Motorola Quench XT3 XT502

Motorola Quench XT3 XT502

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2010motorola quench users, can you tell me if this handset has a chi... moreThere are Moto Chinese Input! :)

  • motorolazzz

Quench XT3 is not a 100% Moto phone like Milestone, XT20, Droid X, DEXT, Backflip, Flipout. It is an ODM phone made by some asian manufacturers for Motorola. Motorola just add some parts and sell the phone under his brand.

  • Anonymous

motorola quench users, can you tell me if this handset has a chinese character that would be able to send messages on chinese language?

  • Anonymous

Which android low end is release with 2.1 on other brand? what ever we like it. Sorry!

  • Anonymous

Low end or not, Android doesnt require a license to be purchased, correct? If so, 2.1 should be there considering its 'free'.

The x10 was in development yonks ago, before 2.1 was even out.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010No 2.0? Still using Donut? Donut for low end it's fine but for an high end phone like X10 that very bad

  • ancehamsah

I think this is not copycat but maybe Motorola rebranding this phone because Gigabyte doesn't have confidence to relesead it as their own brand. It called OEM Phone.

  • Droid x

Come on, this is low end phone. Android 1.6 it's fine. We even have high end phone like X10 with android 1.6 and what about htc tatoo, SE x8, x10 mini and mini pro. Please man, give us some break.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]whats your problem !!??
moto is the best

  • Anonymous

No 2.0? Still using Donut?

  • mike

this is Gigabyte GSmart G1305 Boston look to specifications !

  • John

the problem is in order to use it you need a memory card or if the mwmory card is corrupted you can`t use it and it battery takes less than one hour but the rest is well and well

  • Anonymous

This could be a more affordable XT720. Cool. Let's wait and see the final specs.

  • JAG

what about other specs??

  • Anonymous

i think this is one of moto android phone with cheap price

  • Solomon

Anonymous, 25 May 2010good phones could moto do some real design?

  • Tman

this looks promising

  • Anonymous

good phones