Motorola MOTO MT716

Motorola MOTO MT716

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  • sadmanh

considering that its not released yet they should upgrade the following
-more advanced display, amoled perhaps
-at least 1GB internal memory
-as someone already pointed out, a newer version of android

  • Rejith

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2010Front facing camera. Are you crazy. check moreIt have 2 camera One with 8 mp camera and other front facing with enough quality

  • Xpert

wouldn't pay anything more than Euro 300

  • xpert

Android 2.0? Why is the latest phone doesn't come with latest OS. Flash Lite? What for? Create high blood pressure? OMG

Even the Nexus One released last year has Android 2.2 with Flash 10.1

Thumps down for this one!!

  • GRV

another made for china phone lol

  • Anonymous

great phone for china user


ppp, 30 Sep 2010What is this OPhone OS? anyone?Its what you could call a modded Android
since the Android is a free OS
anyone is allowed to edit and customize it
as much as they please

  • Anonymous

Fak moto, 02 Oct 2010No Secondary camera. CPU 600 MHz; muhahhaa hah hahahha. Fak, Mot... moreFront facing camera.
Are you crazy.


  • Anonymous

Looks like a copy of xperia x2 the design

  • Anonymous

MOTO™ MT716 “Extreme Smart” is made especially for China Mobile’s high-speed 3G network. Designed for high-end business users, MT716 features China Mobile’s all-new OPhone OS 2.0 smartphone system, a 3.7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen, an 8-megapixel autofocus camera, 720p HD video capture/playback, and more. Perfection starts with intelligence, and MT716 provides both the most intelligent experience and exquisite quality.

  • Fak moto

No Secondary camera. CPU 600 MHz; muhahhaa hah hahahha. Fak, Motorola is loser.. Motorola is funny and bok..

  • Niladri

WTF Cortex 600MHz processor?? It won't be able to run high end apps

  • MdN

Wow. 8 MP and Qwerty keyboard all in one phone? This is merciless. Make a GSM version!!!

  • Andrew

Android for China.

  • ppp

What is this OPhone OS? anyone?