Motorola Moto Watch 100

Motorola Moto Watch 100

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  • TKt
  • 09 Oct 2023

Never tell my worst enemy to by watch or phone watch sent for repear 5 weeks ago and still waiting no one will tell me what wrong not even Telstra

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    • jdbrando
    • IDH
    • 16 Jul 2022

    Really nice looking on the outside, works well on the inside, but the watch faces where a let down. Only 6 and the stock one is the best looking. The ready are pretty ugly Was hoping for at least 1 or 2 really nice analog faces. Here's hoping in a future update.

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      • adrian p
      • L5I
      • 29 Mar 2022

      very good watch but quite expensive

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        • Anonymous
        • 4HU
        • 29 Mar 2022

        When the day of the week is tuesday, the watch-face spells it as "Thuesday". It doesn't sync sleep analysis well with the app. The app itself, is a buggy crashing piece of garbage. I'd rather have spent the $100 on

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          • Anonymous
          • G}{
          • 22 Feb 2022

          [deleted post]aww someone's insecurity is showing

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            • May
            • 4E2
            • 10 Feb 2022

            As someone who was really turned off by the low battery life of the 3rd gen Moto 360 and who really just needs a sleep and fitness tracker, this watch is a huge step up for me even despite the tradeoff of no more Wear OS apps. I also like the smaller size a lot, it doesn't get in the way as much.

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              • Anonymous
              • 81d
              • 06 Feb 2022

              [deleted post]Grow up

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                • RobC
                • pYA
                • 17 Nov 2021

                I can't see any built-in storage for my music. The previous gen 3 version had a generous 8 GB of music space. And I want to use some of the Wear apps as I am among the many that are not really interested in the fitness stuff. Pleased that I managed to get a gen 3 version recently - they were sold new for half price and now seem to be even better value.

                  What is my choice?
                  Huawei watch fit

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                    • Anonymous
                    • uGW
                    • 17 Nov 2021

                    The HUGE bezels are totally 'unnecessary'. Surface real estate is valuable, why waste it by having mega-bezels.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • U@I
                      • 16 Nov 2021

                      If no facilities ...I feel we should go for normal analog watch ⌚.

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                        • Just laughing
                        • r3H
                        • 16 Nov 2021

                        Cash, 16 Nov 2021What with this stupid watch trend. I guess a phone isnt eno... moreGood talk

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                          • Batman
                          • 0Uu
                          • 16 Nov 2021

                          Cash, 16 Nov 2021What with this stupid watch trend. I guess a phone isnt eno... moreWell a watch is just usefull in many situations if you ask me. I use mine almost every day. A smartwatch is even better as it has more feature. I had the same opinion as you, but they are very usefull.

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                            • Cash
                            • X$t
                            • 16 Nov 2021

                            What with this stupid watch trend. I guess a phone isnt enough to check the time