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Motorola Moto G5S

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  • Anonymous
  • bEK
  • 11 Jan 2023

Very good built quality. fell from my hand 100 times still intact. nothing brken. good mic, camera, speaker loud, high reslution

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    • Anonymous
    • pVL
    • 11 Dec 2022

    Outstanding build quality. Very easy to unlock the bootloader and install whatever needed. Good camera, screen and battery life. 3.5mm jack, expandble storage, compact size. A quit damn good smartphone.

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      • Erdjan
      • B0@
      • 28 Aug 2022

      its still fine in 2022 for second phone, because of battery life but still perform fine when have battery :)

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        • Venkat
        • fCZ
        • 12 Apr 2022

        Great phone. Using for the past.4 years still doing good.

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          • Venkat
          • P5m
          • 10 Apr 2022

          Great phone. Using for the past.4 years still doing good.

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            • Anonymous
            • JP7
            • 26 Dec 2021

            XT1792 has no compass. I miss that so much.

              It is the best phone I have ever owned. It has been running for 4 years without problems. With two SIM cards. I only rejoice it because 32GB has fallen short. Nothing more.
              Battery still has excellent life, does not show marks (I never put protective glass), it works perfectly well, and even today (September 2021) I use it with GPS and G-Meet at the same time on some occasions.

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                • Walid Abul hghusn
                • 0kP
                • 17 Aug 2021

                I have purchased my mobile " Moto G5S " from Berlin on November 2018. I use it too softly Only for Internet and whats app , and without original sim card. because this type of mobiles is not allowed in Syria. on May 2021 I've lost the mobile because its battery fully damaged, and its spare parts not available in Syria ... please advice me how I can repair my mobile.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • v{8
                  • 29 Apr 2021

                  The quality is very good. I've been using Moto G5S for three and a half years.
                  I have installed Lineage OS 17.1 on it.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • gKr
                    • 19 Apr 2021

                    My Moto G5S is a decent smartphone. I bought it in June 2018 and I am using it since.
                    -Clean software
                    -Good quality photos
                    -Hi-res screen
                    -Fast charging with Turbo Power
                    -Metal Build
                    -even after 2 and 1/2 years, it is not lagging, too much.
                    -nice Moto tweaks.
                    -poor network reception: it loses the signal frequently. Many times I can not send or receive text messages(same story for calls). This issue appears in areas where other phones, from the same carrier, have no problems in terms of network reception. The only solution that I found is to restart the phone. Sometimes, Wi-fi disconnects by itself.
                    -poor screen visibility in sunlight
                    -adaptive brightness stopped working. The brightness needs to be changed manually.
                    -battery life is poorer than it was. Now, it needs to be charged twice a day. But I don't mind too much about it. It has more than 2 and a half years.

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                      • Nick
                      • 0Vi
                      • 27 Mar 2021

                      Excellent quality phone.Still in use as new .Battery lost only 25% after 4 years of daily hard use .A tip ,no need download latest app version from google play, because make phone slow. Only in case on stop working apps .Too bad Moto stops security updates so long.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • vxV
                        • 23 Mar 2021

                        Apps are crashing now. Time to move away from moto g5s

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                          • bdr
                          • MxL
                          • 18 Mar 2021

                          I used this phone 2 years (from April 2019 to March 2021)
                          Pretty good, but the battery was very poor. After two years the battery did not handle a full day. I was about to sell it but when I tried to flash stock rom (I was on Lineage OS 17.1) I bricked it (qhsusb_bulk). So now he's dead...
                          Sad end.

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                            • Gak
                            • JtD
                            • 11 Feb 2021

                            The kind of phone that works fast, unless you turn it into your main phone. In 4 years, the issues started popping up like crazy: 1. Antenna doesn't work, only capable of receiving calls if you choose 2G, anything above that is listed as "Emergency Only"; 2. Battery information issue, the phone's system doesn't track the real battery status, which leads to the phone claiming to have a certain percentage of charge left but in reality it has close to none, in these situations you have to perform a hard reset and leave it to fully charge for about an additional hour after it says to be at 100%, but this may or may not lead to the next issue; 3. Boot issues, it'll hang on the "M" logo indefinitely after you hard reset. May take several hard resets for the phone to boot back to the main screen; 4. Slow, the phone will be at times so slow it takes up to 10 seconds to act after an user input. No amount of troubleshooting or mitigation will be effective, as you have to way to know what could be consuming the phone's resources since a live monitor doesn't exist on its Android 8.1.

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                              • susblack
                              • 7Xi
                              • 06 Nov 2020

                              margo, 28 Oct 2020I agree .Excellent quality phone.Still in use as new .And a... moreit can handle heavy games like honkai impact

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                                • Tom
                                • HBw
                                • 28 Oct 2020

                                Yes for quality ,but motorola stops security updates a year now . Too bad

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                                  • margo
                                  • HBw
                                  • 28 Oct 2020

                                  I agree .Excellent quality phone.Still in use as new .And a fix camera in low light .Use better camera application in night mode

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                                    • nick
                                    • 3Av
                                    • 30 Sep 2020

                                    Excellent quality phone .I've been using my Moto G5s for 3 years now and still performing the same .

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                                      • Browser
                                      • JmB
                                      • 11 Sep 2020

                                      Phone became slow in the last year or so. Stopped using SD card helped, but still it randomly lags and I dont remember it being this slow. Annoying but survivable. Battery still lasts whole day though.

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                                        • whatever
                                        • 0RG
                                        • 21 Aug 2020

                                        had this phone for a few years now and its starting to die on me, at least thats what i think everything loads extremely slowly the battery lasts a few hours and everything crashes, was a decent phone a few years back but suffers from slowdown like every android seems to have this problem