Motorola Quench XT5 XT502

Motorola Quench XT5 XT502

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  • Peeyush

Its a good phone
with android 2.1, nice GUI , gives a feel of NEXUS 1
only one drawback with this that not all video format are supported.

overall i would rate is as a value for money

  • Anonymous

is it upgradeable to android 2.3?

  • san

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2011could you plz share the rate of xt5I got it for13799 through flipkart

  • R

Janie, 17 Jan 2011I love this phone! It's very easy to use, yet still looks impres... moreYes, I often overload my RAM and have to delete a application or 2 to keep it free. any suggestions on how to maximize RAM capacity?

  • R

Bought this phone 3 weeks ago from Dick Smith in Australia. Price is $299 and I am very very happy with it. This is my first experience with a smart phone as I didn't want to go with Apple. After using Google Chrome internet browser for some time I was happy to go with Google Android. I'm all about value, and for me this phone is excellent value. It does everything I want, and I love the google maps app with GPS. Highly Recommended.

  • Anonymous

san, 12 Jan 2011I got my xt5 today. I got a jacket and 4 movie passes along wit... morecould you plz share the rate of xt5

  • atrix team

[deleted post]sure xt5 is much beter from other in this class such as optimos

display . camera . sound . quality . material and ...

  • san

guys I get a pop-up message"helo" in every30 seconds .its really frustating . can anyone help me.

  • knight

i was thinking of buying optimus one but ended up with wildfire. if i have seen this phone earlier, definitely i could have bought this one. much better specs, resolution and supports live wallpaper. highly recommended compared to wildfire and optimus one.

  • Anonymous

Srinath, 22 Jan 2011I bought one yesterday in themobilestore in ranganathan street, ... moreThanks Dude what was exact price
and please tell internal memory and camera

  • vinay

don, 22 Jan 2011how to send music to people by bluetooth????????? please in android market name is-----file transfer

  • don

how to send music to people by bluetooth????????? please tell.

  • Srinath

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2011Where can buy in CHENNAI????????????? Please ReplyI bought one yesterday in themobilestore in ranganathan street, Chennai

  • Anonymous

Where can buy in CHENNAI?????????????
Please Reply

  • tarun

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2011100 mb memory is it sufficient as 2.2 does not allow application... moremine has 171 mb internal memory

  • atrix team

Review of Motorola Quench XT5 (XT502) GSM/UMTS Smartphone­nch-xt5-en.shtml


The ringtones are loud, which is boosted by a dedicated speaker at the back together with a good tunes selection. The vibro is above average. Speech transmission is not a problem.

From the use of Gigabyte Z1305 we know that it freezes when you get SMS from short phone numbers like хххх if you open a message, go out from it and then return. The same issue is present here. During one moth I had several reloads. In general the phone is quite stable and long lasting for its range. It has a different screen with acceptable resolution for convenient use.

The build is good, while the price is low for Android solutions (200). HTC Wildfire looks like a rival, but it loses out on price, which is 40%-50% higher. At the same time Wildfire has Sense, but its screen has lower resolution. Cameras are roughly similar. Samsung models (Galaxy 550/580) have inferior cameras, screen resolutions, but do not cost less. Even Gigabyte fetches more, which is strange. All in all Motorola has a good solution for those who need an Android smartphone at the lowest price, but with good features. I like the model as it is easy to use, so that many people will be more than happy to have it. Excellent value for money.

  • Anonymous

ritesh, 14 Jan 2011hey friends tell me which phone should i go 4 . moto xt5 - rs 13... morebuy optimus p500 at Rs12500 the best one in that range.

  • atrix team

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2011Hi guys i just bought moto xt5. on very first day i had to go to... moremaybe the camera is not too good

but phone speed is very good
and lcd - speaker is very good too
and ....

  • Anonymous

Hi guys i just bought moto xt5. on very first day i had to go to service centre. Poor camera even though 5mp. 3 mp camera withiut flash is better than xt5.
Poor speed, software, better go for milestone. charm etc
i m replaced the phone next day.