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  • Anonymous

Jakethesnake, 26 Oct 2020My Z3 is the Verizon version but I'm using it on Crick... moreIt could be a Verizon thing. I'm also using Cricket, and I get an LTE signal on a US Cellular Z3.

  • Power10n

I have had the motoz3 play since it came out all the mods I love it yes there are some issues but I have the 128 gb and 6 gb ram this version is far superior to the other 64gb 4 go ram it was only available in Mexico which is where I got it at but now in the states

My Z3 is the Verizon version but I'm using it on Cricket. I never get 4g with it as H+ is the highest it'll go. Is that something Verizon has to unlock? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2020Gets unresponsive, static rainbow screen with the smallest ... moreJust off 10m than on, or leave unused 24h.
Extereme case, use until z3 drain the battery and leave 24h

  • Larry Love

nicos, 22 Jul 2020Hey everyone - my Z3 Play OS update is still on 8.1.0, secu... moreI've been complaining to them for over a year and it finally paid off. My Moto Z3 Play now has Android 9 on it. And while it's better than most of my other phones it will never catch up to my Pixel 3 XL. Regardless, at least they kept their word if yours still doesn't have Android 9 Pie give it a little while. It'll get there.


It's a nice phone still in 2020! I have the 128gb with 6gb ram version. Iif you have this, you MUST buy the Hasselblad Snap cam! It's amazing! 10x optical zoom in a cam! wow!

  • nicos

Hey everyone - my Z3 Play OS update is still on 8.1.0, security patch: Jan,1,2019. What gives ? I thought this should get the next OS version of 9.0 Pie .... Can someone help out please?


  • JJ

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2020Gets unresponsive, static rainbow screen with the smallest ... moreMan YES. I put it on the counter, too hard i guess? payed $80 for a new screen, then $30 to have it put on. i only did all that because i loved the phone so much, but i agree. it is so, so fragile.
* i actually ended up buying another one (which im currently using) because it bled through my NEW SCREEN lol

This is one of my favourite phones that I have ever had.
The battery life is outstanding, and I have no complaints about any of its functions, or set-up. I enjoy where the fingerprint button is, (top right beside volume controls).

The only negative I have with it is the dongle to headphone jack. This whole movement irritates me. I lost a dongle, bought another one on Amazon, and it was a piece of garbage...Why do I even have to go through that, just leave it as a 3mm jack! I am at the end of the road with it due to this. The input is getting loose and the headphones kicking on and off.

Anyway, I've had this phone for two years, give this phone an 8/10.
Thinking of going to the LG ThinQ8

  • Anonymous

Gets unresponsive, static rainbow screen with the smallest impact. Not even dropped. Replaced the screen and the new screen started bleeding ink. This is what happens when you make your phones too thin. Pass on this one unless you want to treat it like a potato chip.

  • MustangMan67

I have had this phone now for over a year. I use it daily and highly recommend it to anyone on a budget when purchased with the battery module. with that said..... Bag on the specs all you want but I'm not paying $700+ on the newest hunk of junk that you guys will hate and call slow tomarrow. The reality is this phones specs are still excellent for a low end phone. Lots of low end phones still only give you 2GB main memmory and choke on it. The CPU should not lag so bad that an app takes 30 seconds to open. I have tons of apps on mine and never had mine lag unless its the app causing it. Motorola, Samsung, Lg and etc cannot prevent you from installing bad apps, malicious apk's, and so on. I however do not recommend this phone for heavy gaming and the specs should be your first clue. ALL low end phone are not gaming phones and should be used for browsing, light gaming, and general use. As of 2/16/2020 I can buy it for $150 locally and thats a bargain for a decent low end phone!

The phone has a SP 636 an outdated mid-range CPU, dont expect to work like a high end CPU.

  • Abu

Nullte , 04 Dec 2019Worst phone I ever had in my life. Not even worth the $299.... moreProbably you dont know how to use it or your phone has an issue. Do a factory reset once and test

  • Nullte

Worst phone I ever had in my life. Not even worth the $299. Battery life is terrible, phone gets slow. Freezes all the time... Tab on a notification and it takes 30 seconds to open the application... I just hate this phone... I'm done with Motorola

  • Rodrigo

you can use two bluetooth devices

  • Anonymous

Jeli1963, 12 Mar 2019Hi, It's several months later now and I received my moto Z... moreThe Moto Z3 play is good for a mid range phone. The gorilla Glass design on the phone makes it look rich and elegant. The as Lim design is good. For me I love the dark blue color it only comes on. It the individual taste for this phone . I have the JBL mod speaker and the projector mod that is great for presentation. I also got the turbo charge battery pack that make my phone last for 5 days. The projector mod is great if you have kids. You can watch movies anywhere, like hotel room , camping ,or just at home watch a good movie at night with your family. Love if they made a keyboard mod making it into a small lap top computer style. It will be all in one smart phone that can do everything I need. Look at people buying game station and attachment for them. They do not mind buying them. Do people like the Moto z family will not mind buying attachent for them either. Just attract the baby boomers to make money for the Moto family of phones. I recommend this midrange phone. For it feels like the best high end mid range phone in a good price range. And the ability to do multi function with this phone with the mods. Like I said an all in one phone. You can be the judge. This is my own opinion on this phone. Hope I help out.

  • Chuck

Yura Feltcher, 25 Apr 2019FM radio? My 2019 Z3 don't. Class action lawsuit in the ... moreGSM arena states that information may not be 100% correct, and since Motorola doesn't advertise a radio, it probably doesn't have one.

  • Anonymous

Carlos, 01 Sep 2019FM Radio? Yes or No?It does not support FM radio
no FM radio information available on user manual,
no default app on phone.

  • Carlos

FM Radio? Yes or No?

  • Anonymous

Excellent smartphone for the price today. Fast, and the Amoled display is way better than the default ones we find in the market... the snaps are cheaper today too, so it's worth to buy it. The only "con" is the phone jacket that's different from the normal P2. You have to use the adaptor (included in the original box) in order to use your phones. And what I like in this phone is that it's very thin, using with the snap protection.