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This is my current phone. Regarding performance I have no complaints, and the update to Android 10 did well there, although the battery is discharging faster than usual. I saw no reason to exchange it for a Moto G8.

  • Arp

Phil, 17 Jun 2020This is my third Moto G and my last. The software is just s... moreI'm using this phone for more than a year, are you sure it's not some setting you messed up or is the movement sensor working? Never had these problems. Decent phone, camera is also good in this price range.

  • tailland

As of 20th of June 2020, the device got its Android 10 update (Germany)

  • Phil

This is my third Moto G and my last. The software is just so utterly stupid, the developers need to do some serious dogfooding. Audio notifications are a mess, it seems to be random whether the phone makes a noise on an incoming call or Whatsapp. When you're talking on the phone, the touch screen is still fully active, so it's completely random what your face will command the phone to do next - end the call, put the caller on hold, search help for something useful like "+++++++000++++", whatever. You can hear the touch confirmations in your ear while you're talking and you wonder what it's up to this time. Very nice mini-tablet, crap telephone. Never again, Moto.

  • Anonymous

If you´re saying it has a plastic frame in the video, why does your gsmarena page say it´s aluminum???

  • Anonymous

Gabriel, 05 Mar 2020One week ago I just received Android 10 în this devic... moreDid batery life improoved? Can yo ugive me feedback on your usage and batery life?


  • Motorola fan

Gabriel, 05 Mar 2020One week ago I just received Android 10 în this devic... moreWhich country do you live in? I want this device to much but couldn’t get it in any smartphone vendor in my country. Do you know any trusted seller who ships internationally? Thank you for your reply.

  • Gabriel

One week ago I just received Android 10 în this device.
I am very satisfied about this phone. I recommended to everyone that wants a buget phone for multimedia and some games.

  • Sean

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2019by far the worst telephone I have ever came across with... ... moreEvery phone has glass will be fragile and even Apple and Samsung flagships have cracked after being dropped

  • Anonymous

The only thing that sucks about this phone is the Camera,probably the worst i have used yet.

  • MikeInMexico

Be careful. I was under the impression that the G7+ was dual SIM capable. Fact is some versions are not. I ordered one and just discovered that it only has one SIM slot.

  • Bonzalez

Lenovo website states it is PDAF autofocus - not Dual Pixel AF!

moto g7 PLUS:
Rear camera hardware
16 MP main sensor ( f1.7, 1.22um pixel, optical image stabilization), 5 MP depth sensor, Dual CCT LED flash, PDAF (phase detection autofocus)!4309!3!372728316200!b!!g!!&cid=gb:sem|se|google|G-UK-Search-DSA-Brand-Mobile

  • Anonymous

eey, 13 Nov 2019g7 plus because of OISG7 Plus only if the OIS is a MUST for you!

The G8 Plus is better in every single aspect

Wide Angle videos
Far superior batery life, you can use it for a day or more if you like no hassle, i prefer better batery life rather a Ultra super charge

A bit disappointed with the Dual-SIM function, as one of the SIM (same carrier for both, one personal and one for work) seems to send all calls to voicemail until I reboot, and only the first call will come in.

And of course, Motorola doesn't know why.

  • Anonymous

by far the worst telephone I have ever came across with... its worst than a 50 usd android.
Besides the looks, dual camera bla bla. I am telling you.. this piece of crap is more fragtile than glass on a rock. I would not give this phone as a gift to my worse enemy. This is a rip off and you must have money to throw away or too much if you lay your hands on this granade.... fu motorola...

  • Anonymous

berbare, 06 Nov 2019for camera and battery, g8 plus or g7 plus?By far, G7 Plus (instead of G8 Plus).
G7 Plus: with OIS (for me imperative), 3000 mAH battery, Ultra fast battery charging (27w - 50 mins full charge!!)
G8 Plus: no OIS, 4000 mAh battery, fast battery charging (but only 15w - ~2 hours full charge)
G8 Plus: little faster CPU (about 10% faster)
G7 Plus: 2 dedicated SIM + 1 dedicated MicroSD
G8 Plus: 1 dedicated SIM + 1 hybrid (SIM or MicroSD).
G7 Plus: 50€ cheaper than G8 Plus.

  • eey

berbare, 06 Nov 2019for camera and battery, g8 plus or g7 plus?g7 plus because of OIS

  • Steve

Get real you lot everybody moaning , G7 plus great for me ,if you want to spend $2000 on a I phone go ahead, if you want a decent compass go and buy one , if you want award winning photos buy a Cannon or Nikon. This phone has everything at the right price , if you are a gammer buy a x-box or a play station . Stop moaning on here and get some real life .

  • berbare

for camera and battery, g8 plus or g7 plus?

Talking about the front cameras hardware specs alone (aperture, pixel size, focal length, etc.) which one is supposedly better in low light, uses pixel-binning (for more sharp/less noise photo), has better stabilization and faster autofocus between the G7 Plus and OnePlus 7?