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Motorola P30

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This phone is basically a rebranded Lenovo S5 Pro

  • Anonymous

Why did they put a Motorola logo on a Lenovo phone

  • Impostor

Top impostor iphone x

  • Arod

imagine trolling with this phone >:)
people will think i have an iphone x

  • Nayas

One of best phone that i had...

What a disgraceful phone.

  • rgomes

I was redirected here since someone said that P30 would be possibly a replacement for X5, which is supposedly cancelled, or maybe confirmed cancelled.

Unfortunately, a 6.2" screen does not work for me.
I'm looking for smaller phones which fit better in my pocket, up to 5.7" (ideally smaller).
I'm frustated with the current trend of pushing big screen phones onto consumers.

  • Johndruuuu

GS, 30 Sep 2018Please review this phoneI'm the first buyer from Aliexpress and here is my unbiased review:
1. Build quality is very good. It's Gorilla Glass 3 (better scratch resistance vs GG5) on the front and back.
2. "Metallic" body. Not aluminum but the solid plastic.
3. Display is excellent for LCD
4. Performance is very good for a SD636 SOC
5. Camera is good BUT is excellent if you use Gcam port. Gcam does wonders to a midrange phone
6. I'm NOT a fan of ZUI skin. It's like Lenovo didn't bother making it a polished UI. They just want to have something else because it is being sold in China.
7. Bugs on accessibility setting (will reset to OFF). This is ANNOYING as you can't use a proper app that needs accessibility services. You ALWAYS have to turn it on again and again.
8. Bug on 3rd party apps like IG and FB. Video watching is useless as you cannot watch in HD! So all IG stories and FB videos are pixelated!
If you upload a story in IG, it will upload a video with 15FPS like you are watching something from 1 decade ago!

I hope they can fix all bugs when they update to Pie.

  • moto

does anyone could buy this smartphone? i couldnt find it anywhere even on amazon and ebay.
thanks for help or sharing link for online shopping

  • GS

Please review this phone

  • Anonymous

Is the motorola p30 as big as the iphone 8 plus because im always into big phones.

  • Anonymous

lolRalph, 24 Aug 2018WYM?? lenovo huawei nokia samsung Xiaomi and like 10 more o... moreno Samsung devices has a notch

Macbeth, 15 Aug 2018You do realise Vodafone is the sh**iest carrier in the UK, right?This is so relatable.

Cufused-cious., 03 Sep 2018Hello guys, just asking which is better specks: POCO f1 or ... moreI would go for Pocophone F1.

Flagship chipet (SD845), bigger battery (3,000mAh on P30 vs 4,000mAh con F1), and you'll have Oreo 8.1 out of the box with Pie update coming in about 4 months, also better video recording quality.

You get more for same price with F1.

  • shobi

Cufused-cious., 03 Sep 2018Hello guys, just asking which is better specks: POCO f1 or ... moremoto p30

  • Cufused-cious.

Hello guys, just asking which is better specks: POCO f1 or MOTO P30? I alsowas in different review on battery is 5000mah not 3000mah which I'm confused.

  • Anonymous

Low battery

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Everything is good but battery is very bad at least 4000mah it will be better moto P30 pro you keep 5000mahy