Motorola One Vision review

GSMArena team, 15 May 2019.

Design and build

To our surprise, the Motorola One Vision features premium materials - glass on the front and back. The maker doesn't say anything about its origin so it's likely not Gorilla Glass, but we can't be certain.

Motorola One Vision review

Either way it's a an advantage over most handsets in this price range and it's worth considering. The phone does feel pretty nice in the hand even if the plastic frame doesn't feel as premium. There are no protruding edges, though, as the frame meets both glass plates seamlessly without a noticeable gap.

The phone feels solid and sturdy - in fact some might find it a bit too heavy at 180g. This time around, however, the company doesn't market the devices as water-repellent, so no nano coating sadly.

Motorola One Vision review

The Sapphire Gradient color that we have does help with the looks too. Motorola also offers the handset in Bronze Gradient, but we definitely feel like we got the better one.

Thanks to the narrow design and curved back, the smartphone lies comfortably in the hand while the 21:9 aspect ratio gives you plenty of room for your content. Usability with one hand is definitely possible but it's a challenge to reach the top bar with a thumb unless your hands are really big.

Motorola One Vision review

We also have to mention the comfortable positioning of the fingerprint reader, which is not too high and falls nicely under your finer. On the other hand the camera module creates quite a big bulge and causes the phone to wobble when placed flat on its back. That would be far less problematic to those that put a case on the back.

Motorola One Vision review

The 6.3-inch display at the front has fairly thick bezels by modern standards and a prominent chin. The selfie camera sits in a punch hole in the upper left corner of the screen and has pretty thick bezels itself, creating what is arguably the largest hole in the screen we've seen outside of the Galaxy S10+ and S10 5G but those two host dual cameras.

The punch hole is so big that Motorola had to make the status bar slightly thicker to make the two more in line.

Motorola One Vision review

Anyway, going around to the sides, we find the power button and the volume rocker on the right. Both offer nice clicky feedback, while the former is slightly grooved so you can easily distinguish by touch alone. The hybrid dual SIM/microSD card slot is placed on the left.

The Motorola One Vision from the sides - Motorola One Vision review The Motorola One Vision from the sides - Motorola One Vision review
The Motorola One Vision from the sides - Motorola One Vision review The Motorola One Vision from the sides - Motorola One Vision review
The Motorola One Vision from the sides

The bottom houses the USB-C connector, loudspeaker grille and the main microphone while the 3.5mm audio jack can be found on the top of the handset.

Here, take a look at the handset from all sides in this handy 360-degree spin.

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Does the phone have Led notification on front ,and take good selfies in poor light ?