Motorola PEBL U6

Motorola PEBL U6

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  • Alejandro

To Frank Gonzalez:
I don't know what you call "USB cable convetional". I can tell you this: the USB cable is the same of the RAZR family.
Sorry about my english, I am from Argentina.

  • Anonymous

i'm having probs with my space button! you really have to press it hard and hold it down for it to work! none of the other keys do this. its really annoying cuz i write my texts and theres no spaces!!! does anyone else have this problem or is my phone a dud?

  • serious_bizz

Pebl is basically the Razr in a different shell. The spring on the flip is too strong, and the phone almost flips out of your hand when you open it. Then there is a section on page 3 of the manual where it states that you shouldn't put it in your purse or near your wallet because the magnets will erase all of your credit cards. This is actually true. I know three people that have had their credit cards erased. I wouldn't get it for anything. And it costs too much.

  • Frank Gonzalez

I wuld like to know if the software for this phone is available on the web. Also, does somebody know if the USB cable for this phone is conventional or special. Thanks.

  • j

Thanks alot that review really helped me :-)
I'll surely consider buying the Pebl now!

  • Alejandro

To j:
EDGE (absent in the first shipments, the support appears since the mid autumn)
I take this sentence from­en.shtml
Hope this helps, read the review !!!

  • Alejandro

To j:
I have one in bordeaux-vine colour, made in singapur. I am from Argentina, and it doesn' t have or support EDGE.
I don' t know if in other countries are different specs.
I hope that helps you.

  • Alejandro

To AznRoyale
Here I put a link to a video who show the open mechanism.­la/v6/movie0001.asf
I hope that helps you. I had mine Pebl in bordeaux-wine colour and its great!!!
Sorry about my english, I am from Argentine.

  • j

Is it possible that it does have EDGE in some countries and not in others?? I consulted a danish mobile-forum and the majority agreed that it does have support EDGE...
I'm really quite confused now. I'd ask the operator but I don't really trust that they'll give me an objective answer.
somebody please help!!!

  • Anonymous

i dont think it does have edge...just looked on moto official website as i queried the same doesnt mention edge on there at all

  • j

Does the Pebl have EDGE or not? I can't really figure it out :-( On this site it says that it hasn't. On others it says that it does...I'm rather confused now...Could anyone please inform me if it does or doesn't? Or is it more complicated than that (like the first shipment doesn't but the latter ones do)?
Please help on this matter as I'm ver keen on purchasing it but its a rather important issuse as I often use my mobile as modem and GPRS is simply TOO SLOW :-)
Thanks alot!!!

  • fred

it's a nice phone..but it says that it has push to talk..but it doesn't...

  • Anonymous

wayhey! i have my pebl and ooh its lovely. its really small and it feels good,its all smoothy. i'm very happy.i've only had it a few hours but already got some new ringtones and pictures on and photos of my friends. memory is double what i had on my old phone so it seems amazing right now! to be honest, i'm a text-a-holic and wasnt sure about the keypad but it works really well! i've always had nokia phones before but i've taken to the different layout and menu really well..ok, it doesnt have mp3 player but i already have one of those so i'm not bothered, and the camera isnt amazing but for just saving snaps on your phone it does the job. recommended if you want a phone that looks good but isnt to flashy...i love it

  • Cherry

just got the phone it is the cutest and the greatest phone their is. you would love it.

  • Anonymous

thinking of getting this phone but the memory looks quite poor... how many pics and tones etc does it store? might go with the slvr as you can put memory card in... i dont know which one to get.i like the look of the pebl more but are features on slvr better?... help!

  • Frank013

QUESTION: does anyone know how many SMS I can store in the memory of this PEBL? I used to have a Motorola V66 on which I only could store max. 15 SMS. Later on I bought a Samsung E720 (bad phone!) in which I could store about 100 SMS.

  • Clare

Thanks for you help Jazn but please bare in mind that you are talking to a simpleton who really has not grasped this phone technology stuff. How do I turn the auto updates off and then go down another menu level?
;) Thanks!

  • jess

heya i was just woundering if the motorola pebel has good features like mp3 player

  • Jazn

My friend asked that question about the time thing too. His was set on Autoupdate to the cell towers, so when daylight savings happened, I just powered down/up the phone and it adjusted itself. If you want to manually change it, I think you have to switch the autoupdate off, then go down another menu level to change it.

  • Clare

Can anyone tell me how to update the time on the Pebl? I know its a bit thick but I've been trying to change it since daylight savings and can't work it out. Ta.