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  • Nidhip Joshi

SHould I go for the Mi A3 or the Moto one Action???

  • Rihards

kunalmzr, 12 Sep 2019I am also 36. And using Samsung Galaxy android device since 2014... morewhats so complex? I think companies do a decent job at simplifiyng the setup and usage of the phone for regular people.

Gino76ph, 11 Sep 2019If the Galaxy A50S or the A70S will be released here in the UK t... moreI am also 36. And using Samsung Galaxy android device since 2014. I am also fed up with these new complex technology in these smartphone. Earlier the phones are simple, solid and timeless. I mean you can use them for 5 years average without thinking about the updates, new network coming etc. But now a days things are very very different. Some devices as high as one year salary of most young people and yet they can be unusable in 3 years.

As for using Samsung devices, I use them for basically three reasons- battery runs a for day, no hanging issue and no heating issue.

As for Nokia or Moto devices, I see them very rarely in here. In India if you are very rich, then buy iPhones, if you are middle class then Samsung is for you, but if you are anything except belong to above category then buy Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi) or Oppo/Vivo/Lenevo etc.

Honestly saying I was very excited to see Nokia Android devices at starring point, and also tried few devices's demo e.g. Nokia 6.1 plus which has strong build, good screen and fast U.I. but then I read the authentic reviews about usage of the devices in Amazon, Flipkart (Indian e commerce site) and found many issues faced by the users and cold service by customer care. And this has stopped me from going after them.

Same with the Moto. The very first Moto G in 2013/2014 was a real gem. But after Lenevo acquisition, Moto has gone down on quality and standards. And they have three major issues in their devices, e.g. battery drainage, heating/hanging issue and no O.S. updates.

Anyway this is the real data I have found. I am not support or against of any brands or devices. If a device looks beautiful, but has issue I will not go for it; but if it is ugly and still has the things I am looking for in device, I will buy it.

As for you, I will not hide, I am an professional artist who works on high-end software (Adobe, Autodesk) and hardware; but still I found these new 2/3 camera setup (depth lens, ultra wide lens, macro lens, zoom lens) etc to complicated on a device which is not a proper camera. So, I can't say specifically which device will best for you. And if you can't take advice from unknown people on online forums like these to buy a specific one.

So, my advice. Make a list of 3/4 devices which has the specs you are looking for e.f. Moto Action, Moto Zoom, Nokia (upcoming devices have 3/4 back camera),l and any other device you found. Then please watch YouTube reviews (they are not 100% reliable), but at least they shows us the specs with usage and read the user experience from e commerce site (I found the very poor battery life of Mi A3 and Moto Action on these sites). Then choose one you found the most suitable.

Remember few things, no device is 100% perfect for everyone. You have to compromise in some areas. A fast processor or multi setup camera lens means more battery consumption.


kunalmzr, 11 Sep 2019I did some Google research to find out the truth about A50. Also... moreIf the Galaxy A50S or the A70S will be released here in the UK then definitley I will check them out.
But I think I will skip this phone and perhaps wait for the 2nd-gne one.
Now, I am slowly turning my attention to the Nokia 8.1 and the still "class-leading for price-for-specs ratio" Moto G7 Plus which IMO is better specced than the One phones.
I am in my 40's and i do not want the latest & greatest. I just want something that works for me and one that I can be proud to use everyday. I had my Galaxy S9+ for 3 months now but let's face it. Despite being an old flagship it is showing it's age.
I have pinpointed (not exactly nitpicked) things that i do not like anymore with my phone.
The 26mm wide angle lens on the rear camera sometimes just doesn't cut it any more. The selfie camera (with all its specs) are for my standards "atrocious".The phone is starting to show more signs of errors (SIM-card not inserted), battery life ain't that good any more (despite having the same number of apps for 12 months running now) and the One UI still feels sluggish in times of when you needed it most.
So, what that said does a near-stock, midrange Android like the Nokia 8.1. and Moto G7 Plus be a good "fallback" if you like and still be a good daily driver?

  • triople

I am really impressed from your specification information. It is very useful thank you

Gino76ph, 10 Sep 2019There is only 1 dedicated Samsung store in Central London. And I... moreI did some Google research to find out the truth about A50. Also my father has one which is few weeks old. It is good device at the price. Screen is good, color looks great, cameras are also good enough.

Anyway as for updates, Samsung gives very less frequent updates to the mid range devices compare to the S series. I agree with that.

I have noticed that you are very specific about the cameras. This Moto Action and Zoom has some unique camera set up and there is no doubt. So, if you care only about the cameras, then you can go for them. But the battery life is really short.

As for me I really want a secondary device now. Samsung will release some new models in next few days in India in budget segment. I am eagerly waiting for them.

kunalmzr, 10 Sep 2019I did some Google search and found that Samsung A50 is IP68 cert... moreThere is only 1 dedicated Samsung store in Central London. And I highly doubt the people there are knowledgeable enough to know if an A-phone is IP-rated or not. They would still go to one corner or go to their computer and research it. Believe me I know.
But, may I ask whereabouts you found out if the A50 is water-resistant?
I have many reservations about the A-class of phones by Samsung. for one, updates maybe not as often as the S-line. The cameras are not as good as say a mid-range Nokia phone.

kunalmzr, 09 Sep 2019I will advice you to visit a multi brand store and take demo of ... moreThe only "multi brand" store in the UK is Carphone Warehouse. Even so some of the phones are either not fully charged, software is not updated or on demo/retail mode. So, its kind of a hair-ripping/teeth-grinding exercise hence you are "limited" to website like this or on Youtube.
I would like a phone that has:
1. Wide angle (wider field of view) in front & rear cameras
2. a selfie camera with 12MP & above with lower/wider aperture and bigger pixel + quick autofocus...than my Galaxy S9+.

  • Vivek Sahdev

It is very good phone No Lags , Very Good Camera with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 100% ,,,,No lags No heat,, I m using from last 1 week.

Gino76ph, 09 Sep 2019Is the Samsung A50 or A70 splash resistant and is safe to use in... moreI did some Google search and found that Samsung A50 is IP68 certified. So, it can survive little accidental splash of liquid.

But there is no confirmation about A70.

You should visit a Samsung Shop nearby to get more confirmation about these data. Only those guy can tell you the accurate information.


  • Đ

No Gorilla Glass on display...

Gino76ph, 08 Sep 2019Having the S9+ I am underwhelmed by the rear camera seemingly no... moreI will advice you to visit a multi brand store and take demo of various devices. Now a days most mid level devices comes with triple camera set up, so you can have wide choice.

And in few days many new devices will come, so a little wait will be better.

As for me I will go for Samsung as usual. I will go for M20 or the upcoming M30s. For me the screen (must be HD), battery (should last one day at least) and build quality is important. I am not in much mobile photography.

Will buy separate digital.camers in few months to take some casual shots. My cousin brother has a Cannon DSLR and he is serious photography hobbyist, and I have seen the outputs of it.

Anyway this my thought. Hope it will help. Regards.

kunalmzr, 08 Sep 2019Honestly you should go for Samsung A50 or A70. First, they a... moreIs the Samsung A50 or A70 splash resistant and is safe to use in light rain or won't get damaged with an accidental spill of water, coffee, tea or softdrinks?

Tried this a bit on a local store, on price its almost same to vision, so ill pick the other one (looks and feels better). They are great on width but theyre a bit too tall for my taste. The hole is not that big like in video reviews, i liked the screen and the pie experience. Looks like a good mid range device competition.

kunalmzr, 08 Sep 2019Honestly you should go for Samsung A50 or A70. First, they a... moreHaving the S9+ I am underwhelmed by the rear camera seemingly not-so wide angle lens/less FOV. For example is when i am taking a photo of my wife standing beside a London phone box (as the foreground) and a musical theatre at the background the top portion of the theatre is cut from view. I hope that kinda makes sense.
Another dissapointment I want to share is the underwhelming front selfie camera of the S9+. Colours and sharpness are all washed-out and poor, unconvincing dynamic range and again wide angle it is not.
I understand the S9+ is still considered a "high end" phone but the fact is its now an old flagship phone and there are other great midrangers out there that I think can stand up to it.
All i am looking for are cameras that has wider field of view (i.e. wider angle lenses), a selfie camera above 8MP and a not too shabby dynamic range, decent/above average low light photos and decent EIS stabilization.

Gino76ph, 07 Sep 2019I am torn between 2 Motos: the One Action & the One Vision. ... moreHonestly you should go for Samsung A50 or A70.

First, they are very good. My father bought A50 and it looks so great. Even I am thinking to buy Either A30 or M30 from myself.

Second, Samsung mid range devices are not great for gaming or has great camera. But still they deliver successfully what we expected from them.

Third, I am also looking looking to replace my 3 year old broken On7 pro device. And my budget is 10k to 15k. I noticed many devices are there from Chinese brands, with more performance. But again I will not play any game, so those device es are not good for me.

Fourth, I have read the reviews if authentic buyers of Moto Action. I was always dreaming of having a Moto device since Moto G days, but always thier devices have disappointed me. So, when I saw the Moto Action with a Exynos SoC, I was very excited. But after reading the user reviews, I am done with these devices. Why?

1. Fast battery drainage. The battery of Moto One recharge very fast.

2. The weird display ratio of 21:9, which may be great for watching videos, but not for apps, many apps don't support this display. And if you can't run your apps on it, it is useless.

3. Some call and network issues. My device is for calling, if I can't make a call correctly, I will not buy a device.

Overall I have decided to stick to.Amasung again like last 5/6 years. I know my device will not be a powerhouse or have new innovative features..but I know it will not create any new stress for me.

In between I tried Lumia 540 and those Microsoft guys successfully screwed up my life for a year.

Regard and respect.

I am torn between 2 Motos: the One Action & the One Vision.

I'm downgrading my Galaxy S9+ to a more reasonable and modest phone.

I need to find a phone with a slightly wider angle front & rear cameras, something with decent/above average night photos (with somewhat less noise), a decent/above average 2-3x zoom (with somewhat less noise), natural-looking photos and not oversaturated, a "loud enough" stereo speakers (75dB & above), fast updates (similar to Android One) and a camera that has decent/above average dynamic range (less overblown highlights on the background like sunlight or artificial indoor lights).

Comments and advice please.

I was really excited to see this model from Motorola. I noticed the Samsung 79xx SoC which supports HDR and some reviews in YouTube also showing playing PUBG at HDR mode.

Then the screen supports 21:9 and full HD unlike Mi A3 which has disappointed.

Last but not least ten Cameras looks fantastic. I have checked and not seen any other device with 3 rear camera set up at this price.

So, I was searching for a secondary device to enjoy Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Netflix after the end of the working day to relax. And probably I will check my YouTube channel about travel in few weeks. Last but not least I am also a music fan and the Dolby Atmos

Gino76ph, 04 Sep 2019Hi. I wanted to find out... Does this phone support 32-bit/38... moreGo to Lenovo forum, there u will get Ur reply.

Hi. I wanted to find out...

Does this phone support 32-bit/384kHz audio similar to a Galaxy S9+?