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  • Anonymous

My camera on this phone broke months ago. No apparent damage on the outside. Even ignoring that i've seen a noticeable decrease in speed and battery life. This month will likely last you the year so your better off paying the higher price point for a phone that will last you a couple years.

  • Izair

Android update issue..

moto g6 ( greem pomelo 1s) version PVT1

not getting android 9 updates

  • Anonymous

This will be the last Motorola phone i buy for a while. The moto g6 has been disappointingly slow. A finger print sensor isn't convenient when you have to wipe the sensor and your finger off everytime you use it.

  • t7moss

Rockdalton, 23 Jan 2020My Android Auto app was working well with my Hyundai Elantra and... moreHas anyone got Android play to work where the screen projects to your radio screen on your car? Mine never detects the device. Moto G6

hello!!! my moto g6, with pie version, have big problems with wifi conection. i see to many people with this problem. somebody solved this?

  • Rockdalton

My Android Auto app was working well with my Hyundai Elantra and Moto G6 plus (Android version 9), until suddenly it stopped working, meaning which it stopped showing on car screen. It is working fine with another phone , with same usb wire. Seems something is wrong with my phone, but what? I tried all troubleshooting methods, including restarting phone, reinstalling the app, enabling auto updates etc. but to no avail. Please help me out.

  • Andrew

Street Dog, 25 Nov 2019OH big problem My Moto G6 flashlight not working... Phone have u... moreI had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Restarting the phone fixed it for me.

  • Anonymous

KD, 26 Sep 2019My phone's battery is going down too much without doing it autom... moreBuy any other mobile.

  • mostafa

hi dear. my phone cant search cast or DLNA , what am i doing?

OH big problem My Moto G6 flashlight not working... Phone have under warranty what I will do pls help me.

11/2/2019 and warranty up 12/19/2019 Phone battery started discharging even while on charger. Geek Squad says it's not battery because it comes on briefly in the recovery menu. I am sending it in for repair to Motorola. I love this phone, everything about it. It's been upgraded to 9, I use Googlefi and have been so happy with this phone. It's not damaged, it really is a mystery. If I get a report as to what the problem is, I'll post again.

I had this phone for 6 months, and I used to love it, it feels very fluid with 4GB 64GB, the display is colorful and bright, the front camera is good at daylight, but at night the front flash is useless, pictures comes out dark, that phone was stolen from me, now I own an Moto G6 Play, it's nowhere near as fluid as the G6, but the front camera is so much better, mainly at night, the front flash illuminates the selfies with great details and colors.

  • Anonymous

I bought this device to a friend of mine for only 106€ (4Gb/64GB) version.

It´s up to date with android 9 agust security patch. It really is a nice device for every day use. it feels fluid enough for non demanding tasks, birght and colorful screen, it feels premium in your hand and and good enough camera. IT even has fast charge and NFC!

For this price i think it´s a safe choice. Don´t let the 450 SD put you off. yes you´re after gaming perfomance is quite weak. Batery life i don´t have idea how much but with moderate usage it will last one day

MrFury, 17 Sep 2019The G4 Plus was huge at the time to me. But yeah the Moto G has ... moreWell the upside with using SD 4 series is price goes down a lot with time.
I found the G6 64GB here in my country Saudi Arabia for about $110 USD (including tax).
That's a rediculous low price for what is similar in specs to a Nexus phone not too long ago.
SD 450 is equivalent to 801 which isn't bad imo.
Once you sure 50K on Antutu you're pretty safe with normal phone usage (not gaming).

I just hope Moto G line reserves what made it unique in the first place, small size, weight and price.

  • KD

MrFury, 28 Sep 2019You can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage and see w... moretoday when i charge my phone battery suddenly 4% to 85% and 99% and mobile switch of automatic

KD, 26 Sep 2019My phone's battery is going down too much without doing it autom... moreYou can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage and see what exactly is using up extra battery. I would start there.

  • Mark

Uchenskoya, 05 Jul 2019Bought the G6 7/2/2019. Flashed Pie on the 3rd(couldn't make cal... moreIs it worth it than samsung note ?

  • KD

My phone's battery is going down too much without doing it automatically .. Please tell any solution

  • AnonymousMoose

Anonymous, 10 May 2018Sorry, no NFC, no bucks for Lenovo. It does in the International ver.

  • AnonymousMoose

I got the G6 slightly used yesterday! It's in perfect condition, it's fast, and it has all compatibility and uses that I need! Came with original charger too. I would refrain from buying the G7, though. As I see it, it's a downgrade! Slightly slower CPU/GPU, a butt ugly notch, and many apps don't work and/or are buggy. Moto G6: 4.8/5
Moto G7: 2.3/5