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  • rtS
  • 17 Apr 2013

It is a nice mobile I write this comment from this mobile now using the voice command! I have it now for about 20 days it is an awesome mobile first android for me
I need to speak a lot but concisely
Clear screen and wide enough for easy reading and watching videos
Nice software but not cream sandwich but come with nice applications like file manager and task killer and help file and others
The camera is very good and very good video record specially the hd quality
Easy to handle in 1 hand And type With the same hand
Running games soft and easy like temple run
No radio
No front camera
No ice cream sandwich update
Hard to find accessories

In general good phone 4 usual users

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    • BEBITO71
    • 8$i
    • 08 Apr 2013

    One of the best phones I have had, comes with the best of the best. Everything I could ever want is in this phone. I love this phone.

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      • michelle
      • fXB
      • 05 Apr 2013

      Is this phone laggy or is it smooth when using social networking with some browsing only ? What about the RAM and the processor are they good ?

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        • shalu
        • 3Y7
        • 05 Apr 2013

        I had this phone for 2 months as per my experience I will not recommend this. First I had the problem with restarting then i replaced it. The second one also had the problem with network now I am waiting for the third….. :)

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          • zahymer
          • Nrh
          • 02 Apr 2013

          at the first glance its an amazing phone great life battery{2days }even 1 day with heavy use ,4gb internal memory,android and physical keyboard.but dont be fooled i had this mob for 2 months and i replaced it,first it says 4gb internal memory but u can control only 1.4gb ,camera shatter sound cant be muted,there is no delivery report for sms{come on a 12$ mob has that ! }very bad wireless range even for hotspot,too slow for example whatssapp i need to refresh to see new messages,sometimes it doesnt send or receive your sms,and you cant upgrade it by anyways,there is no bottom for your camera{good luck taking your own pics } and programs crashes alot !.horrible mobile in my opinion,really disappointing ,first and last time to trust motorola
          P.S there were only 5 programs installed,no games or heavy programs

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            • pK3
            • 29 Mar 2013

            ematex, 29 Mar 2013Does it have volume scroll keysyes it has a volume rocket on the right side

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              • ematex
              • 3sE
              • 29 Mar 2013

              Does it have volume scroll keys

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                • Iorio
                • Gxi
                • 27 Mar 2013

                esinig, 20 Mar 2013HELP hi to all,when i turn on my phone BIG RED M coming an... moreYour phone is broken. Carry it to a technician

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                  • AnonD-3465
                  • PId
                  • 22 Mar 2013

                  I have been using this phone for around 9 months now...
                  Actually I have 2 phone, one i use and another my sister uses it.
                  We both have started facing the same problem now, can anyone help!
                  whenever i press the unlock key, i get this menu to switch off the phone... and sometimes that switch off menu pops up randomly.
                  How do i get rid of this!

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                    • esinig
                    • Lip
                    • 20 Mar 2013

                    hi to all,when i turn on my phone BIG RED M coming and then nothing..plz help me

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                      • arc_2005
                      • NqX
                      • 11 Mar 2013

                      bee, 08 Mar 2013Hi a lot reboots and software problems with my moto and key... morei can change my chacha with you if you like

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                        • bee
                        • 32{
                        • 08 Mar 2013

                        Anonymous, 07 Mar 2013I want to buy this phone so if I used it for social network... moreHi a lot reboots and software problems with my moto and keyboard is very bad imho. I'm gonna change for htc chacha

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                          • Anonymous
                          • fX5
                          • 07 Mar 2013

                          I want to buy this phone so if I used it for social networking ( Facebook,Twitter,Nimbuzz, Etc) will it be laggy and can RAM handle that ?

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                            • Vinnie
                            • TXP
                            • 27 Feb 2013

                            dushan, 20 Feb 2013Well I have this phone for 5 months,and the only problem is... moreSearch for Motofail by Dan Rosenberg. It's how I got my Pro+ rooted.

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                              • josh
                              • 380
                              • 20 Feb 2013

                              Amit, 10 Jan 2013NO, its not up-gradable to ice cream sandwich but it suppor... moreWhat is Tango?

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                                • hhe
                                • 380
                                • 20 Feb 2013

                                AnonD-112299, 13 Feb 2013Hey do live wallpapers work on Pro Plus?!Yes. :)

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                                  • dushan
                                  • 380
                                  • 20 Feb 2013

                                  Well I have this phone for 5 months,and the only problem is I can't get this phone rooted,if someone know to root it please help. :) Yes,live wallpapers works on Pro+. :)

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                                    • AnonD-112299
                                    • fvK
                                    • 13 Feb 2013

                                    Hey do live wallpapers work on Pro Plus?!

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                                      • zahymer
                                      • Nr7
                                      • 07 Feb 2013

                                      amazing phone,long life battery,easy keyboard{i used to be BB user} fast and not laggy{moved from samsung galaxy ACE} amazing phone really,only con that its said internal memory is 4GB while user can control only 1.3gb still its not a PC OR Ipod so no need for Gbs

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                                        • AnonD-82073
                                        • 32{
                                        • 29 Jan 2013

                                        joe, 28 Jan 2013hii ...i wanna buy a qwerty android mobile ...Pro+ looks be... moreI've moved from HTC Cha Cha, and it is great,
                                        pros: superb battery 1-2 days (heavy usage), excellent bright and bigger screen, much faster CPU 1GHz, portrait mode, adobe flash player, 1.3GB internal storage for apps. Cons: chacha got better keyboard but Moto+'s is still good. I suggest only install another launcher from Play Store as Motoblur is sluggish.