Motorola Moto G Power 5G

Motorola Moto G Power 5G

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  • s6Y
  • 4 hours ago

cregs850, 31 May 2024the specs listed for this phone are incorrect, unless there... moreWell, hate to shock you but there are '2' models and one offers

6gb - ram & 256gb memory (expandable to 1tb)

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    • Mister Worldwide
    • PHM
    • 20 Jun 2024

    Mister Ed, 02 May 2023I'm looking for a phone to replace my Moto One Ace 5G ... moreWho?

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      • Mister Worldwide
      • PHM
      • 20 Jun 2024

      There's a massive battery with blazing-fast 30W TurboPower™ charging to energize your adventures and 128GB of built-in storage, so you have plenty of room to hold what moves you.

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        • Anonymous
        • RgV
        • 08 Jun 2024

        cregs850, 31 May 2024the specs listed for this phone are incorrect, unless there... moreHave one AND it DOES HAVE 6gb/256 gb........

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          • cregs850
          • qm$
          • 31 May 2024

          the specs listed for this phone are incorrect, unless there is a version unavailable to me in the US the memory specs are 4gb/128gb not 6gb/256gb

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            • LAC
            • Ixp
            • 28 May 2024

            You can always enable buttons.

              The price difference between Amazon US and Amazon in Can is WHOA!

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                • Julia
                • FVA
                • 10 Apr 2024

                Does it have an option for on-screen home/back/etc buttons or is it all "swipe gestures" now?

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                  • GSMArenaFan
                  • q8R
                  • 02 Apr 2024

                  You said that this model (xt2311dl) is slated for Android 14. Does this include the 128GB version of this phone?

                  Thank you

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                    • Anonymous
                    • vaS
                    • 12 Mar 2024

                    Moto Super Fan, 03 May 2023You don't need FM radio as nobody uses it much. And y... moreMaybe you don't experience heavy storms where you live that can take down electric and internet lines. FM would continue to work in that situation and it doesn't cost data as well.

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                      • AJ
                      • krv
                      • 26 Dec 2023

                      xxxstefxxx, 07 Dec 2023in belgium they sel these as the G54 5G for 199 euro. here ... moreIts only the carrier locked ones are around $90 USD. The unlocked ones are almost always on sale for $199 USD

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                        • s3C
                        • 14 Dec 2023

                        Anonymous, 14 Apr 2023This phone purely exists to make money off Americans who re... moreIt probably depends where you live. I bought Xiaomi for the first time in 2022 and it's OK, before that I had Nokia, before that Huawei, before that Meizu, before that Another Huawei and before that a Samsung. Where I live Samsung was the most popular Android brand for years, but in the last year or so, whenever I go outside, I hear from other people Xiaomi's default ringtone a lot more than I ever anticipated to.

                        Chinese phones are good, but some are trash. The Meizu M1 Note I had had build quality so bad I dropped it from 1m and the whole screen cracked. All because the glass was 1mm away from the edge of the phone and the only thing "protecting" it was 1mm of paper thin plastic that bends by just looking at it. And from I remember, there were a lot of other build quality discrepancies with the phone, like the camera on the back felt misaligned when you run your finger through it, it was a bit off, the Home button on the front's backlight was not evenly lighting the button.

                          in belgium they sel these as the G54 5G for 199 euro. here they say 98 dollar? thats like 85 euro. so i payes 114 euros to much

                            We don't "refuse" to buy those Chinese phones. We don't have access to them. None of our carriers provide them and if we import them we will not have any support if we need it.

                              scaredycat, 05 Nov 2023I use the FM feature every day during my walks. In the last... moreThe issue turned out to be caused by the tethered earbuds/headset. When I checked the audio on the phone-nothing. A resourceful friend loaned me a headset to test on the phone it worked fine with no sporadic audio volume. Better yet they also had a shorter and heftier audio aux cable, male to male eliminating the earbud on the cable all together. Works perfect with the Bluetooth earbuds!

                                marcy, 30 Aug 2023My old Moto phone was able to read out loud my texts, can I... moreMine does when it's paired and connected with my vehicle.

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                                  • scaredycat
                                  • kVT
                                  • 05 Nov 2023

                                  I use the FM feature every day during my walks. In the last couple of months, I graduated to using Bluetooth earbuds, which as it turns out stay in my ears better than the tethered earbuds. Although as someone previously mentioned, the tethered earbuds are still necessary for the antenna. It's kind of a pain but worth it to me, since the FM doesn't use any data.

                                  I have come across an issue with the audio somehow self-adjusting the volume. And not in a positive way. It jumps to highest volume blasting my ears and scares me.

                                  Cannot find any documentation on either the earbuds or the phone addressing this action. I have been unable to solve it with resetting the earbuds or remove/forget the pairing.

                                  Has anyone experienced this and been able to solve the problem? I have searched these posts and didn't find anything. If I missed it, please point me to it. I would be very grateful to resolve this issue.

                                  Thank you!

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                                    • Guy from So Cal
                                    • rf$
                                    • 01 Nov 2023

                                    Mine has an FM tuner and it receives better than my 2 previous Moto Gs. It requires wired headphones as an antenna, but outputs to Bluetooth of speaker. It also records.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • IbI
                                      • 11 Oct 2023

                                      Mine has FM

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                                        • marcy
                                        • qDC
                                        • 30 Aug 2023

                                        My old Moto phone was able to read out loud my texts, can I get this one to do the same