Motorola Moto G Power (2022)

Motorola Moto G Power (2022)

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  • Numbe1PhoneReviewGuy
  • IbF
  • 13 Oct 2022

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2022CPU is much slower than Moto G8 Power (2020). Performance o... moreI think you might have received a broken phone. This phone is an EXTREMELY good and fast for the price. My last phone was a Oneplus Nord N200 and it was like 5 times slower than this. Not even joking. And I love Oneplus. I have an 8t. I feel like the Moto G Power is a great balance of performance and price. You get a lot of performance for $90.

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    • Razi
    • 4Q8
    • 09 Oct 2022

    Awesome battery life, so so photos, sluggish processor if you're a heavy multitasker!

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      • Anonymous
      • IYw
      • 03 Oct 2022

      CPU is much slower than Moto G8 Power (2020). Performance of the G37 is more similar to a snapdragon 4xx series and not 6xx series. Moto messed up with these phones.

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        • Rori
        • j9U
        • 26 Aug 2022

        my previous phe was an LG & it was great, simply & up on technical features. This Moto phe does not track your incoming texts with the date & time stamp received, nor does it notify you of a missed call, the 2 simply basic things, that I thought was the norm for any cell phe. Why is this phe software not capable of those 2 options, was LG ahead in the system & that advanced.(when you notify that there's a message, please also show notification of a missed call, as well)

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          • Melde999
          • kwt
          • 21 Aug 2022

          bought this Motorola G Power & this has been giving me problems from day one & it will not let me call anyone or set my voicemail nothing & my Old Phone was put together from day one this one I have to ask for help from the Community & if I can't get it together they can take this phone back because I know I am technically smart but this is a real problem & I need to find out who knows about this phone be4 I send it back

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            • Moe
            • LTa
            • 18 Aug 2022

            Sluggish UI response. The UMIDIGI power 3 I have from 2020 is faster than this phone. However, I do like the almost stock android 11 and regular security patches from Motorola. It's kind of sad a 2022 budget phone is performing badly compare to a 2020 budget phone.
            UMIDIGI power 3 uses Mediatek Helio P60 processor. Moto G power 2022 uses MediaTek Helio G37. However, due to security concern, I have switched to Moto G power because UMIDIGI did not provide any patch or update on Power 3.

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              • Lf
              • LRh
              • 06 Aug 2022

              Very good budget phone, almost with android stock and 3,5mm jack. Fingerprint sensor is located on the back, is not side mounted.

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                • Cory
                • Y6r
                • 01 Aug 2022

                Good phone, Very happy with the performance and the battery life. Long live Android...

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                  • Anonymous
                  • jq1
                  • 19 Jul 2022

                  Absolute garbage. Won't even power off properly. Hit and miss to even get to the home screen. After receiving it and 6 phone calls
                  to the service couldn't get it working. Sending back immediately. A huge disappointment
                  compared to other Motorola products I have used. Don't waste your money on this phone.

                    Bleh... Similar specs to other phones from the same manufacturer from 2021 and 2020, for similar price... The low end in general is solid but boringly normal for Motorola. I would strongly recommend fleshing out just a little more dough for something remotely interesting for 2022, from this manufacturer. Or going at the same price point with an option from one of the popular manufacturers from China... That option could also give you something to play around with. Nonetheless technically a good option for the price and specs, on paper. 6/10

                      Yet another great budget phone from Motorola - affordable, powerful, and durable.

                        kimsy, 11 Nov 2021Thank you moto for yet another useless phone.NO WAY HOSE.keep saying that, Motorola/Lenovo Doesn't care your opinion :)

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                          • Zom
                          • Ygh
                          • 15 Mar 2022

                          I have the original Moto G Power from 2020 and each year I wonder how much better it will get only to find out the price has gone up and the specs go down... except for the camera.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • pK7
                            • 03 Mar 2022

                            there is literally nothing good about this phone. dead on arrival

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                              • Neff
                              • j1U
                              • 27 Feb 2022

                              blooper334, 16 Feb 2022on amazon the 2020 version is going for $279.00 bucks. that... morethats cuz the 2021 version was basically a downgrade from the 2020 version

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                                • nick
                                • YgQ
                                • 22 Feb 2022

                                I have had G Powers for roughly 4 years. I rarely charge overnight and have never once ran out of battery. I am out using my phone all day. The camera is lacking compared to what's out there now. I would strongly consider the 2022 version if it had NFC. I just think it's absurd they haven't added that yet.

                                  Hmm..., 06 Feb 20222021 was a downgrade vs 2020, and now this is a downgrade v... moreon amazon the 2020 version is going for $279.00 bucks. that's more than what it was released in 2020. and 100 more than the 2021 version.

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                                    • Hmm...
                                    • ICd
                                    • 06 Feb 2022

                                    2021 was a downgrade vs 2020, and now this is a downgrade vs 2021. This thing is hot garbage. Vastly inferior CPU/GPU, worse screen (minus refresh rate but who really cares?). Cameras are arguably better, but there's far too much compromise everywhere else.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • r}6
                                      • 26 Jan 2022

                                      Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022The backup/emergency 2019 Moto G Power I have has a much be... moreThe 2021 is a downgrade

                                        Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022The backup/emergency 2019 Moto G Power I have has a much be... moreHow much time get screen on time?