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  • Al

Moto one action is worst phone I ever had. Problem with drop calls, dicounects.

I'm still waiting for Android 11
even here it said android 11 is already released

I bought this phone in iran

I own this phone since October 9 2019, so why it is written that it was released on October 31 2019??

Tulip Svn, 15 Mar 2021I have this phone 1 year , and i play PUBG mobile every day... moreWhich FPS settings do you get extreme,ultra,or high? Or is it medium or low

  • Tulip Svn

I have this phone 1 year , and i play PUBG mobile every day for 3-4 hours .. the phone is very good for that price..

under , 02 Jan 2021Unfortunately, I don't see how. The SoC from Samsung c... moreI do not have that issue. I tried this many times, but my battery is for example still on 97%.
It does not drain my Motorola One Action's battery, according to me, when you open discord and screenshare your screen its battery is not draining that fast.
Also, I think that Motorola fixed it in the new system update, but I'm not sure.

Motorola One action has been my phone for over a year now.
It is still good by now, it has never gotten any issues
Graphics, Photos and Performance are okay, Audio is really loud with Moto Audio on and very good with head-/earphones.
Okay for gaming, but also some lags (because the processor keeps overheating when being overclocked) and good for general stuff you do on phones.
You cannot expect much more from a midrange phone.

  • razen

specs are almost right - front cam can shoot 1080@60fps
Rear cam has OIS at 1080p60/30 and 720p30

  • razen

For me, everything is fine to me. Except the fact, that this phone is running on Exynos - which means it heats up very fast when overclocking and it makes the battery drain - almost everything is rather good on this phone. One issue is, that you cannot make a ultra-wide-angle photo but to me, it is okay.
Audio is very good, Gaming rather mediocre (because of the processor being overheated) and graphics look fine with (not sure if, but exactly) 432ppi resolution.
4 GB of RAM is also enough for everything I need and 128 GB ROM is very much space for apps.
I already have the latest Android 10 update, waiting for the Android 11 update. (my version is the global Android One version)
In conclusion, this phone is great for midrangers and people who don't want to waste their money for high-end-specs.
And mine has no issues with any apps.

  • Raavan Dhabe

Good back camera, better performance, best selfie camera, screen better.... Overall not best but better mobile phone by Motorola. 21:9 aspect ratio is fine and outstanding look. Moto lovers like me must have been satisfied.....

  • James

Probably not getting android 11 in north america despite it only having one major update? Feels weird. Started at android 9

not a very good phone. ringer/loudspeaker broke in 4 months, and you can't get a replacement, also doesn't support wifi calling on verizon.

Haad, 22 Jun 20209609 is mutvh better than 700 sd series. Check before comme... moreThat's not true. The Exynos 9609 is equal, compared to the Snapdragon 675, but 20% slower than a Snapdragon 730.

bork, 16 Jul 2020Battery charging - 4 hours? Are you sure - mine charges 100... moreWith the charger, that came in the box, my One Action needs 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge from 1 % ...

AliRezak, 28 Dec 2020I have heard that this phone has a problem with battery dra... moreIt didn't occured with my phone. I manage to get 3 days of battery life, with five and a half hours of screen on time, at 75% brightness.

  • under

AliRezak, 28 Dec 2020I have heard that this phone has a problem with battery dra... moreUnfortunately, I don't see how. The SoC from Samsung consumes an insane amount of battery. With Discord screen share, and just sitting on the home screen, it consumed 1% in just under a minute, which was enough to overpower the charger (it was draining while charging). It's not awful by any means, just not good.

AliRezak, 28 Dec 2020I have heard that this phone has a problem with battery dra... moremine is android 10 and battery good and with lowest brightness it can give you 8 hours of playing LOL at high setting and 60 fps enabled

I have heard that this phone has a problem with battery drain, will the problem be solved with the Android update?

  • xcv

This model has Cirrus Logic CS35L41 which is the top-of-the-line boosted Class D amplifier, combined with an integrated DSP and 5th generation enhancement and protection algorithms. That's the reason why Action One has superb audio via 3,5mm head/earphones.

  • Technoid

My one action will not save anything to favorites. It keeps telling me it can't due to the internet connection. The exact words are "couldn't add the item . Please check your internet connection and try again". What is wrong? How do I fix it?????