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Found a number of problems with it 1) the microphone isn't that great and that callers complain about speech chopping in and out like "ditto" renders the phone useless if you cant do something as simple as a phone call to someone 2) Sound quality isn't that great either, its pretty lousy on speaker phone 3) reboots in the middle of the night and says "hello moto" god i did software reset same fault or ghost again and again (wish motorola would disable stupid "hello moto" not sure whats going on there 3) Although visually the build looks good but i found sim tray constantly catches when pushing the draw in & out with the sim to the point where you could break it or bend something, I've not had that issue with older Phones, dont expect it on new model with latest android so QA is questionable.
Apart from those things the phone has a good battery life amazing in fact and for the price dont expect a Rolls Royce you get what you pay for!

  • Laki

I got it like 3-4 moths ago and its super durable battery is good lasts for me 2-3 days on average use perfomance is good im not gamer but like casually open some games and they work like a charm camera is ok night vision tho is good cons is that is a 60hz wifi signal is good youtube works on 1080p amazing no stutters so far no lag no bug motorola did a good job on this one but for price i say go for g30 which is a little bit expensive than this one but not so much and its god 75hz

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2021Can anyone comment on the wifi signal strength?You should release a comprehensive operating manua for these mobile phones and start schools for utilizing the. Smart phones by people to the maximum extent

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021switched to this from a s9+. the battery keeps on trucking,... moreDoesn’t sound like an upgrade to be honest. Except if your S9 was broken

  • Anonymous

Can anyone comment on the wifi signal strength?

  • AnonD-977150

SUMIT SARKAR, 15 Jun 20211. It's polymer or lithium battery ? 2. Double Tap on... moreWhy don't you read the specs you lemon!

  • Anonymous

switched to this from a s9+. the battery keeps on trucking, performance is decent and cameras are okay. the ergonomics are good for a big phone. fingerprint sensor is fast. fast charging would be nice but 10w is alright. screen is okay in most situations, in direct bright sunlight it can be inadequate though. resolution is fine.

i've had only as few phones but why not spend £130 and get the job done for chatting, calling, youtube, GTA SA (runs well), simple photo taking and showing tickets/passes. wonderful option for a new phone unless you spend a lot more or get a refurb.

better than whatever the samsung A series excretes onto the shelves of asda.

  • Moto

Really solid phone: pros good software, almost stock but with Motorola options build in (Moto actions etc), battery life is amazing, easy 12-14h SoT, camera, front and back are ok, there is a free tpu case in the box with 10w usb charger. Fingerprint works quite fast (for the price). Android 11 out of the box, and now is on September security patch. Maybe botton chin is little bit larger, and the phone is thick and hpon the heavy side, but for 110-120€ it's a good phone, with good (clean) software

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021man my g6 from 2018 has better resolution than this whats g... moreIs evolving man. before you had the play , normal and plus version.

now you have more. Simply to expand, don´t know the reason, to confuse us perhaps.

consider this play edition or improved E plus version. Honestly you won´t notice that much the HD+ resolution unless you stick your nose in to the screen. Bare in mind this phone costs 129€.

  • Anonymous

man my g6 from 2018 has better resolution than this whats going on with the moto g lineup

  • Anonymous

This is the right phone for the right person.

For whatsapp, emails, not much social media...What more do you need? The camera is more than adequate, you just need to realize that this is a smartphone so you need good light conditions.

Oustanding batery life. Just reduce the animations to 0.5x under the hidden menu develloper settings.

The SD460 is just fine for this type of usage

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021excellent entry level mobile . one should have low expectat... moreSo you're putting all senior citizens in to the same basket, so to speak?

So as soon as you're older, you don't like hi end tech ?


  • Anonymous

excellent entry level mobile . one should have low expectations if buying low price mobile. Best for senior citizens

  • Anonymous

excellent entry level mobile . one should have low expectations if buying low price mobile. Best for senior citizens

  • Anonymous

kovyakov, 01 Jul 2021In my view this phone have some flaws. First, button man... moreThat´s Google fault not Motorola.

you should complete de setup process and only after install the updates, you should disable.

It´s a low midrange phone for basic needs. Fort hat it´s actually pretty decent

In my view this phone have some flaws.

First, button management is bad. It's so easy to hit the power button while using it (locking the phone or opening the turn off screen), taking random screenshots because the volume keys and the power button are too near and are too sensitive. And I don't know how much google enforce it, but a button just to activate the google assistant is too much for me. It could use the launch options pressing the power button 2 times, like it is for launching the camera, but no. There is a extra button with no use except for launching a assistant with limited use.

Second, Android 11 (all versions I assume) comes with a LOT of google bloatware that "cannot" be disabled. You can manually disable on settings, but after a couple minutes, a notification pops up so you can "Finish Setup", and it activates all google bloatware again.
After a while, even my YouTube ads switched from TikTok (I don't have a tiktok account) ads to Google ones.

Camera, battery, screen are all great. But the flaws I mentioned made me wish I had not buy this phone.

After years using android, I wonder if I should switch to ios for the first time in my life.

  • emithewho

Again, g9 play is better.... g20...none....g30 mmmmm cost-specs...? wtf moto?

G50, g60 y g100 are de really g family. The other are E family indisguise.

  • Anonymous

SUMIT SARKAR, 15 Jun 20211. It's polymer or lithium battery ? 2. Double Tap on... moreDon't be lazy, read the specs yourself

1. It's polymer or lithium battery ?
2. Double Tap on screen it's wake up ?
3. Where is Fingerprint sensor ?
Any tell me.........

  • Anonymous

People moaning about the specs, when this is basically just a core model .
Don't like it then move on and stop crying.

For someone who wants a work or general phone that can last a full shift easily and not cost too much , this isn't too bad.
Not everyone plays games, not everyone snaps pics for social media.

Great work, emergency, general lower power consumption phone that's light on the wallet.