Motorola Moto G6 Play

Motorola Moto G6 Play

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  • Dodge

An excellent phone. Great battery life. I have actually managed to use less than 50% in 1 day. Clear, responsive display.
I got this to replace my Moto G4+, and so glad to have NFC, (which the G4+ didn't) more memory, and double the storage.

  • Anonymous

Having problems taking back pic of dl for verification on cashapp.
Is it the device or android?

  • Anonymous

Mine DOES NOT have NFC, dispite this spec saying that it does in Europe! VERY ANNOYED

  • Anonymous

Moto G6 play is simply one of the best money can buy. No issues at all. Thank you motorola.

  • johnarro

Brilliant, until the last couple of months. 'Whatsapp' needed an update recently, then so too did my bank's "Bank from Home" app, plus another couple of helpful things. I go to Google Play to get them, the download appears to start, but the rotating segment of a circle in the centre of the display smoothly starts and then goes on and on and on and overnight too but no app is ever downloaded ready for installation. Thus contacts with the daughters and the grandchildren have died, I've found keeping in touch with the bank account so tortuous, & if any more apps need updating well ... they'll be doomed too. I am at a loss :(

  • Anonymous

I hawe this moto 28 months in hard use and I hawe only two words about that. BEST REGARDS Moto G6 play.

  • Freckles

Red Sea Paul , 12 Feb 2021Great phone, no problems with battery. My main problem is t... moreHi, when you do swipe down menu it will come up with:
"Android System"
"Charging this device via USB"
"Tap for more options"
After you tap on that then it come up
"USB Preferences"
Shows "Use USB for"
"File Transfer"
After you tap on file transfer this will let it connect to your computer

  • Red Sea Paul

Great phone, no problems with battery. My main problem is that it will np longer connect to any computer via USB. The swipe down menu for connection options is no longer available/ missing. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Jinzo

I've had this phone a better part of 2 years now. It's still pretty good and hold about 2 days worth of charge. Though I am not glued to it all the time and i close out apps when i am done with them.

  • Anonymous

Samsung4thewin, 30 Oct 2020I agree. For me, it's the worst phone i've ever o... moreSpeak for yourself, my dad has this phone for almost 3 years now running android 9 and it´s working like a charm.

Very basic phone for small needs , still battery holds for more than one day and everything works like it should. That´s the good think about having a stock android phone, it won´t fill your phone with updates. I´m surprised for how long it lasts.

They don´t make phones like this anymore

  • davidgthorpe

Ikobp, 13 Nov 2020Hello all. My mom is using this phone almost 2 years but... moreI think that I would suggest a reset back to factory settings, then reload only the apps that you actually need. You would need to backup the photos that you need first and make sure that any contact info is saved in Google rather than only on the phone.
I have been using this phone for nearl two years and I find it very good.

  • Ikobp

Hello all.

My mom is using this phone almost 2 years but after last update battery cant hold whole day. I checked non app is using battery in background. Also what i noticed it is always warm even if she is not using it. I tried restart battery (10 sec power off button hold) it was ok one week and after that it back to fast battery drain. She is only using Viber and FB. Have anyone idea what to do? Same experience?

She loves this phone but if we can’t fix it she need to change it

  • Lanreone1

Samsung4thewin, 30 Oct 2020I agree. For me, it's the worst phone i've ever o... moreYou're a liar this phone is the best i ever use

  • Samsung4thewin

willow, 24 Jul 2020Less than two years and the phone locks up almost daily, ve... moreI agree. For me, it's the worst phone i've ever owned. It freezes, turns itself off, emails freeze, the phone doesn't ring even when it's turned up loud, notifications never come through. I could go on, but i think you get my drift!
First and last Motorola i'll ever own, i'll be going back to Samsung very very soon.

  • Ante

My first Motorola phone, it lasted 2 years and keeps on going without any performance problems, overheating or sudden shut downs. I didn't made any updates, I stick with android 8 and it worked good. Now I tried the 9 for curiosity sake and it works fine, maybe a bit faster.
Great practical phone, I love Motorola's Moto actions(check that out), battery life is super, fast charging, camera is not that great of course especially in low light. Anyway I would definitely recommend this phone.

  • Anonymous

MT POCKITZ, 13 Aug 2020I've had this phone 4 about 2 yrs & nvr had a prob... moreMoto g7 power is an awesome phone great specs & a massive 5000mah battery u won't be disappointed with this phone

  • butchie

I can not get my text to make noise so I can here it can someone help me

  • motorolaraks

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020Just a testament to the phone that ended my daily smartphon... moreDon't trrow it away. The android 9.0 works great on it and it will have an android 10.0 GSI ROM soon. Also there is going to have an official twrp for it too.


I've had this phone 4 about 2 yrs & nvr had a problem it works just as good as the day I bought it! well worth the money but I'm thinking ov getting the moto G7 power or moto G 5G plus can anyone let me know wot they think about getting either 1 ov these phones at all

  • Anonymous

Just a testament to the phone that ended my daily smartphone battery life fears. The phone is still usable two years on, however the major drawback of this phone will probably haunt me later when I see the two years I had with a really bad camera. The camera is so bad you swear it is to make the phone less desirable. And sadly g7s got the same hardware on the cheaper options like the play and whatever they were named.

Every phone and brand I have had has had a drawback, really, my next one will probably be another small one like the pixel 3a, I fear I will gain an amazing camera but lose a monster battery life. My battery might have degraded, but it does not affect my days with 4-6h screen time and the first phone in ages I did not buy a spare battery for.

This phone is also splash proof and the first phone to fall out of my pocket and get trapped for several minutes in freshwater with no issues. 3a will have none of that, but that was an outlier thing.

It's a great phone considering the price m