Motorola One Action promo videos show off the ultra wide Action Camera

Peter, 15 August 2019

The Motorola One Action was just announced and its unique feature, the Action Cam, is the focus of the first promo videos. You can read our review for an in-depth look into the phone and its cameras, but if you only have a minute, check out this video:

It’s shot in 21:9, of course. That’s the aspect ratio of the phone’s screen and you can set the Action Cam to record 21:9 video too, which works especially well with the 117° ultra wide-angle lens.

Chances are that you’ll be on the move when using the Action Camera, so video stabilization is important. There’s no OIS, but here’s a peek at how the digital stabilization performs:

The Action Camera sports a 16MP sensor, which uses 4-in-1 pixel binning to improve low-light performance (this gives it effectively 2.0µm pixels).

In case you missed it in the first video, the sensor is rotated so holding the phone vertically results in landscape video:

Finally, two more videos showing off a couple of cool modes, timelapse and cinemagraph:



Reader comments

  • rajeshkumar29

we hath notch ,...we like popup front came

So every manufacturer is worried about cameras being the selling point for all upcoming smartphones? Sad.

  • mb1973lv

guess they will end-up with no customers will be willing to buy their phones... a bit expensive knowledge, but evolution is always an expensive task.

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