Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611

Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611

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  • AnonD-537606

I've been very happy with my Samsung Cobble GT-E1150i up until now but after several years I've now discovered a problem. THE PHONE CANNOT BLOCK UNWANTED CALLERS. A "mate" who seems to be a depressed insomniac has got himself a phone contract with UNLIMITED CALLS! I think you can figure out the rest of the story!

Is there a flip phone that can block unwanted calls? I don't want a large big-button phone, I want a phone similar in size to the Samsung Cobble and which is extremely rugged. (the Cobble is brilliant for ruggedness)

  • Mustafa

How I get these phone ? I am from UAE

  • Mustafa

How I get these phone ? I am from UAE

  • AnonD-477398

How can I get that Phone, I'm from Egypt?!

  • Dichmy

Please i whould like to know if someone can bring me that phone please i leave in Algeria no Motorola at all here ;'<
Thanke you so much

  • alireza

toney stark has used this phone in the movie iron man 3.
i like this phone after watch that movie!!!!!

  • Anonymous

jana, 26 Jan 2015hi I want to know my phone unlock cod It's 911

  • jana

I want to know my phone unlock cod

  • Anonymous

I got mine from Overseas Electronics.

  • josh

umesh, 01 Aug 2014Please give this phone no

  • umesh

Please give this phone

  • Bill

Ck, 15 Jul 2014I have this phone. I didn't know people actually liked it. I wou... moreWHERE can I get TWO of these phones UNlocked or ATT????

  • Ck

I have this phone. I didn't know people actually liked it. I would love to trade it in for an iPhone or other type of smart phone

  • Ennail

I'm here in kuwait.. I want this phone.. I visited some electronic stores here but I don't see any displays like this..please, I want this one..

  • nabilfayez

how can i bye this phone

  • Norman

Motorola phones have always been the best styled phones and save in terms on use as a garget, especially the flip ones. hope you have new once in South Africa, please inform were to get them.

  • Rashed

Is Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611 available in Bangladesh? if so then I would appreciate if someone can give me the source/place to get one. Thanks.

  • sauraw

i just want this plz give me detail

  • Anonymous

what's the use for flipping it? is it extra screen?

  • mitch

i really want to have this phone where i can find this in d mid east? in dubai?