Motorola Moto Watch 40

Motorola Moto Watch 40

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Y'all what do you expect it's a $65-70 watch made for the global market not just for developing markets you get what you pay for it isn't your $400+ apple watches or galaxy watches

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    • Anonymous
    • 3xs
    • 24 Mar 2024

    Nice design. I like it ❤️❤️

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      • Droid98
      • dSW
      • 01 Mar 2024

      No way there seriously releasing this 10yr outdated thing in 2024 your joking right? That battery prob gon die in 2hrs

        Probably one of the worst ever watches in existence. Moto watchOS? I bet it doesn't even have talkback, since it's made by Motorola and Motorola doesn't even have allowed to speak in the watch. Not to mention there is no memory, and, there is no chipset, how does this thing operate exactly?

          NeonHD, 09 Feb 2024You definitely get what you pay for.Yeah

            You definitely get what you pay for.

              This isn't that good spec wise