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Motorola Moto G9 Plus

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  • Anonymous

They didn't release in India , no moto g7 plus and moto one zoom also why ?????

This phone is just best!! recently got this one and surely motorola has done the job to be appreciated! gaming,camera, multi-tasking, everything is smooth. Totally satisfied

Good phone nice display but I had bought the international GSM version which in my area it can only run 4g HSPA on Att found this out with the network cell info app from google play store considering returning it tmobile is kinda ok with 4g LTE and mine has wifi calling and a warranty I love this phone

  • Qwertyuiop

Why you need a compas if you are not actually hiking in the mountains or some other place that has no internet accsess.I am sure those people carry actual compas so i dont understand people complaining about that

  • Herossi46

I would rather go for and buy poco x3 Pro than this moto g9 plus.

  • gk

Ummm, 14 Apr 2021And they also dont have AMOLED displays. Which one should i... moreyou should buy Moto G9..
Motorola are solid mobiles. but samsung is a trend .so its upto you what you prefer.

Is it ok to move from galaxy A31 to G9+????..... will there be any problem to move from S.AMOLED to LCD??...... because i kinda like the S.AMOLED... give your opinion guys
Thanks 🙌

  • Ummm

Fred47, 20 Feb 2021Unfortunately all new motorola phones have hybrid sim slots... moreAnd they also dont have AMOLED displays. Which one should i buy???. Galaxy S9 or moto Z4 or G9+ ??? Plz help 🙏

  • Anonymous

Jack, 13 Apr 2021Thank you , but what about the camera ?g9 plus has more actual sensors. Both seem to have similar main quality sensors at 64mp but my knowledge on cameras isn't all that great so I can't really say which is better. They're probably comparable but you should video reviews to find out which cameras are better.

  • Jack

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021G9 plus has a much better processor. 730g is a much better ... moreThank you , but what about the camera ?

  • Anonymous

Jack, 12 Apr 2021Hi everyone Can you compare this mobile phone with MOTOR... moreG9 plus has a much better processor. 730g is a much better choice than snapdragon 675. Also has a bigger battery life. But it is a pretty chunky phone. And Moto one hyper does have a really nice full screen display. If Moto one hyper is cheaper by a significant amount it could be a better deal but if they're close in price I would recommend the G9 plus simply for the faster processor and better battery life. Beware though. I've heard the G9 plus lacks a compass which is something very basic but could be a pain to deal with later on. You can also use Gsmarena's compare phone option to compare the two. I can't say much about which has the better camera though, sorry about that lol.

  • Jack

Hi everyone

Can you compare this mobile phone with MOTOROLA ONE HYPER ?

Which one is better ???

Thanks a lot

The Bluetooth is not stable. It disconnects the connected device everytime the is a notification. The reception is another weak point. Difficulty in obtaining websites when the signal strength is less than 3 bars. Needs intervention every time the phone is accessed by another device via cable connection.

  • motofanSG

I just mine today from Amazon. And I like it! time to say good bye to my two-year old OnePlus 6T! Hello Moto!

  • Friend

Bazazzagi , 01 Nov 2020Any phone that doesn't have compass is not my phoneCould not agree more

  • Miki

Super smooth experience. Camera is also surprisingly good. Battery life great.

  • Prospective buyer

sham, 11 Mar 2021Yes, there is a dedicated google assistant button in this m... moreThank you.

Janika, 08 Feb 2021Hey Moto, R U kidding? "223 g phone, Imagine in the su... moreWell you are in luck as I believe someone has come out with a new invention called a belt that keeps your shorts up... Don't know if these 'belts' will be expensive.... Being a new invention an all.......

  • abdu

sean, 07 Mar 2021whats the gps like on this phone?you can use google maps, it's perfectly

  • abdu

sh, 11 Mar 2021GPS is there but there is no compass in this phone, means t... morei used gps and i has no problems , it's perfectly !!