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Motorola One 5G UW

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  • WilliamT
  • ksZ
  • 08 Feb 2023

My wife has a Motorola One 5G UW, one year old now, and when she calls anyone they can barely understand what she is saying because the transmission is so broken up. When she receives a call, it is often the same with her reception: just awful. So much time is spent trying to understand each other. Often when she makes or receives a call that she is having those types of problems with she asks the person on the other end of the call if she can call them right back. She will then use my Kyocera DuraForce Pro and call them and everything said is crystal clear! I don't know if her Motorola One has a malfunction or if it is that bad of a phone. She can browse the internet just fine, but phone calls are a real challenge!

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    • Oink
    • 4jp
    • 09 Jan 2023

    It's the most unintuitive phone I've ever had. It really is terrible. I'm most likely going to spend almost $600 to get a different one. Save yourself if you're considering getting it. If you design phones, use this phone as what not to do.

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      • Anonymous
      • 8rA
      • 03 Jan 2023

      Tommy8768 , 21 Oct 2022Does it have gorila glass? no. it has broken glass - worst phone i ever had.

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        • Tommy8768
        • 65C
        • 21 Oct 2022

        Does it have gorila glass?

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          • Zammil
          • 6p{
          • 11 Oct 2022

          Android 12 update ??

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            • Anonymous
            • th1
            • 26 Sep 2022

            Ice, 16 Sep 2022Please I broke my screen. Where can I get another one Try ebay, alix, bang, etc.

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              • Ice
              • Nu7
              • 16 Sep 2022

              Nice phone..., 31 May 2022My One 5G has been pretty bullet proof. I have a Otto Box ... morePlease I broke my screen. Where can I get another one

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                • Manny
                • grj
                • 12 Sep 2022

                George B, 18 Jul 2021Obviously Samsung and Apple have moles posting BS to discou... moreby the end someone who gives me aliento,, i am waiting for this phone and i started to read these comments, and the truth i was getting discouraged

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                  • Rynosaur
                  • 4Y7
                  • 16 Jun 2022

                  David, 03 Sep 2021Bluetooth seems to be super weak. Have to hold my hlphone c... moreIdk about that. If I leave mine at home, my car will connect to it before I'm within 3 blocks of my home. Mine has a pretty good range.

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                    • Rynosaur
                    • 4Y7
                    • 16 Jun 2022

                    I've had mine for about 4 months and like it so far. No real issues or anything. The camera has good resolution and night video comes in pretty decent. Haven't taxed the resources yet, and have definitely tried. Overall happy with the phone.

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                      • Nice phone...
                      • IH%
                      • 31 May 2022

                      My One 5G has been pretty bullet proof. I have a Otto Box case one it and it takes a beating. I did crack my screen once but a new LCD was easily available online for purchase. I watched a few YouTube vids and fixed and then I was able to fix the phone myself. Another time I actually drove over my One 5G while it was face down on my gravel driveway. The screen was destroyed But...I checked the phone and it turned on. The Otto Box case, though it was driven over, came out without a scratch. So like before I bought another new LCD screen and fixed the phone again. The phone is tough. But...the above specs lists that the battery can not be replaced. That's not true. The battery is replaceable. It's just hard prying it out of it's location in the phone. The One 5G is a good all around phone. It has excellent cameras. The touch screen is quick. Motorola upgrades are frequent and good. If you've never had a Motorola phone you're missing out on their Gesture features that come with the phone. They rock!!! And once you get use to them...all their different applications will spoil you. Did I mention the battery, a 5000, lasts a long, long time. Plus it comes with Turbo charging. Do your homework. Check out a Motorola'll be surprised.

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                        • MR Whiskey
                        • 4mt
                        • 07 Apr 2022

                        George B, 18 Jul 2021Obviously Samsung and Apple have moles posting BS to discou... moreI have had the Motorola One 5G UW for 5 months now. It has proximity issues, it will not answer calls and the screen goes for the screen, I have had 4 claimed in the last 4 months for the screen shattering from a fall from the couch, desk, pocket, bedside table.....all falls from less than 36". The screen absolutely shatters even under the screen protector.
                        Without question this is a factory defect..... In the 20 years before this phone, I have never broken a single screen....
                        Worst POS EVER!!!!

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                          • DeeDee
                          • I4F
                          • 11 Mar 2022

                          This is possibly the worst phone in the history of phones of any type including tin cans that connect via string. Oh it's great for texting and browsing the web, but what do we usually want to do on our phone? I thought it was talk to people. Well if you want to do that, buy another phone cause this one will drop you like a bad date. It will ghost you when you dial up, you think you are connected and silence. Nothing like chatting to your BFF and exactly when the "he did what?"..dropped call. Try answering this phone and hear "click" as it quietly yet persistently hangs up on every other call. Do you have a window in your home? Stand by it and pray the stars align and you can actually talk on this phone. Buy another phone, buy two cans and some string..either will be better that this Motorola 5G UW. Going back to Google Pixel or maybe an Iphone. I have an Iphone for work that answers calls, dials people up, and never drops the call anywhere in my house.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • eNy
                            • 02 Feb 2022

                            I got this phone in May 2021 when my pixel died in the middle of the night. It frankly sucks. Don't recommend it to anyone. My phone screen has broken twice after two small falls of about 3 ft up, once only a month after it being repaired. I can't even make calls half the time to my parents because it won't connect. It lags when I try to open any apps or type up messages. The phone restarts itself multiple times a day or needs to be restarted in order to use certain functions. I do not recommend it at all and I'm hoping to switch to an apple, Samsung or Google as soon as possible cuz I cant handle this anymore. Keep in mind I've not even had it a year.

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                              • RattlesnakeJerry
                              • IK9
                              • 18 Dec 2021

                              I've had a lot of really awesome phones and so far this one I like the best. No issues at all. It's fast and very reliable. Can't think of a phone ide rather have.

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                                • VZ Rep
                                • qbD
                                • 19 Nov 2021

                                Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021absolutely worthless phone, only got it because it was on t... moreThe pixel 3 is the way to go!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • kuA
                                  • 16 Nov 2021

                                  absolutely worthless phone, only got it because it was on the cheaper end but the moment its paid off im switching back to a google pixel

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • s9f
                                    • 15 Nov 2021

                                    You get what you pay for. I bought it because it was on the cheaper end. Boy was that a mistake. It seriously is unreliable. Texting does not work. It stutters and sometimes completely stops altogether. On the bad days it restarts itself as many as three times!! Not to mention manually restarting the phone so It will work. It's closes and opens apps on its own. Bluetooth does not work; this is vital for a modern day smartphone. It has many issues and has overall been a major disappointment and downgrade from my previous Motorola smartphone.

                                      DT, 25 Oct 2021Maybe because you need 15W to charge it. Mine gets a full c... moreLOL are you seriously suggesting that your 15w charger is getting the same charging speeds as a 150w charger? If your phone is actually charging that quickly clearly there is some battery degredation, 15w charging won't get a phone to 100% in 10 minutes unless you somehow have a 500Mah battery instead of a 5000Mah. Charging doesn't work that way sorry, your phone being at good battery health and lasting long yet charging in 10 minutes on a 15w charger is impossible 😂😂😂

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                                        • DT
                                        • IJ2
                                        • 25 Oct 2021

                                        PhoneFreak45, 29 Sep 2021And turbo charge on that size battery barely fills up barel... moreMaybe because you need 15W to charge it. Mine gets a full charge, from dead in 10 min.