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  • hello

can anyone tell me what is the compass ? and how it is used?

  • xcv

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020Where did you get that info?You know, there is that famous German site which tests professionally laptopts, mobile phones, and tablets, and they do all kind of measurements including speed of internal and external flash memory, navigation precision, WiFi speed and range, call quality, and so on.

  • xcv

gary, 21 Oct 2020Motorola phones chipset lock very fast than other phone in ... moreThat is correct. G9 Plus vehicle navigation is almost precise as the professional Garmin one. Yes, it sucks for not having a compass, but for the vehicle navigation it's irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

I had the Moto G(1) back then, and hell it's been a nice phone for the money. But since then the phone that was 4,6" been oversized to 6,81" - that's 2,21" - I never bought any motorola phone since then. Wish there was a mini.

  • Anonymous

xcv, 21 Oct 2020Please don't spread fake news. Flash read/write spe... moreWhere did you get that info?

  • gary

xbldev11, 21 Oct 2020LOL, I really want to know too.Motorola phones chipset lock very fast than other phone in the market , the gps location .Use every nav program for direction.

  • Jegesviz

hi, 19 Oct 2020hi, anyone here with used experience? how is it? Battery 2 days with normal usage.
The screen and some functions is primarily very sucks the battery. Huge smartphone, two hands only, heavyweight.
The keyboard sometimes strange, and there is no way to write by one hand, even with the one hand feature.
But overall a really good phone, but I more prefer the g7 power and g8 power.

  • xcv

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020It's eMMC 5.1 like in all previous G models unfortunatelyPlease don't spread fake news.

Flash read/write speed of G9 Plus is faster than their direct competition: Redmi Note 9 Pro, Galaxy M51, Oppo A91, and Poco X3 NFC, and they all officially have UFS 2.1 storage. Only Realme 6 Pro has faster UFS 2.1 storage.

Tom, 20 Oct 2020Why Motorola hates compass on their phones LOL, I really want to know too.

  • Anonymous

k, 19 Oct 2020Is the storage emmc 5.1 or ufs 2.1? It's eMMC 5.1 like in all previous G models unfortunately

  • xcv

k, 19 Oct 2020Is the storage emmc 5.1 or ufs 2.1? It's UFS 2.1.

  • Tom

Why Motorola hates compass on their phones

  • k

Is the storage emmc 5.1 or ufs 2.1?

  • hi

hi, anyone here with used experience? how is it?

  • mhos

its 6 gb ram not 4 gb ram

  • Tim

I guess just after the Motorola One Zoom released, Lenovo hired a new Team to create and design Motorola phones. Ugly, Cheap, Trashy are their main conzept

  • sori

no Dolby Audio, no like

  • dubai

in Dubai, UAE, this phone retails 799 AED which is 185 EUR, and prime day sales got the price down to 649 AED/150 EUR. At 150, this phone is THE BANGER, no other phone at that price gives fast charging, bloat-free android, long battery life, and 64 MP camera. the competitor mentioned Mi 10 lite is 999 AED/230 EUR, Bloatware, pathetic MIUI.
Also the version in UAE, has HDR10 LCD and 6 GB of RAM

  • Joe

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 14 Oct 2020Yuck 8nm chip made by Samsung, I want 7nm from T.S.M.C. its... moreMotorola usually goes with the Snapdragon 4xx and 6xx series (And outdated MTKs) for their G series so even the now aging 730G is a welcome addition to the family.
That said, I was really surprised when they chose an Exynos SoC for the One series, which, coincidentally, got Android One...
Keeping fingers crossed that the G10 would get an AMOLED display instead (And cameras with OIS again)

No compass - should have checked the spec more carefully. The G7 has compass, which is very useful for sky watching apps and I guess orienteering apps. And unbelievably this phone doesn't support wi-fi calling, although the g9 play does. Moto help desk, who I have spoken to at length, say "I'm pretty sure they will add it soon". Not good enough.
Battery of course excellent. Fingerprint on side button works better than I expected. Google Assistant button can get in the way when holding phone. Should be further up. I managed without that quite happily on G7. At presentr I'd say 7 out of 10.