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rschat1020, 02 Sep 2023Absolutely Ridiculous. I purchased this device recently an... moreno

    Absolutely Ridiculous.
    I purchased this device recently and I really liked the battery life and how the OS doesn't really have any Bloatware. I was setting it up like normal until I saw a message saying "Tap not supported" on google wallet. After a google search I was shocked to see no NFC. How does a device from 2020 not have NFC? Even a $50 Galaxy S4 from 2013 has NFC. And btw the notification sound should have a "Worst phone notification sound" award

      Bro why not 56W Charging?

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        • Annoyamous
        • Cej
        • 26 May 2023

        Had for 3 years no issues, I recommend getting an sd card for it though as too many apps will bog it down.

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          • Loco
          • kCw
          • 14 Nov 2022

          Anonymous, 27 Jul 2022Just noticed the back cover is coming up and the battery is... moreI feel like some people mistreated there devices by charging them too long, leaving it near heat source. Like can't blame the battery on this particular phone but its time to get u a new battery replacement.

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            • Loco
            • kCw
            • 14 Nov 2022

            Jeffrey, 05 Apr 2022My phone has a big problem with battery. After 19 months,... moreSame problem as you? No. My wife had hers since 2020 and she has dropped it and threw it across the room and nothing. Its still looks brand new and nope, no battery problems so far.

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              • Anonymous
              • IKg
              • 27 Jul 2022

              Jeffrey, 05 Apr 2022My phone has a big problem with battery. After 19 months,... moreJust noticed the back cover is coming up and the battery is swollen

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                • Jeffrey
                • qFm
                • 05 Apr 2022

                My phone has a big problem with battery. After 19 months, the battery was swollen and burst into flame ! does anyone has the same problem with me ?

                  Bobcat, 14 Jan 2022Before you'll get into speed and processors limiting i... moreThe Redmi 10X is what I was referring to.

                  And the article you linked has the one with the Dimensity 700 winning in almost every category except for the only one that doesn't rely on the SoC almost at all. But you said all this was "relatively objective"? They used zero numbers for the performance comparisons. Give me a break.

                  You can have a phone with a Snapdragon 870 getting worse connection speeds than a Snapdragon 835 equipped phone. (In fact that's the case with my Redmi K40 and LG V30) Sure the faster SoC has higher potential speeds, but it depends on the manufacturer of the phone to put that potential to good use.

                  I don't even really get what your point is tbh.

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                    • Bobcat
                    • 4k0
                    • 14 Jan 2022

                    joe nodden, 30 Nov 2020For $200 it means nothing of the sort. Especially not when ... moreBefore you'll get into speed and processors limiting it, as if you measured or research effects, maybe read this for two 5g phones, of similar value. Not the best way to test, but relatively objective. I download more than upload, but gaming should level the field a bit for other reasons. For the guy who claims that their are $200 phones that are much better and faster for gaming, please let us know what those cheap speedsters are, so we can clear the blowing smoke.

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                      • Bobcat
                      • 4k0
                      • 14 Jan 2022

                      The name is Fast. And, I rather doubt complainers about SD chip have a clue or they would not be bragging about gaming on a phone. Poco F3 for you guys and pay more, or get goofy triggers on your phone with the F3GT. I had a Motorola flip phone that hooked up fine with a purchase of SIM in Amsterdam which worked all over Europe. I find it hard to believe they did not do this many years later for this phone, so maybe it does work in Europe with or without that specific band. Also, what phones are competitive at this used price point?? That may be the "fastest" way to determine if it works well, reliable, and the rest. For the morons out there, use a 5G phone under a 5g tower or close, and then you can be faster with any 5g phone than most lte/4g stuff. Best to play games on equal equipment and processors, like xbox and ps. Go figure that the dumbest make the most noise again on here.

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                        • S. Albright
                        • IbG
                        • 07 Nov 2021

                        I've been using G fast about 9 months. Great phone 4 the price,
                        79$ at Boost mobile . Just updated android 10 to 11 good and like it's name Fast so saying that ., Go get u one

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                          • Cat
                          • 7B1
                          • 13 Oct 2021

                          Works well! Better than my moto e 2020. This is the phone I wanted but got it for my son instead. It fits nice in your hand, it's very stylish looking, and works so much more smoothly than my moto e :( I would recommend this one over that!

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                            • BigFatBunions
                            • g0I
                            • 12 Oct 2021

                            Its alright for $300 (CAD) But it doesn't have 3d speakers for some reason (even tho a $78 phone i used to use does just with no bass at all) In a video i made on YouTube i played the original video for a short time in the left ear, and the music i added in the right ear, on my old phone it played the original audio in the left and the music in the right, but on my Moto g fast it just played it in both 😐, the bass is hard tho, also audio effects is a little bit unstable

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                              • Anonymous
                              • xJp
                              • 09 Oct 2021

                              The Moto G Fast's 'hardware' is fine - It's the 'software' that is absolutely flawed. Written by idiots who don't have a clue how real people need to use and interface with this type of electronic device. The first turn-on/start-up of it, it shouts "HELLO MOTO". Already I know I got a cellpone that geeks have been allowed to write the software for it, and I'm unhappy already. Then I find there is no way to 'go back' in some instances, so you have to close and start over. They love useless 'pop-ups' too, these idiots - I don't effen need them, but geeks love that crap. Theres more terrible software aspects, lets just say as it came, it's completely awful.

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                                • Titus
                                • 4{4
                                • 12 Jun 2021

                                I ran 2 Geekbench 5.4.1 tests in CPU and GPU Compute, running system clean immediately before the benchmark. Just wanted to add these to the results listed for anyone wondering how it stacks up early summer 2021. (I did this for the 3 phones I have at home: s10e, G Fast, K5 Play)
                                CPU Singlethread: 303, 303
                                CPU Multithread: 1154, 1073
                                GPU Compute: 378, 366

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 5MH
                                  • 21 May 2021

                                  Great phone. lost my Xperia Utra Xa2, and aside from build feel, it's a worthy competitor. Screen is crisp even though less than 1080p, light, quick as needed, great online browsing even at 3g speeds. No complaints at a. very happy purchase

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                                    • AReedO
                                    • r2Y
                                    • 13 May 2021

                                    On several calls the phone goes mute. It breaks up during conversations and on too many occasions I can hear them but they cant hear me. This has happens while sitting at home or in different areas even when the bar strength is high. I do NOT recommend this phone!

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • RrK
                                      • 26 Feb 2021

                                      In general Moto G Fast is a good phone BUT
                                      On several calls thephone goes mute. I can hear them but they cant hear me. This has happened in different areas even when the bar strength is high.
                                      This is very annoying and for this reason I could not recommend this phone.

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                                        • Pippen
                                        • 01X
                                        • 14 Feb 2021

                                        Very happy with this particular phone. It's quick and to the point. No qwams either way.