Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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Recently updated it to unofficial Lineage 17. It's working butter smooth.
However, few problems do persist, like LTE connectivity and all.

Overall it's good. May continue with this one for another year as my work phone.

  • Anonymous

My wife just replaced hers. Reasons: constantly running out of storage, battery was going out, and calls were dropping.

  • Sekhar

Since I'm using Jan 2016 .Low speaker from starting..Camera is good .. Battery is main drawback for 1yr usage it see 12hrs per day..Now it's 3hrs ...

  • JP

Been using the phone since January 2016, but I'm looking to upgrade in the next 6-12 months. Probably will get an international Moto G7 or the BLU/Bold N1. I'm just waiting for decent pricing as I'm a canuck.


I have use 4 years.
minus points:
1. not battery power. very worst battery level.
2. not available a file manager.
3. service centers is not a moto only any other brands including adopted. service point is nothing user friendly.
4. not available original spares.
5. many useless applications default enabled a phone without un-install.
6. minute things is not clear capture in a camera..
7. back side moto brand name is covered in a 75% back panel so i can't use my own photo back cover.
8. earphone is very worst. i am use this 4 years samsung guru earphone only. moto earphone is through in the dustbin.
9. phone book option is very low operation compare to other brands.
10.charger wire is very small length.

  • Volts

I have it 4 years. Yes it starts do get old. And i have the smaller version. Just because bigger 2/16 was not available in my country. Best phone i had to this point.
Battery life is amazing and camera is also good, shake for flashlight option is handy and its waterproof!
Android upgrade to 6.0 was not best idea. Now speaker connection is faulty so sometimes ja must press my phone that it will start make sound again. And it starts to be laggy. I'm looking for new phones but have not find something good as this.

  • Anonymous

my phone is not able to install an app and it does not have file manager

Got one of these for free today, sadly the screen doesn't function at all. The back is a light blue and purple color, almost like arizona tea or vaporwave colors. It looks cool

  • Manoj

Adi, 09 Jul 2019I bought this phone around September 2015. Now in 2019, I found ... morePlease format your phone.

  • Maboj

ashokbz, 29 Jun 2019i have this phone last 4yrs.i love moto ,still 2gb ram is enough... moreI have been using this phone since 5year

  • ddr3202

Mel, 17 Sep 2018NEED HELP/IDEAS. As you'll read, I'm not tech savvy. I've had th... moreHad my Moto G3 for almost 4 years. No problem except changed out the battery. If you got the cheaper model (1gb/8gb), you will have problem. Got a friend who got the cheaper one. One day he called me (I am a retired IT pro). Said he had problems with his Moto g3. The problem was he would launch an app without exiting so he was running many apps in memory, plus he had a 2gb sdcard full of pictures. I suggested he exit an app when finish, and get a larger sdcard. There are several negative reviews on this phone, most if not all are on the cheaper model. Spend a little extra and get the bigger model 2gb/16gb model.

  • Adi

I bought this phone around September 2015. Now in 2019, I found that the phone was slowing down and shutting down on me randomly. Just as I was thinking it was finally time to let it go and get a new phone, I decided to try a factory reset. I did it and it works fine again. After all this time, everything works and the battery is still fine. I have a 32 GB memory card in there for my music and photos, and that leaves about enough space for apps on the phone's internal storage of 16GB. This phone was a great investment at about US$ 230.

  • ashokbz

i have this phone last 4yrs.i love moto ,still 2gb ram is enough to play big game in g3.

  • Anonymous

This is one of the most unique smartphone designs ever. It's truly stunning and I appreciate it every time I see it. Now that it is rather old, I might just buy one for cheap from eBay to add to my phone collection, will surely hold a special place there. Back in that day, I made the wrong decision by buying the inferior M4 Aqua for more money. I kind of miss the old times, even though I'm satisfied with what we have now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2019I will be getting rid of my motoG3 phone. I will buy a Samsung p... moreIf you don't want it anymore you can send it to me if you want, I'll give you money.

  • Anonymous

I will be getting rid of my motoG3 phone. I will buy a Samsung phone this time and run over the motoG3.

  • Motog3pubgplayer

I play pubg mobile on this phone really smooth this phone is awesome

  • I've had enough.

Rich4JC, 22 Dec 2018I want to know why my moto g 3gen keeps on frying micro sdcardsTell me about it! I'm in the process of looking for a new phone for this exact reason. I just bought a new SD card thinking that the card I was using was corrupt or something but I did some research and it turns out that it's the phone and not my card. Thank GOD I didn't try using the new card in my phone. Otherwise, that one would be useless to me, as well. I had been having issues with it over the years but the shit hit the fan about a week ago. I lost nearly half of my apps and all of my pics and music. (I had previously backed up all of my files, so I didn't actually lose anything, thank GOD!) But my hard drive is full now that I've got no card to transfer my apps over to. I am NOT happy with Motorola and don't know if I want my next phone to be a Moto phone. I don't need to go running into even more issues. I really liked this phone but in the end, it just turned out to be a living nightmare.

  • Anonymous

Victor, 25 Mar 2019But I'm still using Moto G3 1gb version Phone is still performi... moreMe too. Still using Moto G. Only one issue that somestime GG map run very slows or even hangs for while.

  • Anonymous

Salik, 14 Sep 2018Same here 3 years completed with Moto G 3rd gen..2GB version I've had this phone for 3 years and found it very good and easy to use. But since February the email has ceased to function. I get messages telling me that Google play services are not supported by this phone and to contact the manufacturer. Neither Motorola nor Google can explain what is wrong or to offer a solution other than reverting to factory settings. Probably means I need to change the phone!