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  • plula

thetechguy, 02 Jan 2019how did you install it? and is it any good with the performance?unlock bootloader (
take twrp / custom ROM
use adb/fastboot to flash twrp recovery / copy ROM on sdcard
Reboot recovery / wipe / Install ROM

Phone works fine with Android Pie

  • Anonymous

TheWildShadow55, 23 Jun 2019Got one for free recently, for running kitkat and being qui... moremoto G king mid smart for 8years.
Prefer g8 plus offer iphone 11

Got one for free recently, for running kitkat and being quite low-end it's actually fast

  • thetechguy

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2017Its available for this phone, installed it on my old Moto G... morehow did you install it? and is it any good with the performance?

I've had this phone since christmas 2014 so 3,5 years almost.
It's been a good phone for the price.

But now I miss internal space a lot. It comes with only 8 GB which actually only leaves you around 5GB. Since you can't put every app on the external SD card and even then, only a part of the movable apps go to the SD card, you run out of space very quickly.

Another problem is speed. Light apps run ok. But heavier ones are slow to start and run or even freeze for 1 or 2 minutes in the worst cases (Google, Google News, Google Maps for instance).

The overall experience of the device is not snappy at all. I compared it to a friends expensive phone and OMG this looked so fast compared to my old Moto G 1st gen!

So I think I'm gonna look towards a more recent device. Maybe the Moto G6 Plus since it's one of the few to deliver every options I want for a decent price : SD card support, Bluetooth 5.0, Wifi ac, USB-C, Headphones Jack, NFC, Oreo and even FM radio and splashproofness). I dont really care about the picture quality or the design of the device.

So I think this Moto G 1st gen it totally outdated and should be avoided for newer ones now.

  • RG

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2018A lot of the complaints on here seem to be about the G4 ins... moreHi, would you mind sharing which SD card you recommend, which apps you also recommend and what is Lineage 15.1? I have had my Moto G 4G for 3.5 years and don't want to get rid of it but it needs an upgrade for sure! Thanks.

  • AnonD-730898

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2018A lot of the complaints on here seem to be about the G4 ins... moreJust seconding what you say about this phone. Mine is 2.5 years old now and I'm still happy with its performance.

I use Link2SD with a 64GB SD card. The only issue encountered was that the second partition had to begin within the first 32GB of the card otherwise it wasn't visible.

  • Anonymous

A lot of the complaints on here seem to be about the G4 instead of the 4G! I like this phone a lot, very reliable. A combination of Lineage 15.1 for the Oreo experience, an SD card, a decent app-to-SD app and a decent RAM booster app is best. The battery is possible to replace too.

  • Anonymous

winnie, 03 Oct 2016no cm is any good lol resurrection remix is tops if it's ... moreIts available for this phone, installed it on my old Moto G 4G and I should say, it completely feels like a new phone. Made the UI look just like the Pixel.

  • rickkk

I just want to say for any onlookers I lots of complaints for other versions of moto not moto g4. Some complaints yes and I sympathize but most of complaints seem to be about other phones not g4. I wish it was easier to use but its still great! if you want to try it out first buy from a store that has take back allowances

  • rickkk

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2016Me too having the same issue...headphone is not working....... moremy headphones work great, I am not demanding with what others are complaining about, For what I paid, it does what it can and I accept whatever limitations people have, I have not tried to save allot of numbers so I can't say if that part is bad, I don't know where all the notifications and settings are, its a very complex phone for price, I wish it was easier to use but for the most basic things nothing comes close at this price point

  • rickkkk

alan, 05 Aug 2016I recently bought motorola 4g. When I receive text messages... morethe only part I don't like about phone is I get notification of youtube videos every few minutes
I want to turn it off. I am not demanding so I think the phone is outstanding for the low price
My camera not only focuses but its the best camera I ever used on a cell phone, The display is bright and sharp, and the sound is loud and music clear, With headphones its great, Someone put some hard work on this phone and cnet is right nothing comes close to this
I can write more if anyone has any questions

  • Anonymous

Ahamed, 04 Apr 2016Sir, while clicking the sms column, a red border line is fl... morein developer options you probably have strict mode enabled, so it flashes to tell you when your main process is processing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2015Still no Lollipop Update. And Yes, I do have my Motorola Up... moreSir I loss my mobile how to get back that phone IME Num through

  • dashing

friends this phone is awesome i have been using it for 4 month no any issue is found yet except for one thing it doesn't have active screen plz otherwise superb phone awesome battery timing can recommend to those people who love to chat and do calls for long hours keep it up moto

  • bawa

AnonD-594926, 08 Oct 2016just go playstore update motorola services and now go syste... moreI do this but my devise showing your devise up to date, what can I do more plz help me I need loipop version but I don't have update option

  • Anonymous

Three weeks of trying to input phone numbers of contacts, over and over again. For some reason, it has saved 4 or 5 but refuses to save many frequently used ones although all the old email addresses are saved.

  • Anonymous

I have the Moto G xt1039 which is beyond repair, I made backup of stock ROM using TWRP recovery on my PC, if I was to buy the same Moto G and root it, will it be safe to flash the old Stock ROM into the new phone?

  • AnonD-616462

i bought a g4 but it was so unstable i returned it within 2 weeks for an upgrade of the same phone which came with the same issues. they sell the g4 cheap. why? i believe the model is defective by design. the g4 was a terrible first experience with a smartphone. i had such high hopes.
i've been thinking of getting an iphone 5s except i don't need a smartphone at all.

  • gajen

will jio sim work on this phone