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Motorola Moto Z3 Play

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  • Anonymous

Carlos, 01 Sep 2019FM Radio? Yes or No?It does not support FM radio
no FM radio information available on user manual,
no default app on phone.

  • Carlos

FM Radio? Yes or No?

  • Anonymous

Excellent smartphone for the price today. Fast, and the Amoled display is way better than the default ones we find in the market... the snaps are cheaper today too, so it's worth to buy it. The only "con" is the phone jacket that's different from the normal P2. You have to use the adaptor (included in the original box) in order to use your phones. And what I like in this phone is that it's very thin, using with the snap protection.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019idc if it is possible to reply to things on here or anything, bu... moreI m considering buying the phone but don't be that paranoid , it's splashproof and even if it actually wasn't it would probably be 100% fine , if you're that paranoid , you could have dunked it in alcohol for good measure , it's a phone after all.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019idc if it is possible to reply to things on here or anything, bu... morejust bring service, they will apply jelly to absorb water and should be working fine.
or apply hair drier (what I did to my friend phone gently, working fine after that). but apply jelly is better

  • Anonymous

idc if it is possible to reply to things on here or anything, but my moto z3 play got fully submerged in water for about 1 second and i was wondering if it is waterproof because i couldn't find any detail about it anywhere.

  • crashbandicot

For this money 220 eur , i buyed today it is very good phone. Best for its price.
In box I got power mod very good.
Nice looking indigo blue.

  • Yura Feltcher

FM radio? My 2019 Z3 don't. Class action lawsuit in the making.

  • sile

- No headphone jack
- Fingerprint sensor does not lock the phone and is on the right side where you cand touch it accidentally.
-it has a glass back that can break very easily
-camera quality is very poor

Osos, 25 Mar 2019Is the dual sim version up-gradable to android 9?Yes, it is.

  • Osos

Is the dual sim version up-gradable to android 9?

olaf, 29 Jun 2018I just pre ordered this phone it looks amazing! I am a hardcore ... moreHi,
It's several months later now and I received my moto Z3 Play a fee weeks ago.I am delight about it.!!
It runs smooth, even fast I may say.
Screen is beautiful, moto Actions are top!
I bought a few Mods, JBL speaker, Instahare Projector, Hasselblad Camera, they are fantastic extensions!!!!!
Here in the Netherlands the Moto Z3 Play costs about 300 US Dollars now, a Bargain!
I am curious about your expieriences with the Z3 Play. Did it make your expectations come true?

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 10 Oct 2018Dude, did you not see who I was replying to? You literally took ... moreAfter looking to both in hand, the MMZ3P has got a better premium feel but Xiaomi is getting there with some mobile phones too. To anyone who's interested on buying a Xiaomi, my top tip would be to make sure is an android one OS, it really makes a difference specially when comparing performance - like someone suggested here, even with better on the paper CPUs MIUI is going to make the phone look slower. About user UI looks and functionality is a matter of taste and that would be ridiculous to compare.

  • Anonymous

Chiru, 31 Dec 2018S this device supports wireless charging. Yes, but both are supported via different moto mods.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019Yes, it supports 5G with a mod, but only on Verizon. (It's conce... moreThe 5G mod functionality won't be a US Verizon network exclusive although was 1st announced that will be 1st sell at US VZ. The mod is a SD855, Battery and 5G antenna and should work on any 5G/LTE-A/LTE network worldwide. IMO from what it's announced at Motorola that it will be compatible with all Z3 (to give VZ the 1st 5G GSP title), followed by Z3 play, after with the Z2 line. No info on the original Z line nor on how it can work on different GSP but that for certain is to give contractual edge boost for VZ being able to claim the title of being the first to sell a mobile phone with 5G capability.

  • Anonymous

Khan, 28 Dec 2018Is it support 5g networkYes, it supports 5G with a mod, but only on Verizon. (It's conceivable that other providers may wind up with their own 5G mods, but I see no suggestion of that from Motorola.) See­oto-5g

  • Anonymous

Jony, 23 Sep 2018Price is too high, Pocofone comes with SD845 but cost only 300US... moreIts not a yesterday born company to sell smartphones for cheap

  • someone

Khan, 28 Dec 2018Is it support 5g network5G proper infrastructure is not there and this guy wants 5G in a mid range phone .. lmao !!! .. talk about expectations !!!

  • Chiru

Khan, 28 Dec 2018Is it support 5g networkS this device supports wireless charging.

  • Khan

Is it support 5g network