam
      • YQ}
      • 13 Jun 2023


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        • teufel
        • cTI
        • 11 May 2023

        I've been using a Motorola e7 plus since July 2021. So far, so good.

        Camera quality average, though the night vision is pretty good.

        Calling,music streaming is normal; The accessibility option to access brightness, volume, etc. are a nice to have.

        Battery life is healthy, even after+ 2 years. It lasts me ~24 hrs @30-80% charge. It's advisable to charge 30-80% for longer-lasting battery.

        Usually lag-free stock android experience. However, lag occurs when the phone gets heated while charging.

        Overall, a decent budget phone.

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          • Cro1992
          • LiQ
          • 28 Apr 2023

          I have one for 2 years now, I'm a satisfied user. It is quite big, but I am pleased that the battery lasts so long. Good camera also.

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            • Lalit
            • vcB
            • 14 Sep 2022

            My phone is loosing battery so fast. What can I do for more battery life???

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              • latvian
              • 0Vv
              • 16 Sep 2021

              Kaishyap, 23 Sep 2020Is the phone fast charging fast charging on it

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                • latvian
                • 0Vv
                • 16 Sep 2021

                Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020no AC dual wifi band no gyroscope no compass no type c ... moreActually
                the phone is to give/receive a phone calls...
                I bought for 100 euros.Cheap deal!
                Agree is to large!But worth its price.

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                  • latvian
                  • 0Vv
                  • 16 Sep 2021

                  No NFC - huge minus
                  menu is so-so.On a SAMSUNG quite easier.
                  Too big for handy.
                  Battery life superb.
                  Some functions are useless.
                  Languages are good.
                  price is great!
                  Overall it is the same as LENOVO brand

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                    • LoveTheSpeed
                    • J1Q
                    • 11 Aug 2021

                    Cristichi, 06 Jan 2021So my brother bough me this phone but he didn't know i... moreYour brother bought you a phone and bitch about it. You should be a shamed. Many kids in the pray for someone to help them, to catch a brake. Kids this days. If the thing is not TOP they don't care but they know how to swirl there thong. For each item they want GO TO WORK AND BY IT YOURSELF. Then they will see how many of them they will have. Start appreciate the work that was made for the things you want.
                    You will see, that phone will be with you for many years, maybe in a drawer but certainly in your head and heart. That time you will see it from the right side of life.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • srr
                      • 03 Jul 2021

                      I have one for 9 months, it iworked excelent, with a heavy usage.
                      The battery is very good, it stil lasts 1-2 days (and even more in mostly stand by)
                      But it is a little to big, at 6,5, I would like a more compact phone, 4,5-5 inch display, with good specs and quality components.
                      It is not to difficult to make a phone with a 5 inch display, small bezels, 3000 mah baterry to last a whole day, 4-6 Gb RAM, good CPU. It shouldnt cost to.much, anyway it will be cheaper than the iphones (SE, 12 mini) which are now practically the only real compact smartohones...

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                        • Bitsi
                        • StU
                        • 10 Jun 2021

                        Yes I have Moto e7+,bought from Motorola UK.
                        I got fed up with Huawei phone for cost,spec.
                        Have owned my Moto for 3 months. It's speed is good for price,so is screen visuals. The camera is excellent. The algorithm for night vision is way better than expected.
                        Memory's for price is excellent. The 20:9 screen ratio is a nice plus rather than 16:9. There is drawback though. If notification is set on it'll beep when MP3 player change song file. Drive me nuts. You have to adjust to the files system for file movement,it's format seems a bit like a laptop (this isn't a problem).
                        Ok my view, I love my Moto,have a nice bifold wallet case for it,a Motorola verve wireless headphones and is a pleasure to watch a film,listen to music videos,radio etc. Even radio is possible wirelessly. Plan to keep Moto e7 till 3 or 4 years and get another Moto. You don't need expensive contract payments if you choose a Motorola.

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                          • Sakibul
                          • 6p}
                          • 19 May 2021

                          Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020dont waste your money for this device of lenovo go for Rea... moreHow about xaiomi redmi 9 power compare with MotorolaMoto E7plus @ realme 6I in this price range(BDT)?

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                            • Sakibul
                            • 6p}
                            • 19 May 2021

                            Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020dont waste your money for this device of lenovo go for Rea... moreHow about xaiomi redmi 9 power compare with MotorolaMoto E7plus @ realme 6I in this price range(BDT)?

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                              • Mangekyou
                              • Jw1
                              • 11 May 2021

                              Yesudass , 10 May 2021How do use dual sim with memory cardThe tray will allow you to use another sim card on the micro sd slot so you can have two sim cards or you can use one sim card plus a micro sd as regular

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                                • Yesudass
                                • DkW
                                • 10 May 2021

                                How do use dual sim with memory card

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                                  • AP
                                  • JKZ
                                  • 18 Mar 2021

                                  Bought one on November 11th, 2020. It stopped working after only 3 months. I replaced it with G9 Play in hope it would perform much better.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nxx
                                    • 12 Feb 2021

                                    Lucas, 11 Jan 2021THE SCREEN IS INCREDIBLY BRITTLE, please dont buy, with the... moreif you drop a s10 or s20 you will crack and damage on a small drop same with the older models

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3AX
                                      • 30 Jan 2021

                                      Neeraj Gupta, 28 Jan 2021Don't buy moto phones beacause performance and quality... moreAll you wrote as minus are the plus to buy a motorola phone over other .Plus excellent build quality .The meaning of Value for money

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                                        • Neeraj Gupta
                                        • vGi
                                        • 28 Jan 2021

                                        Don't buy moto phones beacause performance and quality wise rating is very poor like signal strenth, camera, video playing, keyboard etc not working properly so i request to all when purchase phone please go any other brand not moto.