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Motorola Moto G7 Play

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  • Anonymous

SD632 already showing its age, or battery degrading and slowing it down after 2 years. Other than that, still running like new

I have not experience this problem with my phone after upgrading to Android 10.

This phone is good, it is almost better than the g8 play, AND it has a 4K Camera. That is good. I like how they made the memory only 3GB, it is meant for playing games. This is my main phone cause I can not afford a lot of newer model phones, this is like a mid-range Motorola Phone and it is good overall. I got it to Android 10 and it is faster. The screen looks like an iPhone X notch. Love it! Better than Galaxy A02-A03? IDK. Can someone tell me?

This has been a surprisingly good phone on many levels. I use Gcam on it and photos are excellent. Sound quality isn't the best when watching YouTube vids, but acceptable. However, after recently doing all the updates, the phone now employs an ascending volume for ringtone and notification, which is horrible. And there's no way to turn it off and use just normal volume so I can hear them immediately. So what happens is, I never hear the text notification sound since it's so short and the start of the ascending volume at its very lowest completely cuts it off. So I no longer use the G7 Play and have returned to using my Redmi 7A with Gcam, which is actually a better phone anyway.

  • Spass

Great budget phone, I'm really happy with it. Android 10 works slightly slower than 9 on it, but it fixed some battery issues on my phone, so no complains.

  • Anonymous

sundar, 23 Jan 2021Missing wifi calling featureMine has wifi calling. SD632, this phone was a steal at same price as a huawei y5

  • sundar

Missing wifi calling feature

  • Raul

Good phone 10/10 plays games with no problem good picture quality good speaker the 32 gigs comes in handy

  • Charly

Hi from Mexico, this is a great phone but it doesn't have a compass/magnetometer sensor

  • Jorge

Great phone, one year of use, no crashes, no bugs, long battery life!

  • Anonymous

Sharon, 20 Sep 2020I have been used this phone for a year. I have not find any... moreYeah this little baby giving me no grief..10/10

  • Sharon

I have been used this phone for a year. I have not find any problem. I wish next model 64G.

  • Anonymous

I hope 2020 version

Got this phone in brand new condition for 70 dollars.
Great battery 8 hours plus screen on time easily on normal use
Comfortable to hold. It's lot like those heavy giant sized phones
Phone looked cheap plastic in pics but it looks much better in real.. doesn't feel like a cheap phone
No lag in routine apps..
Moto gestures are quite handy
Speaker in on the front and is loud enough
Not for games like pubG... Although u can play games in low/ medium settings
Camera is ok...U need a very steady hand to avoide blurry pics. But it can take decent photos .
Overall value for money. Highly recommended

  • Anonymous

great phone, please release another new edition

Jasmine, 11 Aug 2020Have updated my Motorola G7 Play to Android 10. Now it is s... moreI think they should of spent a bit more on the frame and back, and maybe a better camera , cos yeah I agree smashing phone..

  • Anonymous

Battery in mine has already degraded to 90% in a year. I've really taken care not to deeply discharge or charge fully past 86%. In comparison, my 2.5y old samsung a3 is still 95% battery and lasts just as long in operation with measly 2200mAh

  • Anonymous

Jasmine, 12 Aug 2020I am in the UK. Phone was purchased unlocked.I downloaded firmware updated myself all good now!

  • Jasmine

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2020What country still waiting in Euro! I am in the UK. Phone was purchased unlocked.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2020mine got 10 a few weeks ago how is it?? where you from?