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  • PaulAndrewxz
  • pku
  • 07 Sep 2023

Upgrade to LINEAGE OS and you will have a brand new phone, also add Google apps, Motorola junk company, last update was in 2022 for this phone, they support E-WASTE. Should be fined 1 billon dollars. Also you need someone specialized to make the upgrade to Lineage OS 20 (21..etc) if you don't have any tech knowledge.

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    • XXXLS
    • pku
    • 07 Sep 2023

    arnaudbouvy, 03 Jul 2023Has anyone tested with Lineage or /e/?YES, i have the lastest Lineage OS installed, but i need to make complex operation to unlock the motorola bootloader

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      • Krishna Raj
      • 7km
      • 17 Jul 2023

      arnaudbouvy, 03 Jul 2023Has anyone tested with Lineage or /e/?Yes I'm running Moto One Action In Lineage Os 20. It is so smooth nad fast now than earlier. Battery Backup is quite good and performance is superb,but one issue is airplane mode, it is better to restart the phone than to put it in airplane mode or u have to try again n again airplane mode yo get network back.

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        • arnaudbouvy
        • m7x
        • 03 Jul 2023

        Has anyone tested with Lineage or /e/?

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          • xxx
          • pku
          • 01 Jul 2023

          magnaroader, 22 Mar 2023You all know you can just slap Lineage OS on this phone and... morenot really, because one action already was true google os, with lineage you remove the google services

            Bought 2 of these phones. First the front glass shattered within 3 days. The second, battery will not charge after drop (with case on phone). Battery life is pretty short. Camera isn't the best and is laggy. The audio was great! *LOVED* the separate fingerprint sensor on back- was placed exactly where my finger would go (no hassle to rearrange how you're holding it in order to login). Phone security was great with multiple options (face/fingerprint/psw). Multiple user profiles. My second phone broke in June 2023 and I never did get the upgrade to Android 11. In fact, my security updates stopped on that phone in Nov 2021. Given the price of the phone, I would have expected... more (better camera, better battery, and especially 3 years of support at a minumum which I did not receive).

              You all know you can just slap Lineage OS on this phone and the phone performance will be much better, right?

                this might be the earliest punch hole display phone by motorola. but that cutout size is beyond me, they pretty much improved now. earliest punch hole display phones are galaxy a8s, huawei nova 4 and honor view 20.

                  I had that phone at 2019 and it was a big discovery for me after using nokia3.1.lucky i broke glass on it and got this moto on some super discount.was super fluid and still works with zero problems,just no more updates..Action cam is unique. after i got one fusion plus,loved it because of motorised front cam. but i broke glass again and took g60 with its 6000mah battery. phone runs perfect with its 108mp cam.but honest one fusion plus had longer last battery no matter it is 5000mah. My mom got that phone because of large 6,8 inches display perfect for her age and eyesight and i took beautifull edge 30neo black onyx and totaly fall in love with motorola.After month i took edge 30 fusion also. phone is a killer . now i use edge 30 neo and edge 30 fusion and satisfied more than ever with phones i got. So..Hello Moto :)

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                    • keysoundquestion
                    • 4NV
                    • 08 Nov 2022

                    xxx, 03 Jul 2022Problems with WiFi, after upgrade to Android 11 the WiFi do... moreso if someone doesn't how come my tv from wifi without being signed in changes pics or videos while one is playing and phone isnt connected but only from an unknown device which will not uninstall squirt ios sounds or play stupid clip art demons with motion and interrupt my free time. xxx as a name tag doesnt help either as i bought this tv from a friend. i kicked all them out. every hacker has a personality and a different hack. everything is traceable. just want to finish my projects.

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                      • methos276
                      • ajf
                      • 31 Oct 2022

                      JamesB, 16 Aug 2022No voWiFi available on the Moto One Action?Yes there is, but your network provider should support voWIFI and voLTE

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                        • JamesB
                        • s4L
                        • 16 Aug 2022

                        No voWiFi available on the Moto One Action?

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                          • xxx
                          • pku
                          • 03 Jul 2022

                          Problems with WiFi, after upgrade to Android 11 the WiFi does not work correctly, hope they will upgrade to android 12 or i will never buy an Motorola again...

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                            • Sorin
                            • nCL
                            • 08 Mar 2022

                            Got it since april 7th 2019, and I just broke the front glass 1 month ago, but still works.
                            Best phone for me . No need for last versions, because after last few updates my battery goes from 2 days to almost 1 day. (talking around ~5h/day, email-half a day, social max 45 min / day., wapp-not a touch fan, so ~1 h /day, gps- waze/maps/other ~1h/day)
                            No games, just basic office and networking apps.
                            I'm worried what will I do if it breaks? Thinking to buy another just for backup.

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                              • IkLiebeDich
                              • 7v4
                              • 20 Feb 2022

                              (Rating 2/5)
                              I just bought this phone in Late 2021. The Motorola One Action is quite a good very low price phone for daily use in 2021, but the more time this phone took the more problems will come along. First I will talk about short the phone's specifications.

                              Motorola One Action
                              Screen: IPS LCD 6.3" Display 1080p FHD+
                              Chipset: Exynos 9609
                              Platform: Android One - Android 9 (Up to Android 11)
                              Camera: Tripple Camera
                              Wide, Telescope, and Ultra Wide (For Action Camera only)
                              Comms: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, USB-C 2.0, and Radio
                              Features: Rear-mounted fingerprint
                              Battery: 3500 mAh (10W Maximum Charge)
                              Colour: Pearl White
                              Price in Thailand: 4500 Baht

                              Having One of the best ROM I've ever used that is pure andriod. One of the best budget action cameras that you can get.

                              Having an IPS LCD screen is lacks color rate if it has an OLED screen it would be better. Using this phone in 2022 is very bad because having an old mid-range chipset is so slow and very lag. Sometimes I met the worst problem with this phone that is it restart itself several times a day. This year 2021 is the last year of this phone getting an Android update that is Android 11. Having very low battery capacity is rough using this phone and ran out of battery at the half of the day.

                              If you have any other choice in this 5000 baht, I suggest you buy other phones instead. And with longer using this phone you will meet more problems in the future.

                                Unhappy :-( Have not received security updates since July 2021. Where is the promised Android11? Problems with sim and bt you say... Motorola on blacklist from now on.

                                  Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022Hello, im using Huawei P Smart 2021 (from 15.01.2021) and i... moreWow bro it has no google play services how you use it the Huawei p Smart better off with better phone bro

                                    Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022Hello, im using Huawei P Smart 2021 (from 15.01.2021) and i... moreChange it to this phone ok then if your gaming it's ok on this Motorola phone but don't open too much app on it I will Begin lag cause only 4gig ram and and if youre update to android 10 or 11 it will consume more ram so be careful it will consume ram more than you pho e will not handle more than 10 multitask and it's really great pho e for it's price and I'm not a fan of Huawei but it's phone is not exactly great and those on the first comment is advice as android one user cause I'm using android one same as android but with no preinstall app and android software is more smooth and less spaces consumption as android skin on the other phone brand

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3WM
                                      • 07 Jan 2022

                                      I want good camera and small phone (the same person) with P Smart 2021

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 3WM
                                        • 07 Jan 2022

                                        Hello, im using Huawei P Smart 2021 (from 15.01.2021) and i want to upgrade my phone this motorola in my county is for 129 euro(146$) so is this phone good ... any opinion? Tnx for answers.