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  • Anonymous
  • PEd
  • 13 Dec 2012

yeah y is the name not showing when it saved with a name.this is a very big hassel for me

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    • sabato
    • NuP
    • 22 Nov 2012

    When someone calls the name doesn't appear it's only the number which makes it difficult for me.....pls help me

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      • mezii
      • 5F%
      • 05 Nov 2012

      Jasa, 21 Aug 2012I have an EX225 Motorola, the problem is uploading my photo... moreyes this is the one that giving me problem

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        • mezii
        • 5F%
        • 05 Nov 2012

        why i cant upload photos to facebook.? And i dont want 2 use email because they are tricking me ,and its not automactically posted to my wall .please help me.thankyou

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          • AnonD-40584
          • pmZ
          • 24 Oct 2012

          whatsapp workin' here ??

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            • Anonymous
            • Ia9
            • 17 Oct 2012

            Anonymous, 02 Sep 2012hi! i live in delhi,india. I am planning to buy this phone.... morego to an agency of cellphones and ask there if the phone has wifi, supossly it must have but i dont know

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              • lil-jimmy
              • 3Ax
              • 13 Oct 2012

              i think the phones appearence is disgusting, completly vile, i hate it

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                • Anonymous
                • 7X1
                • 06 Oct 2012

                what program am I going to download in order to stream the video in youtube... or what is the reason why I cant stream the video in youtube....

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                  • Anonymous
                  • KA0
                  • 02 Sep 2012

                  hi! i live in delhi,india. I am planning to buy this phone. Does this have wi-fi? I have heard the indian version doesnt have wi-fi. Please help!!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • xGr
                    • 29 Aug 2012

                    I have had one for 6 monthes, it is great for text and some calls.. When calling the speaker cuts in and out. But anything else like internet and anything else like that I would not reccomend this phone. I don't use facebook that much , and that is ALL this phone is about. IF you are not logged into facebook it will keep bringing the page up to login , if you go to view messages and then click back it brings up facebook login , that is ANNOYING!!!

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                      • Jasa
                      • wib
                      • 21 Aug 2012

                      I have an EX225 Motorola, the problem is uploading my photos on facebook. It tells me that the application can not support photo uploads. So I have to go to Java to upload it. This is just waist of time. Is there anyway this can be solved so I can just upload my photo using Opera application on my phone???

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                        • Jasa T Kobau
                        • wib
                        • 25 Jul 2012

                        I have a motorola ex225 and would like to know if there is a flash light on it. While taking snap shots, I realise there is no flash. Please advice..

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                          • PISSED OFF
                          • RnC
                          • 21 Jul 2012

                          i had lg phones for a long time, no issues, decided to try this phone and only after 4 months everything went wrong with my motorola motokey social, memory was full after receiving 1 text message, calls dropping all of a sudden, two calls connecting at the same time for no fucking reason, my cell bill going up,unexpected data notification showing up, awkward dialing buttons, texting is a mess, phone stucks and restarts often, once you are using a application you cannot go back to the main menu unless you restart your phone. over all worst phone ever, not a reasonable phone, would not recommend it. please do not buy, unless you have a lot of patience and tolerance for this stupid phone.

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                            • Vivek
                            • uv$
                            • 18 Jul 2012

                            Please find below 5 problems of this handset:-

                            1. Numbers stored in phone-book are Not been shown in case the person calls.
                            2. Ear-piece echoes my voice.
                            3. Phone-book name length is too less.
                            4. Phone-book has very less options to save numbers per name.
                            5. The image displayed (which is saved along the name) is too small.

                            I contacted the customer care several times but they say that none of these faults can be rectified!!!!

                            The phone service & features are pathetic.
                            I will not recommend anyone to buy this phone.

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                              • valmimi
                              • PG3
                              • 10 Jul 2012

                              y does my phone before i open it says that HW CHECK FAIL ?please help me.

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                                • Vivek
                                • uv$
                                • 08 Jul 2012

                                There are five major problems with the Motorola EX225:-

                                1. Numbers stored in phone-book is Not been shown in case the person calls.
                                2. Ear-piece echoes my voice.
                                3. Phone-book name length should be made at-least to 50 alphabets (as in some religions/places - the names are that long).
                                4. Phone-book should have option of saving 10-15 numbers per name along with user defined label option for each saved number
                                (as couple of times user wants to save numbers at one point) .
                                5. The image displayed (which is saved along the name) should be made large
                                (else it is mere wastage of screen-space).

                                I have contacted the Motorola team several times for rectifying these issues but all in-vein.

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                                  • ma102
                                  • 8yP
                                  • 18 Jun 2012

                                  how do you change language from spanish to english

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                                    • TechFreak
                                    • Hkr
                                    • 21 May 2012

                                    In which manner it is similar to chacha?
                                    Dnt frgt motorola manufactured worlds first qwerty phone[moto Q]..So every qwerty phone is copied from motorola. Worlds 1st mobile phone DynaTec manufectured by moto..So every phone is copied from moto.

                                    At last, moto is father of phones and their designs..

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                                      • hey
                                      • Tdr
                                      • 18 May 2012

                                      how do i open my MMS?

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                                        • Pryce
                                        • qb2
                                        • 04 May 2012

                                        People expect this to be like an iPhone for some reason. This is a $90 pre- paid. It's not going to be the best, it only makes sense. For texting, calling, Facebook, twitter, music, camera, YouTube, and everything else. I would rate it a 9/10 because it is again a $90 phone. The speed is decent and close to today's cellular Internet speeds. All considered this is a good phone, never had a problem. Works excellent.