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  • Anonymous

AnonD-540418, 04 Jul 2016How we enable auto update it. Plz help mePlay store 3 lines top left corner touch it a list will appear go down to my apps and games set to auto update over wifi only if you have wifi plug in the charger but if you follow the instructions I have posted it will only update over wifi this way saves your data you can also set to auto update without setting for over wifi only

  • Anonymous

al fareed, 04 Jul 2016The device Moto G4+ does'nt work when it on charging....It definitely does u must have a faulty charger

  • Anonymous

Sunil, 04 Jul 2016No, if u r looking for sharp image quality of display, impressiv... moreIt's an absolutely fantastic phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-556572, 04 Jul 2016I recently bought moto g4+ mob. Am exp an issue with audio quali... moreSo a factory data reset go to the play store set to auto download over wifi only go do something else it takes a while leave the settings charge to 100% while it is downloading it will update a lot of that apps and games also apps update as the updates come that solved my heating issue

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2016Guys there are screen retention issues in Moto g4 plus Is it true?No

  • vijay desai

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2016If you are talking about moto g4+ the screen is the front flashMy mobile are critical issue .....plzzzzzzzz contact by Motorola service provide

  • AnonD-601071

Sir I need you u'r help
Yesterday I bought moto g4plus 32 GB mobile today I facing lots of camera problem all images comes blurrish .please give me suggestions I waiting u'r replay sir.

  • rahul

Yesterday i bought moto g4 plus but today i'm faceing camera (front abd rear also) problem all photos comes full blurrish.
How can i solve this problem plz help me...

  • suresh

Moto g4+ or redmi note which one i buy?

  • Anonymous

Aadam, 22 Oct 2016Hai frds anyone telling me moto g4 plus phone now update andirod 7 ??Yess...i am using moto g4 plus with nouget 7.0 version....yesterday i update my phone

  • rizz

Which one is a better buy?Moto G4 plus or Lenove K5 note?

  • Anonymous

Guys there are screen retention issues in Moto g4 plus
Is it true?

  • Anonymous

android 7 released for moto g and g 4 plus

  • AnonD-584680

Jitz, 22 Oct 2016When we will got android per yesterdays news the ot... moreMaybe.. we get 7.0 in november.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2016It's an electrical heater for sure. Use camera for more than 10 ... moreWhy don't you put it in water? It will make a good water boiler.

Buddy any phone gets warm by following
- turbo charging and using it at same time.
- using other companies charger
- using graphics intensive apps on a mid range phone for prolonged periods.

I am using phones with SD 615 & 617.
None of them HEAT. They do get WARM.
HEAT is just an exaggerated term used by ignorants like you.

Go to any phone opinions section, and you will see same comments- Oh the phone HEATS up.
seems mobile companies are making mobile + heater.

  • Jitz

Mahi, 21 Oct 2016Can anybody got Android n ota update When we will got android per yesterdays news the ota update is start hitting by moto india.......but i still didnt got any update.....plz kindly rply when we will get android n ......tnks in advance

  • Anonymous

It's an electrical heater for sure. Use camera for more than 10 mins, or turbocharge it with internet on and the temperature rises to 64℃.. wtf!I literally thought for a moment that this phone is going to blast!
Except that everything is alright with this beast. The problem is not with the phone but with the chipset they provide. Every phone with Snapdragon 615 processor heats up like hell!

  • jerry

moto g4 plus has a casting problem too.. it doesn't show enable wireless devices in cast screen option...and phone display has started screen burning too please resolve it

  • Aadam

Hai frds anyone telling me moto g4 plus phone now update andirod 7 ??

  • MR.AB

In news they said moto g4 plus got the update to Android N today. But I don't got any update. ????? Sorry for bad English...