Motorola One 5G UW

Motorola One 5G UW

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  • RattlesnakeJerry

I've had a lot of really awesome phones and so far this one I like the best. No issues at all. It's fast and very reliable. Can't think of a phone ide rather have.

  • VZ Rep

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021absolutely worthless phone, only got it because it was on t... moreThe pixel 3 is the way to go!

  • Anonymous

absolutely worthless phone, only got it because it was on the cheaper end but the moment its paid off im switching back to a google pixel

  • Anonymous

You get what you pay for. I bought it because it was on the cheaper end. Boy was that a mistake. It seriously is unreliable. Texting does not work. It stutters and sometimes completely stops altogether. On the bad days it restarts itself as many as three times!! Not to mention manually restarting the phone so It will work. It's closes and opens apps on its own. Bluetooth does not work; this is vital for a modern day smartphone. It has many issues and has overall been a major disappointment and downgrade from my previous Motorola smartphone.

DT, 25 Oct 2021Maybe because you need 15W to charge it. Mine gets a full c... moreLOL are you seriously suggesting that your 15w charger is getting the same charging speeds as a 150w charger? If your phone is actually charging that quickly clearly there is some battery degredation, 15w charging won't get a phone to 100% in 10 minutes unless you somehow have a 500Mah battery instead of a 5000Mah. Charging doesn't work that way sorry, your phone being at good battery health and lasting long yet charging in 10 minutes on a 15w charger is impossible 😂😂😂

  • DT

PhoneFreak45, 29 Sep 2021And turbo charge on that size battery barely fills up barel... moreMaybe because you need 15W to charge it. Mine gets a full charge, from dead in 10 min.

  • pam

First one I got I thought just a lemon it was seriously possessed I couldnt get it to do anything, texting a nightmare, no one can hear you have to have it on speaker always, it woke me up at 4 am with someone saying you need to start your christmas shopping today and wouldnt shut up, alarm wont turn off i have to turn phone off i could go on and on. Verizon replaced it with the same phone and it is actually worse than the first one, loses contacts, you put them in and next day they are gone, texting forget about it. Seriously this phone is the worst I have ever owned.

Tedr44, 19 Aug 2021Pros Supports mmwave... what is that? Supports turbo char... moreAnd turbo charge on that size battery barely fills up barely any faster then a galaxy S5 on 10w charging 😂

  • fred

sound level on incoming calls is lower then my last phone, need to put on speaker at times to hear but not all incoming calls.

  • David

Bluetooth seems to be super weak. Have to hold my hlphone close to my hands free device to allow my hands free to even work. Anyone else have this issue

Supports mmwave... what is that?
Supports turbo charge... fast!
90hz display refresh rate... smooth graphics and games.
Designed for 5G speed with Qualcomm's 7nm racer chip.
Macro Vision camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens, Night Vision.
Operates in the upper bands of the 5G spectrum... the others are left behind.

Needs a sturdy case for protection.
Cheap looking keys.

  • Travis

I recently purchased a new Motorola one 5G phone. Less than a week ago to be exact. I have been a long time user of Motorola phones, but I'm going to have to change brands. The Motorola website clearly states, "Water worries? Not us", "accidental spills or splashes, or getting caught in the rain, are no match for the water repellent design..." Well anyway I got caught in the rain, and now the camera lens has moister behind it. I took it back to Verizon, they said can't help you because water damage, I then called Motorola, and again no help because water damage. I get it if I dropped the phone in a puddle, or the dreaded toilet drop that's on me. But this is a defective product. I have owned 6 Motorola phones before this one, and never had this issue. A little and sometimes even a lot of rain never phased the other phones. With that being said I will be finding a new favorite phone ASAP.

  • Kinjo

I really want this phone but can't find it anywhere in India. Looked on Amazon and all other online stores but couldn't find it at all

  • George B

Obviously Samsung and Apple have moles posting BS to discourage buyers. Bought the 1 5g UW from Verizon in May - works flawless, powerful battery life, gorilla glass; gotta love the perp that said screen broke dropping on carpet lol. For 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of those other overpriced guys lol.

  • Syed Saad

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021Having issues also. I believe upgrading to 5G maybe the pro... moreBest phone in this price range

  • Anonymous

Broker Deb, 08 Feb 2021VERY disappointed in this phone. Bought it from Verizon 6 ... moreHaving issues also. I believe upgrading to 5G maybe the problem, the transferring systems but not sure. Had a Motorola that was dropping calls at home that was less than 18 months old, upgraded to Moto one and am not dropping calls anymore. Have other issues.

  • Anonymous

My text is freezing in messages and messages+. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • FriscoMcMahan

My text is freezing in messages and messages+. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Fyresylverlyte

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020I like motoMe too.
11 yrs of only Motorola phone.

  • Anonymous

cant find my g-mail news alerts can't silence it. lots of problem.