Motorola Moto G Power (2022)

Motorola Moto G Power (2022)

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  • 24 Feb 2024

Sherrie, 30 Oct 2023I have this phone and I know it's hacked... I'm n... moreThats cuz ur logged onto someones gmail... Log out and log onto ur own account.

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    • Anonymous
    • Py$
    • 01 Dec 2023

    This device is okay for daily use if you are not a heavy gamer or simply if you use it for regular browsing and social media. The camera has 50 mp but if you compare it to other android phones you will experience quality differences, as samsung has better cameras at times.

    Battery is good but takes way too much to full charge, expect around 3 hours to get it full charged, it does not support fast charging either. I would recommend opting for other devices in this price range.

    Generally, this device has a slow UI. Its ideal to turn off animations using developer mode and it would work faster - well not really but somewhat better. I would say if you are thinking to purchase this device, don't and instead explore other options in this range.

    Since there have been other issues too such as the call screen during phone call lags, and some minor lags now & then.

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      • Anonymous
      • uW8
      • 12 Nov 2023

      I have been a loyal motorola user for quiet some time, even before the lenovo takeover. Motorola has provided budget friendly phones, this phone is also budget friendly. It gives a modern look with punchhole camera, looks nice however it is bulky and heavy to carry.

      The phone is satisfactory, however its a little disappointing that there are no major upgrades later on, just security ones.

      Build quality of motorola phones is cheap, easily gets scratches even though its plastic casing. I am thinking to finally switch from motorola even after years of using this brand. I feel like there isn't anything "new" just UI updates with minor tweeks here & there.

      I'd say motorola was and still is budget centered, but not the best in terms of build quality.

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        • Sherrie
        • sab
        • 30 Oct 2023

        I have this phone and I know it's hacked... I'm not even the admin and can't change certain things. It acts like Im a developer and says I have a iphone 12 pro and a Google pixel phone sometimes and my phone will show as a sometimes used phone. Ive done a factory reset and tried everything. I don't know what to do anymore. They have complete control over it. I even got a new sim card and it will show wifi direct grayed out.. when I have been able to look at certain times it shows all of these peer devices which I never knew about these and what they are capable of.. I have bought different phones changes Gmail accounts, etc. Still they end up hacking into my phone what can I do please help and how do they keep doing it

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          • Huzaifa
          • sSx
          • 13 Aug 2023

          ddale88, 23 Jul 2023This is the worst phone I have ever owned. App's will ... moreYou just change up the google Phone (dial up app) and disable the builtin dial up... your problem will be solved

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            • Py$
            • 29 Jul 2023

            The phone is suitable for people who are not heavy users, its good for casual browsing & social networking. Yes the built in UI is laggy but the animation can be turned off in developer mode. The phone has received android upgrades. The battery life is useful however the phone takes a long time to full charge. Otherwise camera performance is fair

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              • eWq
              • 27 Jul 2023

              mine has cracked sense march 2023

                This is the worst phone I have ever owned. App's will not open. Phone will ring but nothing shows up on screen, so I can't answer it. Do not buy this phone it is junk.

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                  • pJx
                  • 21 Jul 2023

                  Phillip Bowls, 13 May 2023This is the biggest piece of shit phone ive ever owned, and... moreDesktop?
                  This is a pc now

                  You mean home screen

                    This is the biggest piece of shit phone ive ever owned, and i collect phones and tablets. Since day one it has been pure crap. After i unlock it the screen stays all white for a while before going to desktop, its lags and freezes while writing texting, is unresponsive alot, and will randomly act as though i hit the power and kick me to the unlock screen. I hate this phone. Its the worst phone ive ever used and would like to set it on fire

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                      • The Answering Squid
                      • k1x
                      • 09 Feb 2023

                      Cellular, 07 Jan 2023What is Android stock and why it is almost with ? Stock Android is the version of Android that simply contains the basics, and not featuring extra software from the phone brand. Nowadays, it's all but impossible to get "stock" Android on your phone, as even Google, the brand behind Android, includes specialized software for their Pixel phones. However, some manufacturers seek to be closer to stock Android, such as Motorola, which does keep it closer to a base Android experience, while some manufacturers like Oppo radically alter the way Android is presented.

                        Lf, 06 Aug 2022Very good budget phone, almost with android stock and 3,5mm... moreWhat is Android stock and why it is almost with ?

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                          • Armando
                          • 0ea
                          • 11 Dec 2022

                          Is the Motorola Moto G Power xt2165dl is unlocked?

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                            • Aux
                            • rbJ
                            • 28 Nov 2022

                            Numbe1PhoneReviewGuy, 13 Oct 2022I think you might have received a broken phone. This phone ... moreActually, nah the processor does suck if youre a multitasker or heavy user. Or if you dont like closing tabs. The 2020 model is still the best of the 3, hoping they step it up again next year.

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                              • Numbe1PhoneReviewGuy
                              • IbF
                              • 13 Oct 2022

                              Anonymous, 03 Oct 2022CPU is much slower than Moto G8 Power (2020). Performance o... moreI think you might have received a broken phone. This phone is an EXTREMELY good and fast for the price. My last phone was a Oneplus Nord N200 and it was like 5 times slower than this. Not even joking. And I love Oneplus. I have an 8t. I feel like the Moto G Power is a great balance of performance and price. You get a lot of performance for $90.

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                                • Razi
                                • 4Q8
                                • 09 Oct 2022

                                Awesome battery life, so so photos, sluggish processor if you're a heavy multitasker!

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                                  • IYw
                                  • 03 Oct 2022

                                  CPU is much slower than Moto G8 Power (2020). Performance of the G37 is more similar to a snapdragon 4xx series and not 6xx series. Moto messed up with these phones.

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                                    • Rori
                                    • j9U
                                    • 26 Aug 2022

                                    my previous phe was an LG & it was great, simply & up on technical features. This Moto phe does not track your incoming texts with the date & time stamp received, nor does it notify you of a missed call, the 2 simply basic things, that I thought was the norm for any cell phe. Why is this phe software not capable of those 2 options, was LG ahead in the system & that advanced.(when you notify that there's a message, please also show notification of a missed call, as well)

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                                      • Melde999
                                      • kwt
                                      • 21 Aug 2022

                                      bought this Motorola G Power & this has been giving me problems from day one & it will not let me call anyone or set my voicemail nothing & my Old Phone was put together from day one this one I have to ask for help from the Community & if I can't get it together they can take this phone back because I know I am technically smart but this is a real problem & I need to find out who knows about this phone be4 I send it back

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                                        • Moe
                                        • LTa
                                        • 18 Aug 2022

                                        Sluggish UI response. The UMIDIGI power 3 I have from 2020 is faster than this phone. However, I do like the almost stock android 11 and regular security patches from Motorola. It's kind of sad a 2022 budget phone is performing badly compare to a 2020 budget phone.
                                        UMIDIGI power 3 uses Mediatek Helio P60 processor. Moto G power 2022 uses MediaTek Helio G37. However, due to security concern, I have switched to Moto G power because UMIDIGI did not provide any patch or update on Power 3.