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  • 24 Sep 2023

YumeHussein, 21 May 2023A wonderful,powerful phone. However, the built-in loadspeak... moreI have had the same trouble... now I can't hear a thing using the speakers and am completely dependent on bluetooth devices

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    • worthit
    • 2Sx
    • 21 Sep 2023

    YumeHussein, 21 May 2023A wonderful,powerful phone. However, the built-in loadspeak... moreHave you connected any Bluetooth devices, the Phone has some intelligent , as per my observation, it adjusts the loud speaker according to the BT devices. even if are not using the BT the loud speaker maintains the same output. If you connect the BT the Volume increases according to the BT.

      It worked just fine at first (many years ago) for a mid-tier phone, but it quickly began deteriorating as time went by. It started lagging pretty frequently and the battery became terrible a few years later. All in all, it was an "okay" phone at first, but one that clearly wasn't made to last.

        Obsolete by now but it is available for very cheap. For its time it was an okay budget device and it served me well as a daily driver for many years. In its older age it has slowed down and the battery drains like crazy, but this is hardly surprising. There's little reason to get one of these nowadays and replacing it was long overdue, but it deserves some credit I suppose. Lasted me longer than I expected. Out of all the phones ever made, the Moto G6 is certainly one of them.

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          • 04 Sep 2023

          Replaced battery after 5 years of use. Still a good phone.

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            • 22 Aug 2023

            Romaine, 23 Jul 2023It has no to turn on the light.Swipe down and then down again and you should see the icon for the torch/flashlight. Swipe right to see more icons. If you still don't see the icon, tap the pencil in the lower right and it will display all the icons. There should be the torch which you can drag to the top so it displays it.

            The other way is to do the karate chop twice and the torch will turn on. If this gesture is turned off you can enable it using the Moto app. Open the app, go to features, tap Moto Actions and you'll see the Fast Torch option.

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              • Romaine
              • DbD
              • 23 Jul 2023

              It has no to turn on the light.

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                • YumeHussein
                • 8nH
                • 21 May 2023

                A wonderful,powerful phone. However, the built-in loadspeaker malfunctions overtime.The volume starts load then it becomes completely low in few seconds.

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                  • 28 Feb 2023

                  Bought new in July 2018, been reasonable phone until it turned into a firework whilst on charge in Oct 2022. My advice is never leave one of these on charge overnight.

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                    • Nick
                    • j4T
                    • 15 Feb 2023

                    For the battery problem, replace your charge cable, that fixed it for me. Find one that feels tight.

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                      • 11 Feb 2023

                      worthit, 25 Oct 2022Bought in Jan 2019, In addition to the above, below are the... moreHi ive same problem with battery...charged but after loading uop ..coming on,,,its dead shutts down....????

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                        • MH9
                        • 07 Nov 2022

                        Bought this phone around 2018 off, but it was locked to Tracfone (who are dicks, by the way), and it didn't specify it was locked on the site profile. They refused to unlock despite it being law in Canada all phones sold here must be unlocked, but I eventually achieved the unlock via a third party (and Amazon threw me some credit for my troubles).

                        I've had next to no issues with this phone. Battery life has been excellent (very slight decline in capacity over the years but every phone battery does this), very fast charging, reliable, quick, and tons of free, useful features via the Motorola flavour and software. Only issues I've had have been that the splashproofing doesn't really work (normal rain/sweat/slight water is fine, but you can't quickly rinse or heavily splash the unit... not that it says you can), and there's a tiny half-scratch on the screen that you do not notice and that has never gotten worse. I assume I could easily replace the screen if I wanted to, but I've had no reason.

                        Tracfone has only allowed Android 8 despite 9 being available, but as I said at the top, they are dicks. Phone still works great and I cannot complain about a budget phone working so smoothly for so long!

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                          • vx4
                          • 05 Nov 2022

                          worthit, 25 Oct 2022Bought in Jan 2019, In addition to the above, below are the... moreReplace your battery! Looks like it hasnt been replaced since 2018.

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                            • worthit
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                            • 25 Oct 2022

                            Worthit, 17 Nov 2021Moto G6 Fingerprint sensor suddenly dies out also the phone... moreBought in Jan 2019, In addition to the above, below are the observations:
                            Phone Automatically boots on its own.
                            All unwanted APPS removed
                            The Phone Shows 98% for almost 10+ Hrs and then suddenly battery goes dead

                            Anyone facing this issue on MOTO G6 ?
                            Please suggest

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                              • 04 Oct 2022

                              Anonymous, 13 Jul 2022I bought my Moto G6 in Amazon sale in sept 2017 and till da... moreDude it was launched in April 2018.
                              Did you travel back in time N bought it?

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                                • Scott
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                                • 01 Oct 2022

                                Jeff P, 23 Apr 2022Bill, I have one, too, and I really like it.... but the fro... moreI upgraded to moto g60s absolutely fantastic. Ultra fast charging and best investment.

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                                  • The Man
                                  • Ng{
                                  • 31 Jul 2022

                                  I am using Motorola g6 for the last two years. It was good since last two years except slow opening to start, but recently it was fallen and the screen glass was broken, the button covers went out I found difficulty to get accessories for replacement maintenance, even the phone is unable to start except blinking with moto logo. Shall I throw it? or there is other maintenance option?

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                                    • 24 Jul 2022

                                    K Baah, 10 Jul 2022Please am in Ghana Africa, am using Motorola g6 and the par... moreGot 1 with broken front and back glass carrying what supposed to be a swollen battery. I couldn't find a replacement battery so I took 1 out a LG Stylo 5 and soldered it to my moto g6 battery connectors and so far no problems occurred works better with the LG battery to me

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                                      • thx1138guyu
                                      • Ye9
                                      • 16 Jul 2022

                                      Bought this G6 two years ago refurbished for $80 two years ago. It has been an excellent phone. No issues except for occasional need to do a hard restart which might be caused by apps that aren't up to date.

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                                        • XUC
                                        • 13 Jul 2022

                                        I bought my Moto G6 in Amazon sale in sept 2017 and till date it has never let me down. The only problem I am facing after using for nearly 5 years is the the speakers volume has reduced to 20% of its initial capacity. I bought it around 18k INR and till date have only spent 99 INR each for 2 back cases. Happy to say, it turned out to be a great investment.

                                        Hands down the best phone I have ever used.