Motorola One (P30 Play)

Motorola One (P30 Play)

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  • Anonymous

Did anyone notice their mororola working blazingly fast after recent updates?

  • Ahmed

Fadi, 27 May 2021I hope so but it does not seem like it. Android 12 is here ... moreWhat are you even saying? This phone is powered by Android one, which Google clarified that it'll be only upgradable till Android 10, not future versions. So, how are you even thinking of getting Android 11?

  • Fadi

Jack, 23 Mar 2021It's supposed to get *at least* 2 years of OS upgrades... moreI hope so but it does not seem like it. Android 12 is here and this Motorola is still showing Android 10 as the most actual version. Really dissapointed with the false advertisement.

  • Jack

Guest, 10 May 2020Android 11 will not come to the Motorola One, it released a... moreIt's supposed to get *at least* 2 years of OS upgrades. 11 was released on september 2020, the phone came out october 2018.
I reached out to Motorola and they told me there's just not a date for the release, but it's coming.

  • Anonymous

Deborah, 04 Jan 2021The return buttons at bottom of screen ,disserpeared , how ... morego to moto actions and disable one button nav, or navigation getures.

  • Deborah

The return buttons at bottom of screen ,disserpeared , how do I get them back???

  • Danilo

As easy as this. i got it idk 18months? i got no games since i don't care for them. viber, whatsapp and surfing internet. it works lovely for that still. it fallen lots but works same no scratch anywhere. camera works ok not best but ok. and only 3 times it blocked and it was frozen and every time viber was making problems. only thing i dislike is ofc android 10 on it. i hate that you swing finger this or that does things. sometimes it just do crap while i just try to read something so i scroll screen. that's all. all in all i like it.

  • Llano

After update to android one a have problem vith conection wifi is bad and netvork is bad too android 9

  • Anonymous

It has a glass back and a metal frame not plastic. Idiots.

  • Anonymous

I bought motorola p30 play. First time double sim work smoothly but later some days only one sim is working another sim is shown insert. Now advise me what can I do?

  • angelhod

Best value for the money I ever paid. I have this phone for more the a year and it just works nothing more is needed.

  • Georgios

By far the best value for money phone i ever had.
Only downside is the photos but that's ok.

  • Anonymous

Still a great device! Google up to it´s promise and you have Android 10 on a 625 Snapdragon chipset still working great!

For everyday use, still more than enough. Camera could be better, it´s just ok


I have 4/64 ende after update to Android one i have problem vith display blocked a sommetime when I am on fb ore chrome

  • MrGrumpy

Anyone who is still on Android 9 and can't get the 10 update OTA, see this link for details about how to update through a PC:

  • Guest

Just Harold, 08 Apr 2020Does anybody have the upgrade to Android 10 in LatAm? Does ... moreAndroid 11 will not come to the Motorola One, it released at Android 8.1 oreo and gets updated for 2 more versions (which was 9 pie and 10)

  • Miki

After Android 10 update, fingerprint works faster than previous.

  • Guest

I updated to Android 10 today. It's not well-optimalised system for Motorola One. On 9 everything was snappy and battery lasted about 9h SOT when using mostly wifi. Gonna try to get back to 9

Does anybody have the upgrade to Android 10 in LatAm? Does anybody know when to expect it? Is it true there'd be a chance for Android 11 in this device?

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2020The HMD Nokias you mention have severall quality issues reg... moreBrother, 7 Plus is the ultimate mid-ranger. Not even today, any other phone in the same price bracket can beat it in terms of sturdiness. Moreover, m Nokia 6.1 Plus has never reported a single lag or charging port issue. I am quite satisfied with my purchase. Its got a bit (60mAh) more battery along with "extremely timely" updates.