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Had the g9 play for a couple months now, it was an upgrade from an LG v40.
The battery gets a little warm when charging but the instructions said it would because of the 20w charger. The motorola gesture controls take a little time to figure out but afterward it"s well worth it! I love it. it's touchy and will sometimes take input when your finger is close to the screen but not actually touching. I can't say anything bad about this phone in comparison to others i've used over the years. It is, in my opinion, the best yet. if i replace it for any reason I'm doing so with the moto g9 power. My wife just bought that one and is very pleased especially with battery life. The phones we've had in the past have always needed to be charged regularly but these we can charge at night and no problem going all day.

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2021Maybe you need to change idea. I have one, after a few week... moreThat sucks.

  • Anonymous

redmi5a, 01 Apr 2021This phone is in my buying shortlist. I need to upgrade my ... moreMaybe you need to change idea. I have one, after a few weeks, it got hardware problem mainly ghost touch, 5 times repair still can not solve it.
At the end Moto changed a new phone for me, but can you imagine you have no phone in your hand for 3 months?

This phone is in my buying shortlist. I need to upgrade my phone next month.

The review mentions that the UI lags sometimes due to lack of optimization. Now Motorola released the G30 which has the same chipset, SD662. The G30 review says the UI is fluid.

Now my question is, after all these months and updates, does the slight stutters in the UI still exist?

For anyone who'll say why I don't go for the G30 then, the G30 is still not available in my country. And it might take 2-3 months to be available officially. So I'm rooting for the G9 Play.

I have it from today my have nfc,looks good and fast....

  • Anonymous

Excellent middle ranger for the price, though listed here with NFC, my device doesn´t have it, I don´t know if the device doesn´t have the hardware for NFC or if it is desabeled on the software level for whatever reason.

Pleas confirm if someone has the G9 and if it has NFC

and after reading many comments can anyone say is this phone worth it?

  • Adnan

3absh, 05 Dec 2020I bought this phone from ExtraStores in Saudi Arabia for on... moreYes, I brought it from extra too, I fully agree with you. Add to to what you have mentioned: it doesn't have compass, and it doesn't have NFC too☹️, but it has a lot of other advantages as very useful shortcuts to do important functions as LED flash light and fast camera activation. However, it is vert recommended for your kids, but remember that it doesn't have NFC to make electronic payment

Endurance beast, fast enough and overall feel sturdy with clean Android. If your on a budget I can recommend this.

It does not have compas I guess.

  • Anonymous

HelloBois, 19 Jan 2021In need of a clear cut answer.... Is it worth it or not ?Yes,

Clean android no bloatware, useful moto app, solid materials, good camera for the price. For 130€ is a good phone

It is worth if you want clean Android (you can even disable every G app), very long battery life, it covers a lot of LTE bands, it has every BT codec, and there is a proper GCam which produces very good photos for that price range.

In need of a clear cut answer....
Is it worth it or not ?

  • Honolulu

Need of advice
Is it worth buying or not ?

l0gan, 12 Jan 2021This cell phone does not have NFC.European version (XT2083-3) has NFC. It's even clearly stated on official Motorola's page.
NFC model is nq-nci (mady by Qualcomm).

This cell phone does not have NFC.

  • AnonD-973296

the back reminds me of the mate 20 pro

  • nel

pretty good phone, worth every penny. most important, long lasting battery, what a relief.


3absh, 05 Dec 2020I bought this phone from ExtraStores in Saudi Arabia for on... moremade which country for moto g9 plus 6gb ram,128gb rom

xcv, 05 Nov 2020My good friend bought it. Paid 165 € here in Serbia – retai... moreThis is part 2 of my review after almost 2 months as my friend has it.

There are regular security updates every 2 months and it will officially get Android 11 – both standard practice for Motorola.
I found out that Steam Link doesn‘t work properly. Completely irrelevant for my friend, but if you want to stream Steam games, I have no idea why it doesn‘t work properly. I tried various settings :/.
For some reason, display is HDR10 and HLG certified! I have no idea why it‘s not official, but it works. Pixel response time is obviously slow i.e. obvious smearing when scrolling.
Phone‘s SoC has GPS/Glonass/Galileo receiver. It‘s impossible to get a cold location fix inside building at all. Outside fix is super quick (just few seconds). After you obtain outside fix, it works even inside.
Battery autonomy is fantastic! With medium to light usage, over 15 hours of screen on time.
Turn on Moto Audio and switch to Balanced. I can confirm that phone‘s audio amplifier has enough power for 3,5mm 32 ohm headphones – I have Superlux HD681 EVO.
I tried many Google camera apps with various level of usability. Finally, somebody posted on xda forum the proper one - it‘s Nikita version with customized xml so now everything works properly. Stock Moto Camera is actually pretty solid in good light conditions but completely fails in low light.

For ~165 € this phone is a no brainer.