Motorola PEBL in 4 new colors

16 March, 2006

Are you tired of all the black and silver phones? Now you have options. In Q2 2006 Motorola will put on the market their PEBL U6 phone in four new, cool colors. The colors are green, pink (very popular and fancy color), teal and orange. Except the new colors, the phone will remain the same, there will be no changes in its functions and characteristics. The most unique in Motorola PEBL U6 is its smooth oval form with tactile housing and an innovative dual-hinge mechanism to open and close the device with one swift, delicate motion. The phone also features VGA camera with MPEG4 video capturing, Bluetooth, MMS, Instant messaging, downloadable games and MP3 ringtones.


Reader comments

  • memelou

where can you but a peble now-a-days i've been looking for ages but i still havent found one please help me

  • miley

that is alsome but verizon cant sell it?!?!?

  • dhiru

that is best but it has no external memory. and that is lady phone