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  • 8IS
  • 31 May 2024

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2023Do it support 4g now also ?yes

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    • Anonymous
    • gNT
    • 18 Oct 2023

    DNA Mobile, 27 Jun 2023I have had this phone for approx 5 years I only use it for ... moreDo it support 4g now also ?

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      • DNA Mobile
      • cZ0
      • 27 Jun 2023

      I have had this phone for approx 5 years I only use it for testing out apps and games that I develop and it still holds up for newer games mind you benchmarks don't allow for heavy games but old Minecraft for example works fine. It's not a beast phone by all means but does the job!

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        • Anonymous
        • 39y
        • 23 Sep 2022

        I read online that from September 1, 2021 Android devices running Android 7.1.1 or earlier will face connection issues. In the last few weeks, on my Moto G4 Play I can only get H signal apart from when I first turn on the phone its on 4G but then soon after it goes on H and stays on that. According to the network status checker, there aren't any network problems in my area.

        So does this indicate that the Moto G4 Play no longer supports 4G, at least reliably?

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          • sam
          • ye}
          • 24 Apr 2022

          what is the battery rating

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            • Anonymous
            • gkQ
            • 23 Feb 2022

            It was one of the best option as far as in 2018 for a relatively cheap phone when I was in South America at the time. Only reason I had to switch is because I got robbed.After 3 months using a classic flipflop I went for a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (which is still working really well today, but battery is starting to drain faster after 4 years of ussage). Would have probably switched already in 2022, but could have stand with this Motorola G4 Play until at least 2020.

              As long the apps supports Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

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                • Anonymous
                • 39y
                • 13 Feb 2022

                How long will the G4 Play still be supported for and work with the newest apps?

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                  • foobie
                  • IY6
                  • 26 Jan 2022

                  I think a lot of xda developers recognize the name 'harpia', even despite the festering garbage fire that is xda forums. This phone has been historically well-supported, stable, rugged, easily-reparable, and there's tons of them in circulation for dirt cheap. Truly the thinkpad of phones.

                    I'm still using it in 2021, (16gb/2gb) it works great, I'm using LOS (android 10), it runs the apps I need, no slowdowns. The camera isn't so good because it's old, but you can take
                    reasonable decent pictures, solid phone.

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                      • Kexar
                      • BEc
                      • 04 Nov 2021

                      Still using it as daily driver. Bought in 2017. Changed the buttons when they worn out and replaced a cracked screen when a car ran over it. Gets one day of usage on stock rom and little bit more on the custom roms. Considering my my bad financials , I anm just very happy that it still runs fluid smooth.

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                        • Franzose1999
                        • pZx
                        • 18 Oct 2021

                        A good thing !
                        I brought my XT1602/2G/16G at in Jan 2017 and I am still happy with it. 137 Apps, and works still with the 1st battery for at least 5h screen usage.
                        I can not find equally good Motorola smart phone with small screen/size and 2SIM and(not or) microSD-Card socket and promise for long time Android firmware updates
                        (weak points : - my GPS mostly does receive good signals due to bad electro-mecanical connection between GPS-Antenna and motherboard, so partly not usable at all. - missing magnetical compass)

                          I bought one with the 16GB Storage without checking the RAM as in gsmarena specs it quotes 8GB =1GB RAM
                          16GB =2GB RAM
                          BUT when checking out the features ect, I found to my horror that this 16GB XT1604 Version only had 1GB RAM.
                          No you said don't update from Android 6 but I did to 7.1.1 and have had no excessive operational problems that you might expect with other 1GB ram smartphones.
                          I just don't keep apps permanently loaded so as to keep the phone running with as little drain on the ram.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 39y
                            • 12 Aug 2021

                            Is it usual that the Moto G4 Play loses mobile signal when it gets warm or does it indicate another problem such as a faulty SIM card?

                            When the phone has been on a while and feels warm at the back, it often loses signal and shows an x on the signal bar on the phone screen. After turning off the phone then turning back on, it then has signal.

                            I've heard about over-heating problems in other Moto smartphones.

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                              • John
                              • uwC
                              • 03 May 2021

                              Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021it is worth it in 2021 to you random person! i bought a w... moreYeah. It is a great phone. We can't buy such a fluid performer with 2GB RAM in 2021. Still my G4 play handles the updates of 114 apps in the menu bar. Running 114 apps in 2GB RAM , snapdragon 410 HW. My Bros 3GB RAM is not even handling 70 apps. The Camera is perfect for the megapixel. Still I love to capture great images with this phone. Most of my friends are wondering how this phone handles this much apps with very low hardware in 2021. They say battery backup is not good. I just say onething a 2 litre water bottle can hold only two litres. Yes I charge two to three times a day still haven't changed the original battery. Still I am getting 5 hrs continous screen on time or a day full if random call or whatsapp. Its already 3 Years 9 months. Still the beast. G4 Play !

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                                • Bashir Ahmed
                                • sUv
                                • 14 Feb 2021

                                Moto g4 play

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • sXc
                                  • 26 Jan 2021

                                  it is worth it in 2021 to you random person!
                                  i bought a white moto g4 play in 2021 january it was completely new sealed and all white it came with 1gb ram should you decide to buy one in 2021 there are some things you should know...

                                  NOTE!!!! the 2gb ram model always look for this don't buy 1gb model in 2021 unless you keep it on android 6

                                  Do not buy moto g4 play in 2020 if you plan to play games don't even bother

                                  1st) this phone is from 2016 dont expect it to run newer games well if at all on the 1gb ram model it cannot run even the most basic games from 2020 im not talking heavy games i'm talking games you'd expect to run on every phone such as (verry laggy) (NOTE!!!----slitherio plays quite well---NOTE!!!!) and HELIX JUMP (laggiest i've ever seen on a phone) the games that wont run well are mainly the games on playstore created by Voodoo and similar companies

                                  2nd) you might notice lag on your browser so i'd suggest getting a lightweight one

                                  3rd) DO NOT!!!! I repeat DO NOT!!! update your 1gb moto g4 play to android 7 keep it at android 6 if possible is my advice thats all i say you cannot revert it back and you might regret it i might be wrong on the speed level as i only had it on android for one day but if i could do it again i would not update

                                  4th)battery life to me personally i expected it to not last ages but it is actually not too bad i dont use it too much and have only been charging it (trying to 30% to 80% as i heard it was good for battery life span probably no point in this however as it has a removable battery but i will probably get 5 hours on screen time make sure you turn off adaptive brightness and i always keep the phone screen low brightness anyway thats not the point the point is it is enough for me i would class myself as a casual user though.

                                  5th) not sure if its the glass scree protector helping but this phone is super responsive which i like for te basic tasks whatsapp microsoft teams etc all work great on this device they are responsive expect to wait at least 3 seconds to open these apps though im not to bothered about that when youtuber say 1 second response in their videos i think it doesn't matter to me excessive waiting i would say is 5 seconds + for heavy apps and 3 for lighter apps .

                                  6th) the phone is not rubbish in all honesty if i had bought the 2gb model all these factors would be thrown in the bin in my opinion so my advice is in 2020 unless a phone has android go or android 5 and below do not buy it with 1gb of ram

                                  7th) the camera i like the camera i think its good as for people who complain about autofocus i really dont care people do realise that you can just touch on the screen where you want the camera to focus and its almost instantaneous its like automatic doors opening its slower i could do it faster but more convenient.

                                  should you buy this in 2021 my plain answer from buying a new. white. box sealed 1gb ram model i would say not if you like your games but if you only want a basic phone as i said for social media with a fairly good camera in my opinon good responsiveness and long term realiablity i would say yes go ahead but consider first if you can get the moto e3 power as it is 100% garunteed to come with 2gb ram and doesn't update to android 7 that is what i would do if i could in 2021 however if you can get the 2gb model on moto g4 play 100% should be fine. i never wanted to update the phone but it kept popping up on the screen however if you get the e3 play you wont have to update it

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                                    • uZa
                                    • 12 Jan 2021

                                    xt1609 it can't be rooted, they said we did not made it to be rooted(or unlock boot loader)... even after warranty is ended. looks like i have purchased a shittt, if we own a mobile then it must be under our control(which is impossible without unlocking boot loader, rooting)

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                                      • pissed off
                                      • pYM
                                      • 30 Dec 2020

                                      biggest load of crap EVER keep resetting itself, phone will not ring I have tried EVERYTING i just reset itself to default or turns things like ringing off & brightness off. POS phone DO NOT BUY

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • uwD
                                        • 22 Dec 2020

                                        soomro, 20 Sep 2020old phone r good but their battery backup is very short you... moreWhy not ... Nowadays, I charge 3 times a day ... reason is , screen always on with hotspot and internet active.... Using for online classes can get upto 5 hr display time....But still the original battery is great.... Haven't changed in this 3+ years.....I also can get a full day charge....if I used only for calls, random whatsapping and snapping....2800 maH is doing its perfect job