Motorola Moto G Fast

Motorola Moto G Fast

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  • Anonymous

In general Moto G Fast is a good phone BUT
On several calls thephone goes mute. I can hear them but they cant hear me. This has happened in different areas even when the bar strength is high.
This is very annoying and for this reason I could not recommend this phone.

  • Pippen

Very happy with this particular phone. It's quick and to the point. No qwams either way.

  • Anonymous

I like it

  • hack8 for real

opaw, 01 Nov 2020make some 5.7 incher 3gig ram ples disconnect boost mobile linked phone ,according

  • Anonymous

My motorola fast g isn't reading my sprint sim card

  • Jorge

This phone is not a bad at all, but the connect to the internet is horrible, you can't use whatapp or Duo if your not connected to a Wifi net, inside of a building never mind. I had a LG stylus 3 and the connectivity was better for a houndred times.

  • Luis

We are in 2020. Qualqom Snapdragon its a Q3 2019 proccesor, its no too old.

  • Dan

Obviously a misnomer, but it's pretty good value at $150 unlocked and $90 at Boost Mobile.

compared with hat you pay this phone is very good, you don't expect to get fancy phone when in some cases you get this phone for only $1 per month for 24 months, use interface is smooth, quick enough for daily regular use, have it for 2 months work very fine

Usman, 07 Jun 2020For $200, it does mean thatFor $200 it means nothing of the sort. Especially not when there are Dimensity 820 equipped phones close to that price. This is competition for phones half the price in terms of speed, let alone other aspects.

  • Zeus

Forhad1000 -- It's missing LTE band 20 for certain European countries. If you plan on going there in the future check the local country carriers website for their LTE frequencies.
You can see all the phones frequency capabilities in GSMArena's specification section and compare. Hope this helps.

Hunter Samsung, 02 Nov 2020Very nice budget phone. Apples version of this is $400LOL 😂

Zeus, 01 Nov 2020Hi everyone, this is my 4th Moto phone. Reason being near s... moreI didn't understand your LTE part. GSMArena says it has LTE. Doesn't this phone has 4G in Europe or something??

  • King Juicy

Bought the phone at Walmart, $89.99 with Boost. Very nice so far.

Great screen.

  • Anonymous

atnedr, 06 Nov 2020Great phone. Snapdragon 665, 8mp UW cam, (relatively) big b... moreAgreed! Although I saw it for $99.99.

Great phone. Snapdragon 665, 8mp UW cam, (relatively) big battery, fast charging, big display... all for 90$!

Very nice budget phone. Apples version of this is $400

  • Zeus

Hi everyone, this is my 4th Moto phone. Reason being near stock android and half Pixel price. Been using it in Canada for 2 months now. If you don't play very high graphics games it's very good. Calls are clear and never dropped (suburbs). Plenty fast (antutu 171.000), screen is actually very good for a non 1080p (actually 720p). Volume gets loud with very little bass though. Has FM radio and headphone jack (yay). Battery good for 2-5 days depending on your wifi use etc. For $150 Canadian on sale it's a steal and $90 US. Nothing close out there in performance at that price! Daytime pictures are great. Only negative camera poor in low light and missing LTE band 20 for Europe travel, charging time 5% to full 1.75 hrs approx.

  • opaw

make some 5.7 incher 3gig ram ples

  • Arod

Luis908, 18 Sep 2020You guys are judging a book by its cover without knowing wh... morei totally agree with u, hey unless it 10x better than the piece of trash galaxy a10e which im stuck with