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  • Distant Drummer

I have had my MOTO G6 for about two years and has been a great phone, other than one thing. The ringer volume has slowly ,almost totally gone. I have to wear an ear piece constantly to here incoming rings or message rings. I miss calls and messages because of this if I don't have my ear piece in.

  • no

Ian, 13 Sep 2021I've had my Moto G6 for 2.5 years. It has been and sti... moreno

  • Ian

I've had my Moto G6 for 2.5 years. It has been and still is a great phone. Never given me an issue of any kind. Use it with Android Auto in the car all day and everyday for sat nav and full comms and streaming music in the car and at home. I'd be lost without it. It's been generally slammed around a bit but looks good as new. Being of full glass construction it's pretty tough. Can't believe there are a few folks with bad experiences with this phone. I know others who have this phone and they too have not had any issues. I guess it's such a popular phone that it's sold in great numbers, there's bound to be some that fail. Having said that, I never had any great experiences with some other so call 'top' brands so failures are not unique to Motorola.

I have both the G6 and G7 Play, and prefer the G7 Play. But prefer my Redmi 7A with Gcam over both Motos. Amazing photos with Gcam.

  • Aston

It's just another phone. My old Motorola Defy was the best, I'd still be using it if anything worked on old Android versions. I used to throw it at the wall any time anyone said anything about protective cases for their phones. Nowadays Motorola is just another phone brand, I can barely hear it ring, its vibrate is weaker than my watch's, it's too big. The only thing they haven't changed are their habits of having no Android updates ever.

  • upcork

short and sweet: worst phone ever !!!!!

  • Carl

Phone was great until it refused to turn on the wifi. Factory reset does nothing.

  • SP

I have been a light user of phone. Recently the loudspeaker of my Moto g6 started showing strange behaviour. The volume drops after 1 - 2 second. So I am unable to receive a call or notifications. It happens across all the apps. Practically, the phone has become useless. It seems to have no cure. So I have to change my phone. Now no more Motorola.

  • techytwo

HarveyDanger, 26 Oct 2020I've had a Moto G6 for years and I'm still using ... moreIm not sure these good reviews are of the same moto g6 as the one i have. had it for less than 2 years. camera is good for price...... other than that, im cured of motorola.

from the first day it turned off when i unplug it, it wont respond when plugged in. battery is bipolar. have to reboot everytime i want to make a call/text. freezes. wont take my fingerprint. wont charge. has to be rebooted everytime i turn it on. got a lot of tech support, never helped.

in short... piece of @#$!

  • poolshark

the recent negative reviews seem so....salty?
I wonder at what price they bought the phone?
I got mine very reasonable under $140 and its been a normal workhorse for me for about a year? No its not the fastest. still a solid 7/10 for a crazy-good value.

  • Empirico

My first motorola phone since my star tac. Last tume I buy a motorola. Since it was made by lenovo i was expecting something better. Camera is bad at daylight and awfull at low light environments. Battery is not that good, screen is not good at daylight. Every software update makes it even slower than it originally was. As I read on other reviews here, seems to do things by itself without touching it ( it makes calls or open apps or chrome windows by itself) . If you are searching for a new phone, buy something else.

  • Sameer lala

Average phone, some time face lacking and hanging problem and mouthpiece (mic) is not well, I don't prefer this phone

  • Anonymous

Mark, 01 Dec 2020Worst cell phone I've ever had (EVER)... Un believably... more*slams phone after typing review to hang up* "sense the fist" -Mark
sent via poor ol' Moto G6 🤕

  • Charlie

Had this phone since it first came out and it has proven itself in the following: Mediocre phone at best, slow with lag-time. Good Battery life. Cheap phone for those on a budget. Seeking quality look elsewhere.

  • Mark

Worst cell phone I've ever had (EVER)... Un believably stagnant, updates don't help, battery life is mindbogglingly short and the worst part of all is the phone has been this way sense the fist day I purchased it from the store. The signal, one moment it's normal and within the same moment it's horrible without even moving around literally. It's just a bad phone to put it simple.

  • Anonymous

Moss, 19 Nov 2020I've owned this phone for two years and it was only ev... moreidk how you have abused your phone, but mine has been running flawlessly since june 2018. The only thing that i has lost is its battery power.

  • Bill

Larry, 12 Nov 2020I've had a Moto G6 for 2 years. Battery now lasting 1 ... moreClean the connector with a needle. It collects lint.

  • Moss

I've owned this phone for two years and it was only ever an "ok" phone. It's kinda slow, and battery life was never that great (and it's worse now). The camera is AWFUL... Colors are over-saturated, it's terrible in low light, and there's no image stabilization (one of the reasons I bought the G6 was because the reviews all it said it had a good camera!).

Lately the phone has become glitchy and unresponsive, and the Bluetooth transmitter fails several times a day, and you can't re-connect without rebooting the phone. I can't download apps from the Play store, unless I clear the app memory first (every single time!), and storage won't open anymore (a common problem with this phone).

I can't say I've had any problems with call quality or texts, but the phone frequently makes calls at random, without me even touching it. Sometimes making several calls in a row to the same number, annoying friends and associates.

Since these phones are made by Lenovo, I expected better quality. I also expected to get more than two years of use out of it, but I guess these phones are designed to start failing after a couple of years. I had a OnePlus One before this, and used it for four years, and even though it was a much older phone, switching to the G6 felt like a downgrade.

This is the first Motorola phone I've ever owned, and I will NOT be buying another one.

  • Larry

I've had a Moto G6 for 2 years. Battery now lasting 1 day. USB-C port no longer holds onto a cable very well, easily becoming disconnected.

  • katie

This will be my last motorola phone after using then since the motorola G3. I've had the phone less than a year and it is painfully slow. It randomly shuts off if I have less than 50% battery, the touchscreen at the top of the phone stopped responding to input, except when I swipe for notifications. I dropped the phone with the case on it and the entire thing front and back shattered after having it for a single day. My motorola G5 plus had an aluminun back and it got through my major car accident with no damage. This is suppose to be more durable, what?
The worst part? I upgraded to this from the G5 plus because that phone wasn't recieving calls. Some calls it would just send straight to voicemail without alerting me at all, and some texts I would recieve DAYS later. Both my carrier and motorola had stated this was an unresolved issue with that phone that people had. and encouraged me to switch or upgrade to something newer. Well, I switched and am having THE SAME ISSUE, 6 months after getting the phone. If it's not going to perform its basic function as a phone it's basically useless and i'm very sad to leave motorola but I have no choice.