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For the price, I consider this phone a great value for money.
The phone is a good entry level budget phone. It has a descent quality front and back camera that works great in brightly lit conditions.

I did not experience any lag when browsing net and navigating the home screen. There are no advertising as found in Infinix, Itel and other garbage phones.

I use the phone mostly for browsing, calling, and taking pics/videos. The phone is not a gaming device.

    I have a Motorola G8 which is OK for what I need to do with it. I live in the UK. Does anyone know if my phone will work in the USA. I am due to go there soon. I only need it to make one or two local calls when I am there.

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      • Morefire
      • nF4
      • 17 Feb 2023

      Dosnt seem to have menu entries for WiFi calling for o2
      But whatsapp works.
      Maybe its somewhere ?
      Should have got to G8 Power. This dose have wifi calls built in.

      Battery is great. Eats Samsung and apple for breakfast.
      Its cheap, Tough reliable, rest is ok !

        • J
        • John
        • pL%
        • 09 Jan 2023

        Dave, 18 Dec 2022This phone is absolute garbage, I'm on my 4th and ever... moreAgree, worst phone I've ever had.

          • D
          • Dave
          • pJj
          • 18 Dec 2022

          This phone is absolute garbage, I'm on my 4th and every one has been utterly shit.
          Voice recognition shit
          Computing shit
          I hate tech at the best if times but this has driven me barmy on more than one occasion.

          I won't waste anything more on it

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            • Malik waqas
            • ki$
            • 30 Nov 2022

            I read All comments best phone in this price range little bit issue of signal strength or sm time wifi otherwise Alk is good disllay battery time sound each and everthing is perfect best phone but it and enjoy motorola.

              • M
              • Me Me Game
              • fsM
              • 28 Oct 2022

              How about gaming and battery life ?

                • U
                • Usher
                • NsQ
                • 27 Oct 2022

                I have a Motorola G8 and it's the best phone i didn't used before,now it's dissaponted me by falling down an crack and I seach everywhere for the screen I cnnt fine it n I'm in Namibia....

                  • G
                  • Gazz62
                  • myy
                  • 22 Oct 2022

                  Great phone does anyone know if it supports Video out ?

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • rKy
                    • 16 Sep 2022

                    dnvr, 13 Aug 2020i know they still had to make it cheap but... worse screen ... moreIt screen is yuk , once it falls n is gone cracked n screen replacement is almost half the cost of mobile

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                      • Anonymous
                      • i2d
                      • 28 Aug 2022

                      Anonymous, 07 Mar 2022Get an iphone Yuck lol..

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                        • Anonymous
                        • i2d
                        • 23 Aug 2022

                        pw, 12 May 2022Very pleased with my moto g8. If you do not like the text p... moreGot it free better than newer models

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                          • pw
                          • qWg
                          • 12 May 2022

                          Very pleased with my moto g8. If you do not like the text program, try Textra, free, texting program on Google Play.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • MB1
                            • 07 Mar 2022

                            Mike, 26 Jul 2021I am familiar with Moto and the G8 is garbage. The WiFi sig... moreGet an iphone

                              • W
                              • WOLF79
                              • mqS
                              • 01 Oct 2021

                              Mike, 26 Jul 2021I am familiar with Moto and the G8 is garbage. The WiFi sig... moremaybe you had a bad model i went from a htc to this and so far i have been happy!

                                • M
                                • Mike
                                • sX7
                                • 26 Jul 2021

                                I am familiar with Moto and the G8 is garbage. The WiFi signal is extremely bad, and the txt resolution is poor due to I guess what is a poor screen. I found myself using previous Moto G7 series such is my dissatisfaction. The G7 powers battery is far superior as is it's charge time. All in all it just feels less user friendly and awkward. The camera is the only positive thing I have to say.

                                  • R
                                  • Rode
                                  • r3a
                                  • 26 Apr 2021

                                  xcv, 01 Jan 2021I bought G8 for my … for bargain price of just 90 € on Blac... moreWow

                                    No Notch Life, 20 Apr 2021Excellent reliable affordable phone. After switching from a... more"[...] the speed is very minimally slower than the SD865 for general tasks."

                                    That is because no Android smartphone after 2018-2019 can be considered "bad", but just "deceptively disappointing". And i don't have this phone to know wether it is or not, but i know this phone could've been a little, little bit cheaper because it appears to have 4 cameras on the back, but really, it has just 3. But out of these 3, only 2 are functionally useful. And having only 2 effecive cameras isn't bad, because there are phones out there that can take outstanding photos with only 1 sensor. The thing here is, because of this fake 4 cameras illusion, Motorola is able to inflate the final price of the product by a little bit.

                                    And it's not only with Motorola, i can't find 1 single cheap phone that isn't plagued by this, or by a simillar effect.

                                    At least, the Moto G8 Power actually has 4 real cameras, out of wich 3 are effective, and one of them is a telephoto camera with optical zoom, and it costs just a little bit more than the Moto G8.

                                    About your stock camera experience, try Manual Camera DSLR app, see if you can capture in RAW format with this phone, and edit these RAW files in Adobe Lightroom. The result, depending if you know how much you must tweak the lights and the colors, can be amazing for such a cheap phone.

                                    That's what i do in my Redmi 7, and even it's Snapdragon 632 with 3GB of RAM and heavy MIUI on the top can handle it preety well, so this phone's more powerful Snapdragon 665 with 4GB of RAM, and pure Android with no heavy whateverUI on top can handle it as well, while processing your photos faster.

                                      Excellent reliable affordable phone. After switching from an S20 FE 5G, I am very pleasantly surprised, it has exceeded my expectations and it's all I need with an SD card installed. For real life use, the speed is very minimally slower than the SD865 for general tasks. I payed $150 Australian Dollars for a new sealed phone. Very satisfied having never owned a Motorola phone before! The standard of the camera is expected for the price, the app could make better use of the sensors but it's fine and the ultrawide is good in daylight. You just need to pay extra attention to getting the focus correct and holding the phone still, it's much better than my old Sony and I prefer the colours to the overprocessed Samsung look. The clean software is very enjoyable to use with no bugs. Audio playback from YouTube and Spotify in very high quality setting to my Sony WF-1000XM3 is flawless and exactly the same as the S20, I presume it has aptX HD. Overall, would recommend this over a flagship unless you're looking for a special camera experience.

                                        • x
                                        • xcv
                                        • LHf
                                        • 01 Jan 2021

                                        I bought G8 for my … for bargain price of just 90 € on Black Friday here in Serbia! Fantastic purchase! It was discounted at 3 major retailers and was quickly sold out. It was the best BF mobile phone offer by far!
                                        There is almost 50GB of free internal memory.
                                        For some unknown reason (as already stated), display is HDR10 certified. Display has obvious blue tint (too cool white balance) but you can fix that easily like in every other Motorola – Night Light mode controls white balance.
                                        There is only one bloat app – Facebook. For some reason (probably partnered), Motorola is pushing Facebook app in Android 10 at least here in Southeast Europe.
                                        There are regular security updates every two months (which are guaranteed for 2 years), and G8 will officially get Android 11.
                                        If you need BT, G8 like all other Motorolas supports everything: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, aptX Adaptive, aptX TWS+.
                                        Google Camera fully works and photos are obviously better than taken on stock Moto Camera app. The big/main difference is in high contrast, low or artificial light.
                                        Battery autonomy is pretty good – easily 10 hours of screen of time of medium usage.
                                        For ~100 € this phone is a no brainer!