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  • Anonymous

Finally after two years (almost) I received the pie update on reteu channel.

I wonder if my contact with lenovo support center had anything to do with it . Let's see how it behaves. Still a great phone

  • Anonymous

I have had Motorola moto g6 play for half a year and it still works great, I like the battery life and games works better then on xiomi, it is really durable phone, I drop it accidentally so much times but still everything fine :D

  • Anonymous

I have had a G6 Play for a couple of years now and recently purchased a G-6 as well. I am very happy with it, it's performance and it's battery life and speaker sound. I'm not a power user but I do a lot with this phone and for the price it simply can not be beat. The G-phone product line has been rated one of the best phones in it's price range for consistently now for at least the last two years by almost every established respected Tech journal mag out there. The only problem I am aware of is it's wireless speed. Lately, both my G6 and the G6 play only transmits at a speed of about 48 mbps. This has been a known issue for a little while now and so far there is no fix. In my day to day use I haven't noticed a difference in performance but I can see that being an issue for many power user. However, power users would be better served by a flag ship model anyhow.

  • J

Motorola G6 Play is not worth it, too slow. Slow right out of the box. 1 year later and it is almost unusable\. There are hardly apps on it, has plenty of storage remaining (

  • DigBickNick

I hated this phone for the first couple months i owned it. I bought it to replace my broken Galaxy S9. It failed to stand up to the challenge... at first.
I have the 2gb ram version on Verizon (not VerizonPrepaid) and the service sometimes goes out. But my real problem was the lag/apps not responding. So i added an SD card, and selected the option to format the sd card as internal storage, and moved my apps/files to sd card. I already had enabled 'force apps to sd card' through the Developer Options.
I also added Evie Launcher, which helped the home interface feel faster.
I bought the phone after seeing reviews that it was the best budget phone available, i used it for a couple months and hated it, made a couple changes to how i have it set up, and now its everything is much more responsive(keyboard, fingerprint sensor, app loading, internet page loading, youtube videos, etc). I can confirm the other reviews, it is indeed a great budget phone, feels more like a solid mid-tier device.

I totally agree with you. This phone is crap! I got it to replace my Chinese listening device a.k.a. Huawei Elate. After 6 months of daily use on the Moto G6 I have gone back to using the Huawei!
The stock Phone and Camera apps are trash.
The bluethooth is spotty.
Voice commands only work once and then I have to re-boot the phone.

I love Cricket Wireless - it's $100 a month for 4 lines of unlimited talk/text/data.
But this the last "pre-paid" phone I'm ever buying.

You can get a better phone from eBay for $100 that is better than this piece of trash.

Sorry I just had to get that off my chest.

  • FireSnake

This phone is great. Does what it's supposed to. I haven't loaded games or apps and stuff. It feels like a workhorse, no cutesy stuff, all business.

I recently fell into a 6' hole full of water. I got out within seconds, completely dripping wet. I took out my phone, and took pictures of stuff. I called my co-worker. I called my bosses. An hour later i was home, cold and wet and sad, and wondering what to do about the phone. Since it's so compact and all the internals are bolted in, there wasn't much i could do in a hurry.

Well. The camera and flash don't work now. sending pics does not work either (because it launches the camera SW when one selects pics...and the camera is shot).
However, i can still make clear phone calls, txt msg, and surf the web.

I've ordered another one.

  • Vali

This phone does not suport 5Ghz wifi for some regions , it's a shame.

  • Battlecruiser

Hi does the phone has fron LED notification light pls anyone?

  • Janika

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2019Which version do you have ? The Reteu (european version) still nothingWe have the International model, which was obtained in Canada, but we use it in Europe, Working fine on Tmobile

  • Janika

We got the Pie update months ago on our G6 play. Make sure you have a good Micro SD card in your phone, in order to achieve best performance.

  • LettersAthruZ

Speaking specifically about the USA Market Moto G6 Play (which, for the carrier Cricket Wireless, is called "Moto G6 Forge").

Just absolute crap. Nice, sleek, functional and fun........for about six months out of the box new. AFTER that, with a FEW apps and programs added, it has really bad keyboard lag and takes forever to load webpages. Never had a phone in this price range run so slowly. Look towards LG or Huawei instead!

  • Anonymous

Still no pie update in europe.....It´s the same story as with the G5S..... It will arrive maybe earlier next year

Hi. I have g6 play for over a year. I can say its a good phone, which laks some stuff. I have a european model bought from carrier, and it doesnt have NFC. Yes really i was amazed too, because i thought it has it for eu. The settings menu is very poor, just not enough things there. In generaly if you use as a phone, calls, sms, viber, gmail, youtube,its very good. Not for heavy users, gaming and other stuff, in my opinion, not for this.
Hope this was useful.
And hope to hear from someone about NFC, in my phone its missing

It's good for what this phone is supposed to be, I personally love the front camera, it's very very good at night with the flash

  • Anonymous

Janika, 06 Aug 2019It happened the other way around on our G6 Play. It got 2 securi... moreWhich version do you have ? The Reteu (european version) still nothing

  • hagar

how do I unlock a demo mode on
Motorola Moto G6 Play

  • Anonymous

Albertt, 02 Oct 2019The battery isn't the bestIt shouldn't be for this price. No complains.

  • melh

G6p77, 04 Jul 2019Pie update is followed by security updates. And what can I say, ... morei totally agree its gone from better to best for the money its a great phone i recomend this phone its awsome

  • Albertt

The battery isn't the best