Live images of Motorola's pop-up camera smartphone surface

Sagar, 06 September 2019

Motorola has launched punch-hole display smartphones like the One Vision and One Action. But we know that the company is working on a smartphone with a notchless screen.

Last week, we saw a couple of renders of an unknown Motorola smartphone with a notchless display, and today we are looking at the live images of what's probably the same device.

One of the photos confirms that the smartphone will have a pop-up camera elevating from the right side of the top bezel. And the other image, showing off small bezels on the top and the sides, tells us that the smartphone will run Motorola's version of Android instead of stock Android.

Motorola's notchless smartphone Motorola's notchless smartphone
Motorola's notchless smartphone

This hints that the smartphone will not be a part of the Android One program and may not carry the "Motorola One" moniker, but then the company announced the One Zoom yesterday which is not an Android One device.

Details are scarce about this notchless Motorola smartphone but more information should follow in the coming weeks, or maybe months.



Reader comments

Anything which wont have clean android inside is just no. I dislike any fuss and rubbish preinstaled within the phone which acts like a part of the OS but will be burden for the phone and user like Samsung Xiaomi and other competitors have.

it looks good but given its Motorola, it will be overpriced.

  • Anonymous

Not sure, because the leaked G8 was very different. Perhaps is the Plus... The G8 usually arrives at CES or MWC so i watch them coming more in 2020, but some brands are lately changing its usual schedule, we will see...