Motorola one 5G UW ace

Motorola one 5G UW ace

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  • Anonymous

The brand new one I got from Verizon has a micro usb A; not type C 2.0 as indicated here.

  • Anonymous

I wish this came with 8GB option, I would buy it.

  • Anonymous

rather unknown, 08 Jul 2021Does this device run Android One?Still no Motorola android one phone for 2021 . Only Nokia release 4 new models

  • Darren

No this phone doesn't run android one,although the name will make people think it has,I'll never buy a Motorola phone again after I bought Moto g7 and had to return it because battery wouldn't charge and it happened with the replacement phone to,cheap nasty phones,made to look like other better phones,but I'll also never buy a Chinese phone again,to much bloatware and can't trust OEM's with my data,my next phone will be Google pixel

  • Anonymous

Mimo, 11 Jul 2021So ugly phones what happened to motorolaI have no idea what happened to Motorola too bro, their designers are bad from last half decades. I wish they bring new smartphone designers for their phones

  • Mimo

So ugly phones what happened to motorola

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021after all this huge phones make at least a phone lower t... moreGo for Google pixel or zenfone. Otherwise keep loooking

  • Wereweeb

Terrible Battery/Weight and Battery/Size ratios. And without a doubt it's because of the mmWave antennas.

This really proves that mmWave isn't worth it, and that the industry is only really pushing it because they desperately hope that people find some use for it that makes them more reliant on smartphones and broadband.

I hope brands keep making 5G phones without mmWave until battery tech catches up and until some use case for mmWave that is actually compelling pops up. Otherwise, nah, thanks, I'll take a phone that is either lighter or has more battery.

  • Anonymous

I thought my Poco X3 Pro is thick.

  • Anonymous

after all this huge phones

make at least a phone lower than 155mm

  • NasserSolomon

I hope they use SD780G with dependable price

Does this device run Android One?

Random guy, 08 Jul 2021Nice midranger Nah redmi note pro and poco x3 Pro destroys it. Could have been better at 200 dollar. Even then poco x3 vanilla destroy it

Nice midranger