Motorola One Vision Plus

Motorola One Vision Plus

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One of the best phones ever!!

  • Anonymous

I think this it´s the Motorola Moto G8 Plus (with more ram), only in some markets.

  • Anonymous

Please I want to know if the storage type is ufs 2.1 or eMMC 5.1?

  • xtcandido

not logic motorola release a model lower in performance but the name plus

I thought Google doesn't allow releasing new phones with old Android 9.

  • Anonymous

Motorola One Vision Plus launched as a rebadged Moto G8 Plus in the Middle East

  • Atiq

kk, 18 Aug 2020bought this one as my second phone from Motorola, disappoin... moreIs there any heating issues on heavy use?
Network, microphone sound on call is okay?
Want to buy this.
Please give review if possible.

What's the point of this phone? If this was supposed to be a successor to the One Vision then it must have had OIS for the camera and all that. Just a moot phone.

  • kk

bought this one as my second phone from Motorola, disappointed with camera performance, rest is ok.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

why you took the Exynos away? :<