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I just received this phone and was very dissapointed with the quality of the picture on the screen. I was upgading from the Motog 7power and the old screen was far better and the colour richer.
I am now returning the new phone. Does anyone have any suggestions on what other Moto g I could get that would have at least the same quality screen that I had before?

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LX, 28 Aug 2021If you're tired of paying too much for a smartphone th... moreReduce animations to 0.5X under developper settings. Helps a lot more snappier

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tierra, 18 Aug 2021In my opinion, this is a great mid-range device. 1.It'... moreI feel the same way.

Camera produces natural pictures if you have good lighting (like any other phone)
Not the heaviest considering it´s 5000mah battery
Excellent battery life
Fluid and smooth, amazing little 480 (8nm), can give the 720/730 Snapdragon a run for their money

And yes no bloatware, you´ll have a solid phone for years, also 5G compatible it´s a very good plus

  • LX

If you're tired of paying too much for a smartphone then get a cheap plan with this.
Yeah it feels plasticky but it looks nice & is good enough in all areas. They chuck in a free transparent case too. It would probably benefit from rooting & a bare bones custom rom but there's no hurry. You can disable all the bloatware apps you don't need. Only gripe so far is switching apps from the recents is slow.

In my opinion, this is a great mid-range device.
1.It's not Xiaomi nor Huawei, regarding the personal data protection.
2.I guess there's only one stock app. In other words, you'll be able to do the widest and deepest set-up that nowadays can be done in a cellular, if you want to.
3.The speaker sounds loud and right.
4.The weight is well balanced.
5.3-days battery, playing about 3-4h of podcasts and videos each day, and heavy use of the browser.
Biggest con for me, currently: The size.

Definitively should exist better cells than this (better video recording, better photos, real compass, and so on), but as far as I remember, this is the first one which made me feel satisfied from the very first day.

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Daz, 30 Jul 2021Is this phone better than Realme 7 5G?Slightly faster but you won´t notice that much, the realme records in 4K and the realme 30W faster charging vs 15W of the Moto, and the realme has FHD resolution

Moto has pure stock android with moto gestures, better battery life 133H vs 118H according to GSM Arena.

I had one realme the x2 pro, great product but i didn´t like the android skin UI, too confusing for my taste.

I have the G50 and it works great

  • Daz

Is this phone better than Realme 7 5G?

  • Bob G

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021Where is the review?review out now

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Where is the review?

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nick, 15 Jun 2021Some report said no radio included Yes there is radio FM

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nick, 15 Jun 2021Some report said no radio included this is a good message

  • GaryK

It's cheap in quality .Lacks over older models .

  • Anonymous

Me too! Bought it for me. Currently as a standout feature it´s the only model from the G line, with moderate weight vs 5000mah battery (192g). It´s really neat, the camera module and back are well made make this model more appealing than the G30.

Many will say that it´s underpowered compared in camera or processor compared to the G30. You´re wrong. Check the numbers...This new processor is on par with the SD720 or the 730 and it´s 5G. The camera is on par with the competion and yes it only has 2 usable cameras, but honestly i rather have a decent main camera and a macro camera, don´t really care about the ultra wide which produces average or poor reults and it´s barely used.

My wife´s previous phone was a Moto one vision. Compared to this one, i can only say the only thing better was the sharper display and punchy colours from the main camera which was really good.

The G50 is really smooth and fluid (no stutters or lags) for most of your apps, and also the is has UFS rather than EMMC found on the G30.

I recommend it! If you know what you´re buying, you like Moto it´s clean UI and very long battery life this is the phone. Sure theres better elsewhere but 128GB and 4Gb for a medium user is more than enough.

Be aware it only comes with a 10W charger, even if supports 15W turbo charge. least it has a charger

  • nick

Some report said no radio included

  • Delyan

Just bought this smartphone yesterday and i love it camera is on point display is flying with this 90hz i just love it , you will not regret buying this phone & battery super :)

  • .K

Nick, 26 Mar 2021Any screen protection ?No screen protector

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021G50 = 231$ = 4/64 Poco X3 Pro = 242$ = 6/128 https://... moreMore confusing is the Moto G30 6/128 for £160.

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Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021Yep, as soon as i see 720p i dismiss it. Completely useless.There is literally no point in all these 4K screens on a mobile phone. Absolute waste of battery. 720p is plenty at a phones size.

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it comes with Macro + Depth
no UltraWide🤔

for first time i see such thing😁

of course 95% Wraped Moto compass or no gyroscope...u always will see one of these dissapeared

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0-0, 27 Apr 2021Another one bottled by moto They just sacrificed power an... moreG50 = 231$ = 4/64

Poco X3 Pro = 242$ = 6/128