Motorola Moto G Dual SIM

Motorola Moto G Dual SIM

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  • Raj

mallikharjun, 25 Nov 2014it is one of the good phone i had ever seen but what motorola's ... moreI want to know whether moto g supports two way call recording

  • rahul sharma

sorry frndss,, you all r rong . i have a moto g xt 1033 and today upgrade the lollipope but my phone is in good condition no hang and smoothly suuffering on net 2g spped is more than 3g now i'm happy with lollipop

  • Anonymous

Jazz, 14 Jul 2015Lets be sane guys. When you were on KitKat, you all cried for Lo... more... or buy a Lumia 640! Windows 10 is far better than lollipop!

  • Jazz

Lets be sane guys. When you were on KitKat, you all cried for Lollipop and now that you have got it, you guys are crying saying its not good/hangs/goes kaput!! There cannot be any instance when this phone can go bad unless there is a FORCED hardware failure (dropping, water, etc.) or you have installed some sort of unauthorized software for fun. If thats the case, you dont deserve any phone. Go get a life guys!!

  • AnonD-119639

Dear users...

I have xt1033. And wants to downgrade mi android 5.0.2 to 4.4.4

Please share working link for it. As per mi view UI of lollipop was good but performance wise its not good. Definately battery extended by 1 or 2 hr... which was good but it got hang sime times and i already tried hard reset etc... tricks for sol.

  • AnonD-416164

When Motorola give lollipop 5.1 for moto g 1st gen in India?????

  • AnonD-98370

Bought this phone since its release and until now this is far best phone i ever had. Best thing about Moto G is it gets OS updates as fast as NEXUS SERIES. Performance is still as its out of box, i through every heaviest app on it and it doesn't let me down ever. The only thing i dislike is its camera quality it isn't good as it should be.

  • Jazz

Bought this mobile last April. Brilliant handset in all aspects. Android L update was an icing on the cake. Absolutely no problems at all with my cell.

Last month, I bought Lenovo A7000 just due to the fact that I was gradually tired of using the same phone. A7000 too is a great phone with 5.5" screen and other stuffs. But within 1-2 weeks of using a Lenovo, I was missing my Moto G and finally went back to it. Now I love it even more and will never part with it ever. Love you Moto G!!

  • Kasim

great look but speaker problem.

  • am

SOM, 23 Jun 2015is 2070mAh battery sufficient for 5'' display?Where is 5" display?

jenko, 11 Jun 2015I was surprised about Moto. They are cheating all moto g owners ... moreI think you are not connected with the net.Moto G among those phone which get timely and latest update from Google Android after Nexus series.I am also using Moto G 1st and 2 nd gen. and both the set got L update in the month of February and till date it get 5.0.2 I don't think any other brand except Nexus phone got as faster update like Moto G even Moto X 1st and 2 nd gen. is still Struggling for the L update.

  • Vinccent

used it since it released, what a good phone, best low price android phone ever!

  • SOM

is 2070mAh battery sufficient for 5'' display?

  • AnonD-407924

i am using moto g last 8 months, phone features are very good.very good looking and speed is good but after upgrading lollipop 5.01 version phone was little bit lazy.

  • Anonymous

jenko, 11 Jun 2015I was surprised about Moto. They are cheating all moto g owners ... moreatleast moto is better than samsung,LG and other companies who never update their phones in midrange sections.

  • jenko

I was surprised about Moto. They are cheating all moto g owners when announced upgrade to v5.1 (Lollipop) and doesn't arrive. Another phonemaker without any credibility. Moto is the second one that I never will buy any devices. I hope all owners are doing the same to avoid these tricky companies. They must learn from apple.

  • binish

I m using moto g first gen for last one year .This fone is a gem of fone as moto performance is upto the mark and is a black beauty,thanks to moto + google.but after upgrading to 5.0.2 lollipop,fone got a bit laggy .5.0.2 is buggy I think 5.1.1 update can get back the old glory of moto g.

  • AnonD-75042

Hi smooth & pure experience of android...nice price...I have only one quarry does it support Gujarati language or not ? Please answer me tech giant people...

  • alfi

AnonD-82938, 14 Mar 2015Just want to say that I have been using this phone for one and h... morebest phone ever released my Motorola and Google till now.. i have been using it since the launch.. now after lenovo 2nd gen is a waste specifically its good but not at all in performance. thankyou google and moto huge fans!!

  • Naman

I am facing a problem with my Moto G. It is auto dialing to some of my contacts regularly. I even reset my phone but the problem is still there. Please help.